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The Witch and the Mechanic

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Summary: 100 Willow/Kaylee drabbles for the Joss100 on LJ *Nominated for a 2007 CoA*

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Firefly > Willow-Centered(Past Donor)kayleyFR13457,2421529,59719 Oct 0525 Feb 08No

Sunnydale Isn’t Home

Sunnydale Isn’t Home
Author: Kayley
Rating: G
Character(s): Kaylee/Willow
Prompt: The End --- 013
Word Count: 226

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns the characters and the setting. No money is being made from this story.


Kaylee heard Willow’s voice and knew it was the end. She would go back to her world and forget about her time spent on Serenity. Why wouldn’t she go home? There was nothing really to tie her here. Not that she could think of.

“Dawnie, I need you to tell everyone I love them dearly but I’m gonna stay here.”


“What?” Dawn asked in shock. Had Willow really said that? She couldn’t really mean it.

“Dawn, there’s nothing to return to back there,” Willow said. “I love you guys but you’re better off without me there, every time I used magic on the Hellmouth I was a risk. Tell Xander that he’ll always be my bestest best friend… and that Giles will always be more of a father to me than anyone. You and Buffy are like my sisters, I love you both so very much. But I have a new home now. And without Tara, Sunnydale isn’t that home.”


Had she really just said that? She was going to remain on Serenity? Kaylee couldn’t believe her ears. Did she realise that she was turning her only way home away? She considered Serenity home?

Maybe there was still a chance to work through the rest of the things they were keeping hidden from each other. Maybe it wouldn’t be the end of their relationship.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking