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Feather Links

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Summary: Companion glimpses into the minds of other characters in the Feathers series. Will be assorted characters.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > GeneralLucindaFR1387,889068,35530 Apr 0320 Sep 05Yes

A Place to Fly From

author: Lucinda
eighth in 'Feather Links', a series of companion stories to the 'Feathers' series.
similar in content to early X-Men comics. Should be pretty harmless.
PoV is Rupert Giles
disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to any characters from BtVS or X-Men/Marvel comics.
distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth, WLS, Bite Me, Paula - anyone else just ask
note: this is a glimpse into the lives and views of other people about the events of the Feathers series. :Words in colons: are over a telephone.

Rupert Giles sighed as he sorted through the mail. After Buffy's death, he'd returned to England to give his final report to the Council. There had been quite a few things that he'd left out, and a few other things that he'd ended up needing to hammer on repeatedly. He'd explained at length the occasions when having friends and a family had strengthened Buffy, had helped her to survive some battle or devise a strategy to defeat an opponent. He'd minimized the problems that had accompanied such support, like Dawn's occasional shop-lifting, worries for Joyce, ugly breakups with her lovers that left Buffy moping and depressed, and the injuries that she'd endured while protecting her friends. Those were mentioned in his periodic reports.

The Council thought that he'd abandoned the rest of them. That he'd just packed up after the funeral and left, returning home without giving the slightest hesitation over the fates of those who had given years of their lives to helping Buffy. Of course, there were quite a few fools on the Council.

Spike had taken it upon himself to follow Dawn, to keep watch over her. Both of them had accompanied him to England, and were residing in part of his old family estate. TO his great unsettlement, it turned out that Spike had grown up in that house, though a considerable time before. He'd had a few neighbors tell him that he was a lucky man to have such fine children, and that his son would surely grow out of that rebellious phase and stop bleaching his hair, or possibly become a successful musician, and be able to support his father in his older age.

Stepping back into the house, he could feel Spike's presence, even without the tell-tale smoke. "Get anything interesting?"

"Apparently, I can refinance my mortgage for a new, low rate," Rupert snorted, and then looked up at the vampire. "Yes, there are letters from Anya and Willow."

"What do they have to say?" Spike reached for the stack of mail, eyes sparkling. Glancing over, he tried to claim, "It's just because Dawn's been curious, you know. I don't miss them. Especially not Harris."

"Of course not," Rupert agreed, going along with the ever-thinning claim that Spike really didn't care about any of them but Dawn.

"So, what do they have to say?" Spike danced around, trying to keep Rupert from grabbing the letters but letting them stay just close enough that it looked possible.

"How am I supposed to know that until I can read the letters?" Rupert demanded.

"Fine, you start with Red's, I'll see what demon-girl's letter has to say. She's got more colorful stories anyhow," Spike insisted, plucking one envelope from the stack before dropping the rest back into Rupert's hands.

"Quite fine really, that should work nicely," Rupert grumbled, settling into his chair with Willow's letter. Even his grumbling was more a matter of habit than any true irritation.

Opening the letter, he began to read about how Willow was enjoying her computer business, and had recently had an article written about her company in a magazine. Apparently, it was found astonishing that three friends from a small town could do so well for themselves. Something about replacing all the windows on the bottom floor of her building... That was rather peculiar sounding.

Spike chuckled, commenting, "Some magazine found Anya's sensible business strategies impressive, and wrote an article that's been bringing them more customers."

"Anya did have quite the way with money, as I recall," Rupert nodded.

Spike flipped to the next page, crouched over the pages. "And she's pregnant. Thankfully without any specifics on how that happened, but she's informing us that not only is she carrying her own Harris spawn, the ultrasound said it was most likely a girl."

"Good for them," Rupert commented. "Ah, this is good, Willow sent some pictures of her boyfriend."

"So what's this Warren bloke look like?" Spike asked, looking up.

Rupert pulled out the pictures, and froze as he looked at the top one. There was Willow, smiling at the camera, her arm wrapped around a blue man with large, white feathered wings. "Oh dear Lord..."

"He can't be that bad, or Anya would have said something," Spike insisted. "Give me that picture."

Several more photographs spilled to the floor as Spike took the photo, and Rupert just let him, his mind still spinning. The man in the picture... that couldn't have been an angel. If not an angel, then possibly a mutant? Still, there was something vaguely familiar about him, and he wished that he could place the man.

"Bloody hell, when she picks one, she never does go for the normal ones, does she?" Spike asked. "First that werewolf that broke her heart, then the witch, and now... Now she's dating a mutant businessman worth a fortune. At least she's not making the same mistakes over and over again."

"Do you think she's making a mistake now?" Rupert looked over at Spike, trying to read the vampire.

"I hope not," Spike said, now serious. "She deserves better than to get her heart broke again. And with a mutant, things shouldn't be too boring for her. Besides, as Anya's probably pointed out, he's always equipped with a feather to tickle with."

"And that's an image that I'm going to try to banish," Rupert muttered. "I hope things go well for her this time around."

"Right," Spike agreed. "Mutants shouldn't be too worried about the magic. And she looks pretty happy in the pictures."

"I think she may have found the best sort of place," Rupert said, picking up the other pictures. "Somewhere that she feels safe and supported; somewhere that will let her fly."

"From your lips to God's ear," Spike agreed.

end Feather Links 8: A Place to Fly From.
end Feather Links.

The End

You have reached the end of "Feather Links". This story is complete.

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