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Living The Highland Life

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Summary: Duncan meets up with a pre-Immortal Willow in Paris. Future AU

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Living The Highland Life

Title: Living The Highland Life
Disclaimer: I don't own any of it. They belong to someone else. I'm only borrowing them.
Rating: PG-13
Distribution: whoever wants it, just let me know where it ends up.
Pairings: Willow/Duncan
Spoilers: None. Future AU. Richie is still alive.
Summary: Duncan meets up with a pre-immortal Willow in Paris. She goes back to Seacouver with him to run the dojo. Things happen.
Feedback: It is my muse!! I'll beg if I have to. Pleeeeeeze!!!
Notes 2: I just want to thank my wonderful Betas!! Thanks especially Judy, Sarah, Chastity and Deborah!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Part 1
Willow wandered the moonlit streets of Paris. She'd been in the city for about a week and a half, and was planning on being in town for another two and a half weeks.

After the Scoobies defeated The First, Willow went back to college. With evil at an all time low for Sunnydale, Willow was able to breeze through her classes. So here she was, twenty-three, single, and spending an entire month in Paris - not a Hellmouth, demon, or prophecy in sight.
She thought to herself.
She'd taken in all the sights within the first three or four days of her arrival in Paris. She had been heading back to her hotel later than she had expected one night, when she came upon a fledgling vampire making its way toward her. So, ever since that night, she'd been out each night patrolling. Not that she fancied herself a Slayer, by any stretch of the imagination, but she hadn't seen a Slayer in town; and if she didn't take care of the undead population while she was in town, then who would.
Pulling herself back to the present, she turned into an empty ally when she heard foot steps behind her. Just as she suspected, the footsteps followed her into the darkened space. Once she was far enough in to ensure relative privacy, she turned to face her opponent.
"Well, well, well," The human-faced vampire taunted. "What have we here? A little girl that has no idea what she'd gotten herself into."
"Actually," Willow corrected, sounding bored. "I know exactly what you are."
"You think so?" The tall, arrogant male had a slight French accent.
"I know so." Willow put her hands on her hips. "Are we going to stand around talking all night, or are you going to try to bite me so that I can just dust you already?"
The vampire was slightly shocked that this frail looking female in front of him actually did know what he was, but he recovered quickly. His real face slid into place as he launched himself at her.
Willow sidestepped his attack and used his momentum against him, shoving him into a stack of trash cans. He regained his footing and stepped forward a little more cautiously.
"I see that I may have underestimated you."
"You think, maybe, just a little," she replied sarcastically. "Now, enough with the chit-chat."
"You are in a hurry to die tonight, aren't you?"
"Not really," she told him. "I just have a few more of your fellow vamps to dust before I call it a night."
Willow ducked easily as the vampire swung. Before he could regain his balance, Willow had landed a front kick in his solar plexus, sending him right back into the trash cans.
+ - + - + - +
Duncan was heading back to his barge after having run errands all day when he saw her walking down the street. She was young, with vibrant red hair that was pulled back in a long braid that ended half way down her back. The Buzz in his head was slight, telling him that she was still mortal, still unaware of her Immortal status. He was brought out of his revery when he noticed that she was being followed, not by just any guy, but by a vampire.
Duncan had had a few run-ins with the undead. They were easy enough for an Immortal to kill, just decapitate them like you would another Immortal. But, Duncan was suddenly worried what would happen to this girl if the vampire decided to turn her instead of just kill her. He'd never met an Immortal Vampire before, but he was sure that it wouldn't be too pleasant. So, Duncan followed them, willing to save the girl if the need arose.
He was more than a little curious when she turned in to an ally; he was even more confused when she stopped and turned to face the vampire. He couldn't hear what they were saying, but the look on the woman's face was one of boredom - but her eyes gave her away, at least they did to someone that had been around as long as Duncan had. He saw instantly that this small woman knew exactly what she was doing when she walked into this alley and confronted the man following her. Duncan also saw the wisdom behind what should be young and innocent eyes.

Duncan watched as the vampire attacked the red head, who easily stepped out of the way, and sent the undead into the pile of trash cans. Duncan was torn between wanting to help protect the woman and wanting to see how well she could handle herself in a fight - it would be helpful to know for future training.
Duncan had to contain his laugh when this slip of a girl kicked the much larger vampire and sent him into the garbage cans for a second time. Even having watched her, he was slightly surprised when she pulled a squirt gun out of one pocket and a stake out of the other. He smiled as she squirted the vampire in the face and the vampire screamed in agony.

When the vampire's hands went to his painful face, the red head easily staked him, turning him into just another pile of dust around the piles of garbage.

+ - + - + - +
Willow smiled as the dust settled around the garbage cans.
"That was almost too easy," she said to herself as she turned to leave the way she had entered.
Willow froze when she saw the most gorgeous man that she had ever seen, leaning against the wall at the end of the ally nonchalantly, staring directly at her. He smiled and clapped his hands softly.
"Nice work," he told her in his ever-so-slightly accented voice. He was tall with short black hair, and dark eyes that held a wisdom beyond his apparent years. His clothing reminded her of Angel complete with the all black attire and long leather jacket, which only added to his mysteriousness.
"Uh, thanks," she stuttered, not sure what to do. She was certain that he wasn't a vampire, but why else would he be here.
"So, do you often lure vampires into dark allies so that you can have your way with them?" He teased.
"Um, nightly, actually." Willow wasn't sure what prompted her to tell this mysterious stranger, but she did and there was nothing she could do about it now that the words had left her mouth.
"Really?" Duncan was shocked and impressed at the same time. "What on earth for?"
"Some one has to," she replied, regaining her sense of self-confidence. "Wait, how do you know about vampires, and why aren't you wigging right now?"
"I've been around and seen a lot of things, including vampires. Hence, the lack of ‘wigging', as you call it. What about you? How do you not only know about them, but also know how to kill them?"
"That's a really long story, but the short version is that I've been fighting them for about eight years now, since I was fifteen."
"Wow." Duncan was floored, that was not the answer he was expecting. "I have a whole new level of respect for you now."
"Thanks." Willow beamed. "I think. That was a compliment, right?"
"Most definitely." Duncan held out his hand. "My name is Duncan MacLeod."
Willow took the offered hand. "Willow Rosenburg. Nice to meet you."
"The feeling is mutual. How about if we go someplace a little less private and talk."
Willow laughed softly at Duncan's wording. "I'd like that. Lead the way."
So, Duncan turned and headed out of the alley, with Willow right beside him.
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