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Five by Five in a Ten Times Ten

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Summary: This is a collection of 100 mini crossover ficlets and drabbles featuring Faith written for tth100.

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsechoFR18123,32711913,03719 Oct 051 Feb 06No

The Sneezes

title: The Sneezes
rating: 13
prompt: #8 illness (11/100)
fandoms: BtVS/HP
word count: 400
summary: Faith's feeling a bit under the weather.


It was sad when a little witch had to stake the vampire you were gonna stake because right as you'd drawn back, you were set upon by the sneezes. Not a sneeze, to clarify, SNEEZES. Plural.

"Oh, Faith, are you all right?"

It just wasn't fair. Was not fair. She liked Ginny Weasley. She honestly did, but did the little redhead have to be so nice sometimes? So caring? Faith wasn't used to seeing that side of people. Ginny could be the very devil if she was pissed off at you, but she also had this sugary sweet side. It was the very thing Faith suspected her good buddy Draco found so intriguing about the young Miss Weasley... her polarity. Not that Faith's good buddy Draco would admit such a thing. Stubborn, that one. Reminded Faith a bit of herself.

"Malfoy!" Ginny hissed loudly. "Malfoy! Get your bum over here!"

"What happened, Freckles the Weaselgirl?" A droll voice called from the darkness. "You break a nail?"

Faith rolled her eyes and sighed loudly. It was beyond her why anyone, even herself, liked him. He was such a little bastard sometimes.

But he could also be quite fierce if he honestly liked you.

"Faith's ill, you cunt! Get over here and help me!"

Faith never knew the brat could move so quickly.

"Here." He looped one of her arms around his neck. "Are you badly hurt? Can you walk?"

"I... just..." She felt dizzy. And warm. Very warm. Overly warm. "I don't feel right."

"I knew you should have let someone else patrol tonight." Draco hissed in her face. "I knew it!"

Faith's answer was to sneeze right in his face. It had come up on her too quickly. She didn't manage to get a hand up, so she sprayed the usually immaculate Malfoy in his pale face with some spit, as the sneeze had come out mostly through her mouth, and a little bit of snot.

Draco howled as if he'd just been sprayed in the face with acid.

He let go of her in shock. Faith would have crashed to the ground but for Ginny... who was giggling like mad.

Draco was still making sounds of horror and disgust. He had also produced a handkerchief and was frantically wiping his face.

"That was brilliant." Ginny said in an amused tone. "I hope you get him sick."

"Yeah." Faith managed weakly. "Then you could nurse him."

Draco and Ginny both looked at her in horror. Faith just smirked.



The End?

You have reached the end of "Five by Five in a Ten Times Ten" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Feb 06.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking