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Summary: Reposted under new author name. Was orignally known as TheFirst. Description inside.

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Title: Triangle
Rated: NC-17
Summery: Caught up in her fling with Spike Buffy leaves with Dawn for Hogwarts to get her head straight. While there she encounters Severus Snape and sparks well as drama. But of course you¡¦ll have to read to find out.

Disclaimer: I don¡¦t own any of the BtVS characters or AtS or HP. It would totally rock if I did though.

Authors note: Spoilers from BtVS seasons 1-6 AtS seasons 1-5. and up to HP Prisoner of Azkaban. If there¡¦s more or less I¡¦ll tell you. Ohh yea! And I plan on going AU if it fits not sure yet frankly this is my first fic and I have no idea what I¡¦m doing. But¡Kjust go with it ok. You¡¦ll like it¡K I¡¦ll make you like it. ƒº

Chapter 1

She was running as fast as her legs could carry her. The adrenaline was coursing through her system.

¡§Faster¡Kfaster¡¨ the mantra played over and over in her head ¡§I got to keep going faster¡¨ she said to herself.

The trees and scenery where streaming by her in a flurry. Suddenly Buffy tumbled down into a heap of limbs at the base of a mausoleum. Totally caught off guard she looked to see who her attacker was.

¡§Spike! What the hell are you doing here?!¡¨ screamed Buffy as she glared at him

¡§What¡¦s the matter Slayer? Not up for a bit of the old rough and tumble?¡¨ Spike grinned at her in a way that made her cheeks flush and a warm feeling settle in the pit of her stomach.

Could it be love? No. Indigestion? Perhaps. Lust? Most likely.

Wriggling out of his grasp Buffy stood up and stepped away from the Vampire. ¡§Not tonight Spike, I promised Dawn I¡¦d be home early so we could spend time together.¡¨

¡§I haven¡¦t exactly been the best sister as of late¡KSame goes for the whole slayer gig¡¨ she said dejectedly ¡§I mean look at you¡Kyour still with the breathing¡Kwell not really¡Kbut you know what mean¡¨

Ignoring that last comment he stepped closer to her and pinned her to the mausoleum whispering seductively in her ear ¡§It will only take a second I¡¦ll make it good for you I swear.¡¨

For a second Buffy really considered giving in to her passions and was just about to consent being taken against the Mausoleum wall, when suddenly she remembered poor Dawnie alone at home waiting for her. Pushing him off her Buffy flipped them around and pinned Spike to the wall ¡§That¡¦s what you said last night, and the night before, and the night before that¡¨

She sighed uncertainly bracing herself for what she had to do next.

¡§I can¡¦t do this anymore Spike, it¡¦s not fair to you and it¡¦s definitely not fair to me¡¨ taking another deep breath she drove the stake into his heart¡Kwell metaphorically speaking of course. ¡§This thing that we of right now¡Kit¡¦s over¡¨

Spike narrowed his eyes and flipped them over again for the third time. Pinning her arms to the wall and all the while grinding his manhood into her. Repeating her words back to her Spike rasped ¡§That¡¦s what you said last night¡Kand the night before¡Kand the night before that.¡¨

¡§Face it Slayer, You and I¡Kwe¡¦re the same, You¡¦re every bit as dark as I am in fact maybe even a bit darker¡¨ to emphasize his point Spike reached down to caress her through the thin material of her Double Meat Palace uniform, Buffy writhed in his arms and tried to keep her composure, she could be wearing nothing but a burlap sack and Spike would still long for her.

Swallowing her pride Buffy did the most out of character thing she could possibly do. She begged ¡§Please Spike if you have any love for me and for Dawn as much as you say you do you¡¦ll stop this right now and let me come to you on my own terms¡¨

That simple act was like a splash of cold water against his face, reeling back as if she had burned him he simply said. ¡§Go¡¨

Buffy hesitated for a second, not believing that he would let her go so easily and was shocked to see that he really meant it. She took off at a run towards Revello Drive and Dawn. Thinking to herself. ¡§Maybe Spike really loves me after all¡K¡¨

But not wanting to dwell on that thought she pushed herself even harder.
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