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The Witch and the Mechanic

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Summary: 100 Willow/Kaylee drabbles for the Joss100 on LJ *Nominated for a 2007 CoA*

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Firefly > Willow-Centered(Past Donor)kayleyFR13457,2421529,59719 Oct 0525 Feb 08No

No Way To Scream

Author: Kayley
Rating: G
Character(s): Kaylee/Willow
Prompt: Silver --- 086
Word Count: 145

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns the characters and the setting. No money is being made from this story.


“After Oz, my life seemed drained of everything. Everything was empty. I was like a shell. Then came the ‘Gentlemen’. I was so scared. These white demons who floated above the ground and had silver teeth. Crazy minions in straight jackets led the way for them…”

“What did they want?” River asked although she knew the answer. She wanted to see Kaylee and Simon’s reactions.

“Seven hearts, cut out of live, awake bodies.”

“What?” Simon almost jumped out of his seat.

“Wouldn’t someone hear the screaming?” Kaylee asked, paling.

“Can’t even shout. Can’t even cry. The Gentlemen are coming by. Looking in windows, knocking on doors, they need to take seven and they might take yours. Can’t call to Mom. Can’t say a word. You’re gonna die screaming but you won’t be heard…” River sung to Kaylee.

“They stole our voices… no way to scream.”
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking