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Feather Links

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Summary: Companion glimpses into the minds of other characters in the Feathers series. Will be assorted characters.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > GeneralLucindaFR1387,889068,35530 Apr 0320 Sep 05Yes

Feather Links

Feather Links: A Plot Hatches
author: Lucinda
main characters: Jubilee, Emma Frost
pairings: none really, mention of Warren Worthington having an interest in Willow Rosenberg.
disclaimer: I hold no legal rights or ownership to any characters of the Marvel Comics Universe, or to Willow Rosenberg (belonging to Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
distribution: please ask first, anyone with the Feathers series may have this one.
summary: a not so fiendish plot is hatched and put into motion.
note: this takes place after 'Knock Me Over With A...' and before 'Friends of A...'

Jubilee leaned against the window, her fingers tapping against the glass as she contemplated her last phone call to Xavier's. Apparently, Warren had been surprised by someone deciding the computers at his corporate office needed upgrading, and had hired someone to take care of it, to 'make it so'. He'd apparently suspected that it was some sort of plot to spy on him. The idea was just so... paranoid.

"What has you so amused, Jubilation?" Emma's voice came from behind, her real voice instead of a telepathic contact.

She turned around, looking at her instructor. Not that Emma... Ms Frost, as she preferred to be called actually taught any of the normal classes, but... Emma Frost still directed the practice and experimentation with mutant abilities. "Thinking about Warren. Guess someone hired a consultant to upgrade his systems, and he keeps going on about the consultant. Someone named Willow Rosie something."

Emma smiled, an uncharacteristically warm expression. "Willow Rosenberg. She's quite talented, I had her upgrade some of my systems."

Jubilee shook her head, thinking that it was so strange to see Emma smiling like that. It almost made her look friendly. "So... what's so memorable about her that Warren would be going on and on about her?"

"She's charming, attractive in a wholesome sort of way, and apparently entirely unimpressed by matters of money. Most unlike her secretary, who could possibly teach my accountant a few things. Willow is rather a sweet heart." Emma was still smiling.

Jubilee looked at her, carefully weighing the comments. "Are you sure you aren't a pod person?"

Emma laughed, a tinkling sound that she'd probably spent years perfecting. "I am quite myself. Now, what seems to be keeping her on his mind?"

Leaning back against the wall, Jubilee grinned. "Jean thinks he's got a crush. Or at least the beginnings of one."

"Perhaps our good associate could use a bit of distraction. Something to keep him from obsessively worrying over the X-Men, or whatever madness is befalling them now. Someone to keep him grounded... metaphorically at least." Emma sounded like she was hatching a plot.

Jubilee felt ideas stirring in the back of her mind. "Are you going to tell me that I'm not supposed to interfere in his life? That Warren Worthington is a grown man capable of making his own decisions?"

Emma's smile was downright devious. "Of course he's a grown man that should be able to make decisions on his own, and it's generally considered rude to interfere. That's why I shall tell you to go forth, relax, work on your homework. And don't get caught doing anything to prompt one of those independent decisions."

For a moment, all Jubilee did was stand there as she attempted to unravel Emma's meaning from her words. Then, it became clear. Emma thought that Warren could use a bit of distraction, a hint of meddling. That Willow might be good for him. She was giving her almost spoken approval to push Warren towards Willow, with the warning not to get caught.

"Nobody here will catch me doing anything against the school rules... especially since you took away my roller blades." Jubilee sighed, blowing a bubble with her gum.

"Good. I leave you to your... project." Emma's smile as she left the room was filled with a certain cool smugness.

Hmmm... how to make Warren spend more time with this Willow? If she was a computer person, maybe if there was a problem with his system? Nothing to big, just... annoying. Yeah, annoying and persistent. She could manage that.

Grinning with delight, she bounced towards her room, hoping that she still had that disk. She'd had a friend help her make a particularly persistent virus... Once she sent that, Warren's screen would be filled with Disney characters and paf's. Her uniquely distinctive fireworks as a calling card. Warren would think it was just her being irresponsible and headstrong again. Yeah... Disney was about to enter Worthington Industries.

end Feather Links: A Plot Hatches
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