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The Fallen

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Summary: **Character Death Spoilers for all Series involved*** Sometimes your task to save the world isn't over after you die. Even if it isn't your world you are trying to save.

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Multiple Crossings > Tara-CenteredshazrashaFR15915,275095,47217 Oct 0519 Jun 06No

A Little Knowledge

Spoilers – Season 7 of Bad Girls important plot to those that watch it ;), Serenity minor, LOTR minor

Slightly shorter chapter but I finally get their first day on the planet over with. Hope you enjoy.


Tara and Tay walked back to the complex in silence. Tara rubbed her shoulder self-consciously. Tay had refused to answer anything as she walked in front, her shoulders rigid. Wash came bounding down the ridge, a small piece of metal in his hand.
“Man that was weird. Felt a bit like flying Serenity. Did I interrupt a brooding moment? I can go again.” The babbled words made Tara smile, but Tay barely acknowledged him. He sidled up to Tara and gave her a questioning glance. She shrugged uncomfortably, unable to think of a way to explain.
“Huh,” Wash muttered. “As bad as that is it? Bad as Mal.”
Tay stopped and turned her head. Wash stumbled at the penetrating look she gave him.
“She's tore up plenty, but she’ll fly true.”
Wash paled. The phrasing and accent to the words told him who had said them. He looked at Tara whose eyes were filled with sympathy.
“She’s been like this for the past, ten, minutes.”
“She said something to you,” he surmised, and Tara nodded.
“She hasn’t spoken since. Except to you.”
Tay had started walking again.
“Doesn’t seem like she’s planning on saying anything more either.” Wash commented. They followed at a distance, assuming that she would need the space. Théoden and Speedle stood near the building having a deep conversation. Janet was seated on a rock watching their approach. Tay stopped and searched the horizon. A hint of a smile ghosted her lips and Wash and Tara followed her gaze. Sauntering towards them, her headset swinging from her hand was Yvonne.
“You kind of get used to it after a while,” she grinned. When no one commented she sighed. “You can take the bleeding things off now.” she winked. Wash braced himself as he gingerly pulled his headset from his ears. He gave a surprised look as he realised that the voice was gone.
“Well what do you know,” he muttered. “How long’s that been silent then?”
“Ten minutes.” Yvonne smiled. “Didn’t Tay mention it?” She looked at the girl, who was keeping her face blank.
“She’s barely said a word,” Tara admitted. “Just started to walk back.”
“And she’s off again.” Wash added as he watched Tay moving into the complex. “I think she’s doing a River on us.”
The group gave him a blank look. He grinned sheepishly.
“She tended to wander off for no logical reason. But then,” he shrugged. “She wasn’t really a logic kind of girl.”
“I think maybe we should follow her.” Janet said, getting up off her perch.


Théoden could tell that Tay was leading them back to their rooms. His bones ached as tiredness took hold. You deserve your rest. I thank thee for the time you have given me. Remembering the words, he smiled. He had always ruled, holding his rohirrim together against the orcs. It was something of a comfort and a relief to not have to worry about them anymore.
“Eómer will lead them well. His sister will marry into Gondor strengthening the ties that always existed with one of love.”
Tay’s eyes had seemed distant when she spoke, her voice melodic, as Legolas’ had been. Something deep within him had believed the words however. He only listened to the others with half an ear as he fought to keep one foot in front of the other. Janet came over and looked at him with a critical eye.
“I think you need some bed rest. The sooner the better,” she announced.
“You are a healer?” he asked.
“Yes,” Janet said, used to dealing with those who knew nothing of modern technology. “Though I do not have the tools I am used to.”
“Fortunately I believe your first assessment was correct and nothing further will be needed. You have my thanks and I will retire now.” He bowed deeply and walked to his room. Janet smiled at his retreating back.
“I asked you a question!” The exclamation returned her attention to the group. Yvonne had Tay by the arm and refused to let her leave.
“I do not have the answer you seek.” She shook her arm, but Yvonne's grip was too strong.
“Tara says you know their futures. Wash confirms you told him his wife’s fate. Why won't you tell me?” Yvonne asked. Wash was standing back and refused to look at either of them. Speedle had a small smile on his face at the position Tay was in. Tara, however, looked guilty. Speeding her steps, Janet moved closer just as Tay grabbed hold of Yvonne’s arm and flipped her over her back and onto the floor, ripping a piece of cloth from Yvonne’s shirt in the process. Yvonne, however, still managed to keep her grip on Tay’s arm.
“Let go of me.” Tay said, her eyes flashing dangerously. “I cannot help you.”
Yvonne’s eyes narrowed as she tried to pull Tay towards her with no luck, only just managing to scramble to a sitting position.
“Why won’t you tell me?” She jerked Tay’s arm and Janet winced, knowing how painful that would be. Tay just ignored it.
“You really want to know their future?” Tay leaned forward into Yvonne’s face. “You want to know how Fenner drew his last breath curled up bare meters from where he left you.” Yvonne flinched at the raw anger in Tay’s voice.
“Tay,” Janet said, trying to calm her down. Tay reached out a hand, pointing a finger towards her.
“No! She has to hear this.”
“I’m happy the bastard is dead.” Yvonne spat. “He deserved it!”
“And what of his killer?” Tay said, stopping Yvonne’s move to rise. “Do you want to know her fate too? Do you want to know how she made the weapon, drove it into him as he begged for help.”
“Where are you going with this,” Janet asked, not daring to touch either party but wanting to split them up. She was pleased to see Yvonne release Tay’s arm.
“Do you want to know how the very thought of that act has driven her mad? She can never escape him now. You think knowing will make you happier? Will take away your hurt?” Tay’s whole body shook with anger. Yvonne stood finally, rising above Tay in a menacing manner.
“You give us hints and comments about the places we come from but never what we want to know. You're just a little girl trying to control what you don't understand. You have no concept of the hurt that we are going through!”
Tara looked up at Yvonne's harsh words and caught the tightening around Tay's eyes and the hard clenching of her jaw. She could tell that Tay was fighting back hidden tears.
“How old were you?” The question made everyone look at Tara as it rang in the silence after Yvonne's accusation. For a moment, Tara wondered if Tay was going to deny understanding what she was referring to but then Tay’s shoulders slumped slightly, she worked her jaw loose and replied.
The shock at Tara’s question was nothing to the expressions of the others when they registered the impact of what Tay had said. She looked so vulnerable in that moment that it would not have surprised Tara if Tay had simply turned and run. Instead, however, Tay simply raised her head and stared them all down.
“You act like you are the first one's to come here and feel abandoned. You think that your lives have been ripped away from you. But you lived your lives more than I ever could. I have known this existence for longer than anyone. I knew I would die from the moment I knew rational thought. I even knew who would kill me.” She barely noticed the material in her hand folding and the button on it cutting into her skin. “He came for me and I knew that finally I would leave the world. I wouldn't have to look at my father and fear him ever again. Did I choose life? No! I wanted to embrace the darkness. Fall from the pattern of the universe. But... they... wouldn't... let me.” That last admission seemed to be the hardest thing Tay had ever had to say and she clammed up as soon as she realised it. Taking a darting, skittish, look at the faces before her, she finally let her instincts take over and fled.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Fallen" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Jun 06.

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