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Kit & Kaboodle

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Summary: 100 ficlets and drabbles done for tth100, Kit centric.

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Multiple Crossings > Kit-CenteredJmariaFR15228,685027,05219 Oct 0522 Apr 06No

School Daze

Title: School Daze
author: jmaria
tth100 prompt:
Crossover fandom: Sky High
Characters: Kit, Council, Principal Powers
Prompt: 007. School
Word Count: 395
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: Joss owns Kit and Faith, Disney owns Sky High
Summary: Well, the slayers did want a model for the new Kendra Memorial High...
Set: Fire Lantern Girl - 1
A/N: Companion/side piece to another Sky High fic I’m working on.

School Daze

Kit felt leery about getting on the non-descript school bus, but she was a watcher-in-training, and she’d be getting on something similar to it every day for the next two years, so she sucked it up and boarded the bus. Actually, it looked pretty similar to every other school bus she’d ever been on.

A few of the watchers-in-training, most of the Council and a handful of slayers were invited to come see this school. Kit was pretty sure it was a waste of time, but hey, it got her, Dawn, and Carlos out of class. She was pretty sure that Dawn had done some major begging on their part, seeing as she was actually on the Council.

It was odd though, because Faith was the one who was actually overseeing this little field trip. She nodded for Kit and Dawn to take the seat directly behind the driver, a grin on her lips. Once everyone was seated, the Bus driver whipped off his hat, pulled off a patch of cloth and hit a weird button.

Kit and Dawn exchanged as straps popped out of the seats. The next thing she knew, they were pelting straight up into the air, wind whipping through the open doors. She shrieked, but at least she wasn’t the only one.

When the bus finally landed, Kit fought the urge to throw up. At least she fought it. Some of the council members couldn’t.

“Everybody out,” Faith called, leading the way.

Kit and Dawn were the first to bolt off the bus. Standing across from Faith were two teachers and about six students. The dark haired boy glowered at Faith, but Faith was too busy glaring at the woman.

“Hello, and welcome to Sky High. I am Principal Powers. We’ve arranged tours for the rest of you, while Coach Boomer, Ms. Summers, Mr. Giles and myself go over a few things,” the woman said, smiling as she walked to stand behind the students. “Ethan, Layla, Magenta, Warren, Will, and Zach can answer any questions you might have about Hero and Hero Support classes. As I‘m sure Miss Lehane can as well.”

Kit frowned at this. What could Faith know about this weird school? It got even weirder when the older Slayer smiled at the guy who was glaring at her.

“Hey, W. Bet you weren’t expecting to see me again.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Kit & Kaboodle" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Apr 06.

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