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Dog Dayz

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Summary: Xander and Ryn get transported to Fuedal Japan. There they meet Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. Will there be love in the air? *slash*

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Dog Dayz

Disclaimer: Do not own any characters or shows: Inuyasha, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Do own original character Ryn Starbringer.

A/N: No beta, so any mistakes made are my own. I am a slow typist, so it’ll take a while to get chapters up and going.

Ch. 1a ~ Inuyasha~

Inuyasha needed alone time, time away from the annoyance of his little group of friends. It wasn’t that they really annoyed his from a day to day basis, but it was when all their habits just grew into a great mass of annoyance. That’s when he knew he had to get a way before he did something quite extreme, or his demon half would take over despite his father’s sword suppressing the demon blood.

Then Kagome would see just how well the ‘sit’ necklace worked. Where the necklace use to slam Inuyasha into the ground on command, it was now more a tingling and tickling feeling in his bones. So, he had to fake the effects of the subduing necklace.

When he first noticed that the command was not as strong as it originally was, he figured that it was Kagome’s off day or a fluke. Then it happened again and again, each time growing weaker. It made him think that the spell was either wearing off, his body growing stronger and tolerant to the effects, or his youkai was growing stronger and absorbing the spell effects.

Evidently, he decided to test out that the spell was indeed growing weaker. So, Inuyasha took every chance he could to provoke Kagome’s wrath and use of the subduing command. He kept up the appearance that the command was working, but he knew that it was not working as it should.

When Kagome left for her time and the others stayed in the village, Inuyasha searched for answers. He was deeply surprised at what he found.

He was far away from the village, but close to his half-brother’s territory, the Western Lands. There he found an old dilapidated shack, that was home to an old demoness that use to work in the Western Palace during the time his mother and father still lived.

What the old demoness told him, took him by surprise. It took days to convince him that what the demoness said was true…Inuyasha’s mother was a very powerful miko just as powerful as the miko of legend—Midori. But his mother kept her powers such a secret that even his own father—Inu no Taisho—didn’t know.

So, it turned out that the purity of his mother’s miko blood flowed though his veins, slowly counteracting and canceling the subduing command on the necklace. But the fact that purity of miko’s blood flowing through his veins, unearth another question. Why wasn’t his demon half being purified?

The reason—his father’s demon blood was just as strong as the miko blood. In Inuyasha that blood mixed together into a powerful combination: evidently, creating a powerful hanyou. He was strong and had the capability to grow stronger. Probably as strong as his half brother Sesshomaru.

Ch. 1b ~Sesshomaru~

Sesshomaru, Taiyoukai of the Western Lands of Japan, stood on top of the highest tree in his lands. Thinking on the past, his brother, and their mutual rivalry/hatred of each other; yet, the hatred on Sesshomaru’s end wasn’t there. He never truly ‘hated’ his brother, Inuyasha. Sesshomaru just acted like he hated his younger half brother. In reality, Sesshomaru wanted his brother to be able to stand and be strong on his own.

His act worked, it worked a little too well. Now Sesshomaru’s own brother, of flesh and blood, would sooner attack on sight—no questions asked—then ask for an alliance against the evil hanyou, Naraku. Sesshomaru had no one else to blame but himself. Yet, he could maybe make up for past mistake and transactions with his brother.

By damning his own pride, he would extend an olive branch of truce. Sesshomaru would go to Inuyasha with an offer of an alliance. Maybe together, the great Inu no Taisho’s sons, could destroy the mennis, half-breed, Naraku once and for all.

Tomorrow, he, Sesshomaru will seek his brother.

Ch. 1c ~Xander~

Xander Harris was well on his way to collapse from exhaustion, and wasn’t going to able to move for days. His body was tired, his soul was tired, and his indamnable spirit was taking an extreme beating—it would soon finally fall to never rise again. He felt almost dead inside, like he was slowly rotting away. Near about wished that today was his last day in his miserable life, he felt that way for some considerable time.

It wouldn’t be so bad if his friends took any notice of him, instead of pushing his towards the outside and out of existence. Yet, their constant ridicule, making fun of, and keeping him out of the loop was slowly but surely killing him inside. Even his oldest and dearest friend, Willow, was killing him inside. In fact, her pushing him away, cut him the deepest, and left him bleeding.

After all this time, he would sure think he would have given up and died by now. Yet, he hadn’t; because, he had one last tie that kept him anchored and holding on with the stubborn will he was known for. That tie was with an old friend, which he made through the pen pal service offered in elementary school.

Where most pen pals typically die within a year, his lasted and was still going. He and his pen pal technically grew up together, but in different states and sometimes different countries. The letters exchanged every month for ten years were what kept him going. There was even little gifts exchange for birthdays and Christmas.

Xander enjoyed his letters and gifts. He definitely enjoyed the fact that he could write and tell his friend every thing, and she would do the same. She told him of her adventures and misadventures, and it felt like he was right there beside her sharing them.

Then one year, he got the greatest gift of all…he got to meet her, Ryn Starbringer, his pen pal—his friend. She and her ‘babysitters’ came to Sunnydale and stayed for the whole summer before his last year in elementary school.

In person, they hit it off as well as they did in letters. That summer was a summer to remember. They did every thing together, and Xander introduced Ryn to his oldest, best friends, Willow and Jesse.

Jesse and Ryn got along together as well as she did with Xander. Willow on the other hand, was completely different. It was as if Willow hated Ryn right off the bat. Xander didn’t know why, because Ryn was friendly and open with the red head.

When the summer ended, it was a sad time for the two friends. It was time for Ryn to leave, but they promised to keep on writing to each other.

Soon, another summer came back and so did Ryn. This continued on for the next four years. The summer Xander turned eighteen the two close friends took a little road trip.

During their adventures on the road, Xander and Ryn grew even closer in friendship.

Now, it brought him back to the present. It was time for Ryn’s annual visit, and that brought some joy back to his life.

Ch. 1d ~Ryn~

Ryn Starbringer was practically buzzing with excitement. It was that time of year again, the time were she would see her old friend, Xander. Even with her excitement, there was worry. In the last few letters, she could tell that there was something wrong with her Xander-shaped friend. Something had changed in him; it seemed as if he was deeply saddened and depressed.

It was as if the very sadness of his soul seeped into his words without him knowing it. She could even smell his wariness and loneliness in the paper. So, she devised a plan on how to cheer him up. She was going to convince him to leave Sunnydale forever and come with her.

Shouldn’t be too hard, she figured. Xander might just welcome the change of scenery. He would definitely need it, and she would give it to him.

Tomorrow, she would be in Sunnydale, and tomorrow she would see Xander. She’ll tell him right off the bat that she wants him to travel with her once again. But this time, there would be little chance of him returning to his home town.

Hopefully, he would readily agree, ‘cause she might just have to kidnap him. If he won’t look out for his own interest and well being, then she would have to do it for him. Woe to anyone who opposes her plan because they probably won’t see the light of another day.


On that long and lonely flight to L.A. California, Ryn, in her mind, proclaimed herself to be the protector of Xander. Woe to anyone who means harm to him, or stands in her way, because one Alexander Harris now has a chaotic order dragon for friend and protector.


A/N: yay I finally thought of a title. I've already got about twenty chapters hand written, but it'll take a while to type. The crossover into Inuyasha 'verse doesn't happen for a while.
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