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Immortal love

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Summary: OK I’m not good with summaries so I’m going to be very short and sweet: this story is AU B/A (us) as well as crossover with Resident Evil (first movie) but in later chapters

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilCristinaFR18819,2210125,86713 Oct 0530 Dec 05No

Chapter 11

A/N: I wish you lots of luck and happiness in the year 2006

After crash

Hello consciousness, and broken bones, now this I could go without. Oh well at least there is not any zombies witch is a plus in my book. I turn my head slightly to the left to look around me, and I spot a opening to the sewers, oh well it’s not like I’ve newer been in the sewers. So I start to crawl towards the entrance.

I just love smell of sewers…not.

I walk for a while now, I managed to get below the train railway, it’s a tight fit, but I’ll manage.

Just a little bit more and here it is… a station. And I hear hart beats and smell warm blood… stop it. I really need some 0. I’ve lost a lot of my blood with that two lift crashes.

What a fun with that.

I sneak a glance trugh the window for the lack of better term, it’s a opening with the bars.

Just as a slender, raven haired young woman in army gear hopes down, she holds a small flash light in her mouth. While she looks around her self looking for something.

I shift slightly to get a better view an I cringe at the quiet noise I’ve made, it was enough for a woman to hear it. She took flash light out of her mouth and directed towards me, I’ve ducked out of view just as beam of light hit the bars. I could hear her hart beating a little faster than before, but I’ve also heard another human approach, male if I judge correctly bay way of his step.

Suddenly I detect a sudden spark of fright coming of the woman and a male chuckle was heard, I risk a peak around a corner just as a woman send a glare to a man who was looking down at her.

I watched as a glare become a evil grin as she moved a iron handle causing a burst of sparks, witch lightly burned the man who retarded his head back in to the train, witch spurned to life, I guess that handle gave the train necessary power to run.

Woman still grinning evilly hopped up and climbed inside. I think I like her. But I guess I have decision to make either I go after them or I leave them to face those zombies alone.

To help or not to help.

The train is starting to move …. Oh Hell.

I pull the bars, ripping them of the wall and I’m of running after the train, when I came in jumping distance I jump on top of it, and back to the zombies I go.

When train starts to slow down, I lay flat on my stomach so that people inside won’t see me.

When soldiers leave the train, they start immediately look theirs surroundings, it’s interesting to watch them, like watching some military movie.

There are two women in military gear the rest are men. There is also a pretty woman with short blond-orangish hair and she is wearing red dress, I love the outfit I’ve wonder where she got that dress, because I would look great in that.

There are also two men who are not solders, one is in handcuffs, I wonder what is abut that?

I think they are far enough from chu, chu , did I’ve just said that? Whatever, lets move on. I jump from trains roof top and land quietly and gracefully if I may say so, on the floor.

I listen in when a tall black man with deep Dart Veder voice talks to a woman in red dress and the man who doesn’t wear handcuffs. I can hear what they saying, vampire hearing sure comes in handy some times.

Looks like those two were guarding the entrance in o the Hive and pretending to be married, well, so the sexy voice guy says, but my nose tells me different story, I can still smell her on him, and him on her, truth not so strongly I think the woman had a shower before coming here.

What’s that, they have amnesia that must suck. No pun intended.

Ah the dark-haired woman comes to tell them that the Hive is breached and they all going in.

Not the smartest move. I move toward the ventilation opening, another tight fit, but it’s a go.

After a couple of minutes that fell like freaking hours of crawling trough tight corridors a chough up on them. I can’t get out of the shaft cuz they’ll hear me so I’ll wait and watch them or over them since I have almost bird’s perspective.

And I have a creepy felling abut this room. Besides the room’s creepiness, there are containers, linked with some kinda pipes thingies, with white mist curling around them, but this is not worrying me, the creepy-crawly felling is coming from those boxes.

I see the commander give the other to spread out. While a tall, dark and OK gorgeous man and a dark-haired woman stay to gourd the prisoner. After a while of running and checking around the creepy room the rest come back to the small group. Then they go again, leaving the 3 behind.
I’m getting restless, it’s good that I don’t have circulation anymore or I’ll be in serious trouble here.

20 minutes later

I hate this, I’m so stiff that I don’t think that I can move.

What the Hell?!

For a second, it becomes dark and on the boxes below red lights appear instead of green ones while all lights go out…

Luckily the emergency lights kick in.

OK what is that noise?

Its sounds like heavy metallic pounding noise. Distant at the moment but is getting closer. Like a giant’s footsteps slowly approaching.

Bad analogy Buffy, very bad. But this noise gave me idea.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Immortal love" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Dec 05.

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