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The Fallen

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Summary: **Character Death Spoilers for all Series involved*** Sometimes your task to save the world isn't over after you die. Even if it isn't your world you are trying to save.

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Multiple Crossings > Tara-CenteredshazrashaFR15915,275095,47217 Oct 0519 Jun 06No

Doctor heal thyself?

**As promised in chapter one spoiler mention. Season 7 SG1**


Tay studied at the petite red-headed woman sitting at the desk pouring over the reports in front of her. The place was deceptively quiet but Tay knew that it could erupt into a flurry of activity in seconds. Sighing inwardly she decided it was time to make her presence known. She coughed slightly.

“What can I do for you...” The woman looked up and the end of the question trailed off as she realised that Tay was not one of the personnel at SGC. Her hand immediately moved to the edge of the desk.

“Please, Doctor Fraiser, don't touch that.” Tay stated softly knowing full well that there was an alarm button within easy reach. “I'm not here to harm you.”

The woman hesitated at the sound of her name however Tay made no move to stop her only looking at her with sad eyes.

“Then what are you here for?” She asked slowly. Tay took a deep sigh and tried to work out what to say.

“I'm here to tell you that you are going to die.” She finally spluttered suddenly acutely aware of her lack of confidence and grimaced. It was the first time in ages she had let a case affect her so much. Doctor Fraiser pulled her hand back from the button and looked up at her.

“I know.”

The words took Tay completely by surprise and she simply blinked unable to think of a word to say. Something finally worked loose however when Tay realised a flaw in what had just happened.

“I was unaware that there was any precognitive abilities in this world.”

“I was unaware that hair came in that colour of green.” Fraiser retorted. The statement confused Tay and she realised she had lost control of the conversation. Taking stock she started again.

“How do you know?”

Doctor Fraiser looked at her and realised that she hadn't quite got the girl as unsettled as she had hoped.

“Well we all die sooner or later. I just wasn't aware I was going to be killed by a very young female assassin.”

“That isn't how you are going to die.” Tay said trying to work out what was going on. “I'm sorry but I'm finding this a little strange. Or rather I am finding it hard to believe that you are not finding this strange.”

A small smile was all Fraiser permitted herself as she answered.

“I work for people who send groups of us out to various planets, contracting the oddest diseases and coming into contact with strange technology and odd alien races. You turning up in my office to kill me is not too surprising. Though I'm beginning to wonder if I'm hallucinating instead.”
Tay shook her head.

“I can assure you that you are not hallucinating. And can I please state for the record, because it really is putting me off here. I am not going to kill you. I am merely here to talk to you and give you a choice.” Tay looked down a bit. “Though I really don't want to be here at all.”

“Ok.” The word was stated firmly as Fraiser realised that she did in fact believe that the young woman before her was not out to kill her. “So we talk.”

The two of them looked at each other uncertainly as the silence stretched out between them.

“Damn it,” Tay stated her voice ragged as she finally let her emotions get the better of her. “I can't do this. I can't ask you to risk your life when you have done so much here. I should just walk away. Let you rest in peace.” She whispered the last so that Fraiser barely heard it.

“You want my help?” She asked, briefly touched by the concern in Tay's voice even if she was unsure why it was directed at her.

“How is your daughter?” Tay asked suddenly blind siding her. “I pray she grows into a woman you can be proud of. She's been through so much.”

“How do you know about...”

“I know a lot about the people I am supposed to fetch.” Tay interrupted her question.

“Fetch?” Fraiser repeated the word bemused.

Tay slumped slightly and decided it was time to sit down. Taking the chair that was in front of the desk Tay settled herself before speaking.

“Right. I'm glad you're seated already. Let me try this one more time. And maybe without any comments this time. I don't think I can go through this again.”

“You have my word I won't interrupt.” Fraiser said, suddenly realising how hard the girl was finding their conversation and acutely aware that she really should hear her out.

“My name is Tay. I seek out the Fallen. You could say that my job is to save lives but that is just one point of view and, well, some lives don't want to be saved.” She looked up to see Fraiser watching her attentively. “I have a message for all of the Fallen that I seek out.” She fiddled with her hands as she felt the woman's gaze on her intensify. “The battle lines are drawn and now we call our fallen ones to our aid. Let them come for the price of blood must be paid.” The light in Tay's eyes and the strange timbre of her voice when she spoke made Fraiser jerk back and reach for the alarm button. Tay saw the movement just a second too late.

“No,” She cried getting to her feet, knowing that there was nothing she could do. “I'm not a Goa'uld. I swear. Look I only have one chance to speak to all the Fallen. If I don't get my message across in time then..” She reached across the desk but froze as the thought struck her. “God no.”

That small outcry was enough for Fraiser to realise her mistake for a true goa'uld would never have beseeched a higher power.

“Look.” Tay said urgently. “You are going to die. You will be asked to save a life. You will do your job. I can't stop that death. That isn't why I'm here. You have a choice. I can save your life but you will never see this place or your daughter again.”

“And if I don’t take the chance you offer?” Fraiser asked needing to hear the alternative though she was fairly sure what it was.

“Your time on this world is nearing an end either way. I’m just asking you to heed the call of your blood and help me save my world.”

Footsteps could be heard running towards the door and Tay looked up in panic.

“You have to make your choice. Your death on this world is certain but if you wish it, then you can live on after it to help others. The price is high I know. Just make the choice.”

The door flew open and Doctor Fraiser turned to take in the two soldiers that came through, guns at the ready.

“You Ok ma'am?” One of them asked uncertainly as his eyes swept the room before he lowered his gun confused. She copied his sweep and was surprised to see Tay had vanished as if she had never been there.

“I'm fine.” She answered dazed. “I must have hit the button by accident.” There was a hesitant note in her voice but neither of the two soldiers seemed to notice.

“Right. We'll just leave you to it.” The other man stated and lead his companion from the room. Doctor Janet Fraiser stared into the now empty room wondering if it had all just been a hallucination brought on by stress, until she laid her eyes on the chair. It had moved and she hadn't been the one to do it. She processed the information that Tay had given her. If she had understood her correctly she was going to die soon, and she had a choice to make. What choice? Tay had said her death was certain. Then she realised the other part of what she had said. 'I collect the Fallen' and ' you can live on after it to help others'. The price Janet realised was never seeing anything she knew or loved ever again. She just had to make the choice. She sighed because something in Tay's voice had already made up her mind. She still wasn't entirely sure if she had been hallucinating but she decided that all things considered it was better to pretend that she hadn't and make her choice.

“Yes. I'll help you save your world.” She couldn’t be sure but she swore that just before the klaxon of the Gate room sounded she heard a whispered 'thank you'.


One moment she had been wrapping up the wound on the man before her as best she knew. The next she was flying backwards through the air only to be caught by a surprisingly strong pair of hands as the world around her disappeared to be replaced by what looked like the inside of a spacecraft.

“Careful Doctor, you just took the brunt of a staff blast. I couldn't fully shield you.”

“That would explain the pain in my chest.” She muttered weakly. “But not my surroundings.” The hands holding her set her down gently and then the rest of the person came into view.
“I'm sorry for the disorientation I didn't have much choice.” The voice was gentle and the green hair extremely familiar.

“Tay,” Janet finally dredged up the name to go with the face she was looking at. “I was never entirely sure you weren't just a dream.” A frown covered her face then. “Does this mean?”

“Yes,” Tay replied lightly. “You are dead. Well, not here but in your world.” She watched as the realisation appeared in the other woman's face and sighed. “I'm sorry.”

“Don't be. You, as you quite rightly put it, didn't kill me.”

Tay was surprised at how level Janet's voice was but didn't press the matter. She knew it would hit her eventually. It always did.

“I have other stops to make there is a room back there that you can use if you need to rest.” She waved towards the far wall of the room and then went to the pilot seat of the craft. She tried not to listen to the gasp as Janet got up and walked away nor strain to catch the sound of the woman's tears when she was finally alone, but couldn't quite bring herself to be that detached.

“It gets better.” She stated into the empty room not sure who she was trying to reassure.
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