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Enter, Naruto Uzamaki! The rejection awaits!

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Summary: Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura go to Sunnydale High on a super-secret mission! But can they defeat the ultimate challenge... fitting in??

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Anime > NarutocursedcassandraFR71409082,09613 Oct 0513 Oct 05Yes
Summary: A little Naruto/BtVS ficlet. Kakashi's rookies on a mission... in Sunnydale. Humour.

Warnings: None whatsoever!

Disclaimers: Don't own a thing! None of it! Nada one.

Reviews: Only if you're entertained.

Xander, Buffy, and Willow watched the small group of three new students entering the hallway of Sunnydale High. Their faces mirrored alternating confusion and amusement.

The short blond boy was about as hyperactive as a ferret on sugar pills. Trying to catch the eye of every Sunnydale jock that passed by, he was obviously spoiling for some kind of fight. The girl had her hands full trying to curb the blond’s apparent testosterone issues. The dark haired (and sexy, Buffy and Willow both thought appreciatively) kid walked on coolly, only pausing to inform the others that they were both complete morons.

“Ok, I don’t EVEN want to get started on this pack of social rejects. I mean, the boy with the black hair, he could be okay if it wasn’t for that headband from fashion hell, and hanging out with THOSE losers.” Cordelia Chase’s voice cut through the hallway noise like a knife… or perhaps more like a nail file through an iron bar… regardless, the Scoobies (watching in utter fascination) practically saw the blond boy’s ear twitch at the insult.

The result was nothing short of spectacular. Spinning dramatically, he pointed at Cordelia with a determined glare. “LOSERS?! You ugly stupid bitch! We are the elite MMmph---“ He was easily muffled by the girl (whose hair was a pleasant shade of pink that Buffy would never imagine could be pulled off my someone who otherwise looked so conservative).

“Sorry!! So sorry, he’s stupid, you know!? Sorry!” She dragged him down the hall, catching up to the other boy who barely acknowledged their presence, hefting his backpack and sighing a little. His voice trailed back to the trio, “Naruto, can you comprehend the words secret mission?”

Cordelia was set back for a moment, but returned to snarky criticism with warp speed, grabbing her posse and socially deconstructing the weird new kids like a pro. The bell rang shortly after, and the hallways cleared.

Willow looked at Buffy. Buffy looked at Willow. Xander took turns looking at both of them.

“Well,” he finally said, clapping his hands together. “I didn’t think it was possible, but we are no longer the freakiest three people in Sunnydale. How cool is that?”

“Cool enough to make Willow late for chemistry, apparently,” Buffy said wryly.

Willow meeped and disappeared.

“This is gonna be a fun year.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Enter, Naruto Uzamaki! The rejection awaits!". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking