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The Witch and the Mechanic

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Summary: 100 Willow/Kaylee drabbles for the Joss100 on LJ *Nominated for a 2007 CoA*

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Firefly > Willow-Centered(Past Donor)kayleyFR13457,2421529,59719 Oct 0525 Feb 08No


Author: Kayley
Rating: G
Character(s): Kaylee/Willow
Prompt: Cold --- 006
Word Count: 242

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns the characters and the setting. No money is being made from this story.


She was shivering from the loss of Willow in their bed. It was so empty and cold without the redheaded girl. Kaylee was mourning the loss of her as much as Willow was mourning the loss of her friend and family.

The day she had been to see her, there was little of the girl Kaylee knew remaining. Trails of tears ran unhindered down the pale face while black pupils had swallowed all of the white of her eyes. Even her hair was in places black. It was hard to see because to Kaylee, Willow had always been a cheerful girl but this was completely strange.

Sighing, Kaylee got up from the bed and grabbed a coat to try to minimise the cold she was feeling. The coat did little to help, and Kaylee realised it was probably the cold of her emotions more than the temperature.

Finally she decided to visit Simon to see if he could shed some light on what Willow was doing without actually seeing the girl. She couldn’t help feeling scared. She knew that Willow could do magic but she had disappeared. She could actually teleport from one place to another. The idea that she was powerful enough to do that and the fact her eyes and hair had changed colour was scaring her. She didn’t think Willow would do anything bad to her but she wasn’t sure and that’s where Simon would come in to it.
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