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The Witch and the Mechanic

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Summary: 100 Willow/Kaylee drabbles for the Joss100 on LJ *Nominated for a 2007 CoA*

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Firefly > Willow-Centered(Past Donor)kayleyFR13457,2421529,59719 Oct 0525 Feb 08No

Bathed in Sunshine

Author: Kayley
Rating: G
Character(s): Kaylee/Willow
Prompt: Sunshine --- 058
Word Count: 118

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns the characters and the setting. No money is being made from this story.


“Although I had loved Oz, Tara was truly special… like how special you are to me Kaylee. Tara was someone who the Scoobies didn’t know about… she was a secret and mine alone. We were connected in a way that I’ve only felt one other time, and that was… is the way I feel around you.”

Kaylee smiled at her admission. Although the last few days had been painful, hearing that Willow felt the same way she had been feeling helped to sooth her worry.

“When I was around Tara, and when I’m around you; I feel like the whole world is bathed in sunshine. That there can be no evil because of the pureness of your soul.”
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking