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Dog Dayz

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Summary: Xander and Ryn get transported to Fuedal Japan. There they meet Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. Will there be love in the air? *slash*

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Anime > InuyasharedwulfyFR151212,46684034,16819 Oct 0514 Mar 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

ch. 15

a/n: this is not beta. Sorry for the long wait. The completed fic is on my livejournal.


Xander didn't fear being caught in a intimate moment with his soon-to-be mate. He didn't worry about the others catching his intended's hands roaming beneathe his clothes. He didn't even care if they caught him, Xander, thrusting his hard cock into Sesshomaru's hands, which happened to be cupping and massaging his erection.

Didn't need to worry, fear, or care, because Xander knew that all the attention was on the drama being caused (unintentionally) by Inuyasha and Ryn. Plus, the others wouldn't believe that the Taiyoukai would lower himself and willing touch a human's,muchless a male human's, reproductive organs. So, they wouldn't believed the facts their eyes supplied them.

Sesshomaru's teasing hands, fingers, and mouth made Xander want to go 'caveman' and drag the tease off to a more private location. He wanted the Dog Lord naked, sweating, and writhing beneathe him.


He knew he was being a tease, couldn't help it. Sesshomaru wanted Xander's hands on him. He couldn't help but envy his brother when Ryn took off leading the hanyou on a merry chase.

Planning and plotting, the Taiyoukai devised a way to get his Hyena away from the group. It was easy to do. Sesshomaru just had to get his beloved's attention.

"You catch me, you fuck me!!" he purred in Xander's ear.

With a nip to that same ear, the youkai quickly took his hands out of his intended's clothes, turned, and dashed off.

Smirking wickedly, he knew it worked when he heard Xander's excited howl. Sesshomaru hoped that he was going to get the chase of his life.
He definitely planned on enjoying this.


'That sneaky, evil, wicked, wicked cocktease!' Xander thought as he chased down his soon-to-be lover. 'When I catch him! He won't be able to walk straight and sit down comfortablely for a week!'

Howling, he signaled his own personal hunt. He ran and hunted like the great predator he was. His inner hyena yipped and cackled in exstatic joy. His mate was going to be his, totally his! He was closing in on his Taiyoukai, and fast!

He put on an extra burst of speed, decreasing the distance between him and his cocktease. Taking a flying leap, he pounced Sesshomaru. They went rolling through the grass, growling lustly and clawing at the clothes between them.

Their howls of ecstacy mingled and merged as flesh met flesh.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Dog Dayz" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Mar 07.

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