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Living The Highland Life

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Summary: Duncan meets up with a pre-Immortal Willow in Paris. Future AU

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Part 11

Part 11
Methos wandered around by the docks until he heard the sounds of a fight. When he got closer to the sound he began to feel the soft buzz of a pre-immortal, so he knew that Willow was in the fight. From the sound of it, it was one hell of a fight.

He stepped around the corner of the building so that he could watch Willow in action. He’d heard from Mac and Richie how good she was, and he wanted to see for himself, now that he had the chance. But he didn’t expect to see her surrounded by five pissed off vampires. Willow was holding her own, but at the rate things were going, she would be lucky to get out of there alive.

Methos pulled his sword and quickly made his way toward the fight. Unfortunately, the movement of a sword distracted Willow for only an instant, but it was enough of an opening for the guy she was fighting to defeat her. The vamp grabbed her, and easily sunk his fangs into her neck. After a few long pulls of her blood, he visciously snapped her neck.

As she slumped to the ground, Methos lost all rational thought. He was angry. He was beyond angry (though he was equally mad at himself for distracting her). He became that which all creatures feared. He became Death. The change was almost as obvious as when a vampire slides into ‘game face’. His stature and demenor both changed.

The vampires didn’t last long against this ferocious man with the very large Ivanhoe sword that he wielded as if it were a part of him. Those vamps that weren’t killed fled quickly. Within minutes Methos was left by the docks, alone except for the lifeless body of MacLeod’s girlfriend.

“Mac is going to have my head for this,” he mumbled as he slid his sword back into the lining of his coat. Methos gently picked up the petite red-head and carried her back to the dojo.

When he walked in the front door, Methos felt the buzz of an Immortal, and he knew that Duncan was just inside. Before Methos even knocked, the door to the gym was thrown open by a smiling Duncan.

Duncan stopped dead in his tracks, his face frozen in horror. Methos pushed past the dumb-struck Highlander and made his way over to the elevator.

“Are you coming?” Methos yelled back over his shoulder to the still frozen Immortal.

Duncan mutely followed the older Immortal into the elevator. He wanted to take Willow from Methos, but wasn’t sure if he could hold her. He wasn’t even sure how he was standing.

Once inside the apartment, Methos laid Willow on the bed, and tried to place her head back in proper alignment. Methos turned around to find a pale Duncan standing at the foot of the bed, staring at Willow.

“How?” Was all that Duncan could manage.

“Vampire. Drank from her then snapped her neck.” Methos wasn’t quite sure he wanted to admit to his part in Willow’s First Death.

“I should never have let her go by herself. This is all my fault.” Duncan was beside himself with guilt.

“This is not your fault.” Methos tried to comfort the man, but was feeling guilty himself. “Besides, you knew she would have to enter the Game sooner or later.”

“I was hoping for later. Much later.”

“Why don’t I go call Joe and Richie?” Methos took Duncan’s silence as an answer and backed away from the bed to call the others.

Duncan stared at the beauty before him. He had hoped and prayed that she wouldn’t have to enter the Game so soon, but there was nothing he could do about it now. All he could do was train her and be there to support her.

Minutes seemed to drag by like hours, hours like days. He knew that the First Death always took the longest to recover from, but it seemed to him like it was taking her forever to wake up. Duncan could hear muffled voices and knew that Richie and Joe had arrived, but he didn’t really want to talk to them. Thankfully, they seemed to sense it and stayed on the far side of the apartment; close enough if he needed them, but far enough to give him some space.

What seemed like a lifetime later Willow opened her eyes, gasping for breath. She looked around francticly, not knowing what was going on. She grabbed her head, the buzzing so intense she thought her head would explode. She finally looked at Duncan, and the look in his eyes told her everything she needed to know.

“So,” she finally spoke. “I’m Immortal?”

Duncan nodded, never breaking eye contact with her. She could see the worry and grief in his eyes. “I guess you really are stuck with me forever now.”

He stared at her, not sure how to take her comment, until she started smiling. Then he realized that she was okay with her Immortality. Everyone in the room breathed an audible sigh of relief. Willow couldn’t help it, she laughed.

“Did you all think that I would really take it that bad?” She asked them.

“We weren’t sure how you’d take it,” Richie replied.

“As long as you all promise to help train me to use a sword, I think that everything will be just fine.”

“We promise,” Duncan replied.

“Speaking of swords, why do I distictly recall seeing one right before I died?” Willow looked around the room hoping for some answers. All eyes landed on Methos, who was suddenly squirming uncomfortably.

“It was my sword you saw.” He reluctanly admitted.

“And just why did you have your sword drawn?” Duncan demanded.

“She was surrounded by five angry vampires. I was about to help her out, when I think the movement distracted her, giving the vampire time to bite her.” Methos looked up at Willow, meeting her eyes with a pleading look. “Please forgive me. I really was trying to help you. I was looking for you to apologize for the way I’d treated you, and I only managed to get you killed.”

“Methos,” Willow looked in him the eye for a long moment. “I’ll forgive you on one condition.”

“Name it,” he replied, eager to make up for what he had done.

“You promise to help train me.”

They stared at each other for the length of several heartbeats, then a slow smirk began to creep upon Willow’s face. Seeing her smile, Methos smiled and nodded.

“It would be my pleasure to teach you. I’ll even get you your first sword as a peace offering.”

“Sounds like a plan. Now, can anyone tell me why my neck hurts so bad?”

The three men exchanged glances with each other, and then began to softly laugh.

“Probably because you had a vampire drink your blood and then break your neck,” Duncan told her.

“Ah, that would explain it,” she replied. “Well, now, if you three would be so kind as to leave, Mac and I have some post-death snogging we’d like to be doing.” Willow grinned mischeviously at all the men in the room. She (and Duncan) was suprised and impressed that she’d managed to say that without blushing.

The three men quickly said their good-byes, leaving Mac and Willow to their own devices.

Duncan stared at Willow, still amazed that she had accepted things so easily. “You’re amazing. I can’t believe that this is alright with you.”

“Well, there’s nothing that I can do about it, so I may as well make the best of it.” Willow grabbed the front of Duncan’s shirt and pulled him toward her. “Now, enough talking. I wasn’t joking about the fact that I wanted some alone time with you.”

“Are you sure you feel well enough?” Duncan knew how painful coming back to life could be, and did’t want to hurt her.

“I’m fine. Besides, I think the best medicine for me right now is you.”

Duncan didn’t need to be told twice. He leaned forward and kissed her with all the emotions that he had. Duncan spent the night showing Willow again and again how much he loved her, with Willow returning the favor.

Her forever was off to a great start.

The End

You have reached the end of "Living The Highland Life". This story is complete.

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