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DESTINY - 1.01 - Think You've Seen It All? Wait...

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Summary: She's alone, her family is gone. How is she supposed to be Charmed all by herself?

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Charmed > GeneralPIPERANGELFR1312,772011,75620 Oct 0520 Oct 05Yes
This is a Charmed/Angel crossover written in script form.

DISCLAIMER – None of the characters are my own creation. The credit of them belongs to Joss Whedon and Constance Burge. As well as all the writers and creators of Charmed and Angel.

Episode One: You Think you’ve Seen It All? Wait…

While mourning the one year anniversary of their eldest sisters’ death, Piper and Phoebe come face–to-face with a demon that is determined to shatter the Charmed Ones forever.

INT. Halliwell Manor, kitchen – Morning

[Piper is sitting at the table in the morning reading the paper and drinking coffee. Phoebe comes in with her bathrobe on. She sits at the table and drops her head in her arms.]

Piper (brightly): Good morning Phoebe!

Phoebe (lifts head): Why, why, why, would you do that?

Piper: Because I know you have a hangover.

Phoebe: Yeh, and why don’t you?

Piper: Well, seeing as it was my club you got smashed at, I needed to stay sober to get you home okay.

Phoebe: That’s the last time I drink to Simple Plan rock music.

Piper: I’d like to believe that this time…I really would.

Phoebe: Funny. That’s funny.

Piper: Okay, I have to get to the club that we speak of and make sure everything is still in tact. Wanna come with?

Phoebe: Nah, I’m gonna shower, shampoo and head over to the Hyperion for a good old-fashioned demonic mystery. Fred said I can tag along again on some cases.

Piper: Are you sure that’s a good idea? Last time you got three premonitions within an hour. You had a headache for a week.

Phoebe: Oh, I’ll be fine.

Piper: Okay…bye.

[Piper picks up her purse and keys and heads out the back door to her car. Phoebe rests her heavy head in her arms.]

INT. Abandoned warehouse – Midday

[Fred, Wesley, Gunn and Phoebe are out on a case. Phoebe is carrying a flashlight, Wesley; a club, Gunn; a double ended axe and Fred; a flamethrower.]

Phoebe: What did that caller actually say?

Fred: That she saw a man shooting fire around here two nights in a row. And we know it’s demonic because she said the fire came from his hands.

Phoebe: So what’s with the flamethrower? Fighting fire with fire?

Fred: Cute.

Phoebe: So, why are without the company of Mr. Angel?

Wesley: That little clause on the vampire contract that stipulates any direct contact with the sun will cause instant death in a pile of dust.

Phoebe: Right.

[The group walk around for ten minutes.]

Gunn: Guys, we don’t seem to be having any luck with this. We don’t even know who we’re looking for.

[Phoebe spots something in the corner. She walks over to it and flashes the torch so the others can see it.]

Phoebe: Look at this.

Fred (joining Phoebe): What is it?

Wesley: It looks like the sheath to a sword.

[Phoebe picks it up. It glows gold.]

Wesley con’td: A very large sword.

Gunn: What’s it for?

[Phoebe jumps as she touches the object and she is hit with a powerful premonition.]


There is a young woman being chased. She’s screaming. They’re in a graveyard. A demon appears in a fireball in front of her holding a long, golden sword. He’s about six feet tall, wearing tattered, molding clothes. He laughs as the woman trips and falls to the ground. He raises his sword above her and plunges it into her chest.

*End of Vision*

Phoebe: Oh my God.

Fred: What?

Phoebe: I just had a premonition. A woman is going to be killed.

Wesley: By what?

Phoebe: I don’t know.

[Holds up the sheath.]

Phoebe con’td: But he’s going to use this sword to do it.



Written By: Katrina Pekin|| Story By: Katrina Pekin || Directed By: Katrina Pekin

Executive Producer: Katrina Pekin

Destiny - Starring

Holly Marie Combs as “Piper”

Alyssa Milano as “Phoebe”

David Boreanaz as “Angel”

Amy Acker as “Fred”

Alexis Desinof as “Wesley” and

J. August Richards as “Gunn”

Guest Starring:

Joshua Jackson as “Nyson”

and Densel Washington as “Quilone”


Hush, hush, hush – Paula Cole




INT. P3 – mid-afternoon

[Piper is cleaning the counter tops of the bar for the third time. She is interrupted when Phoebe and Wesley come down the stairs. Piper notices their concerned faces.]

Piper: I knew it. Phoebe, did I not warn you about putting yourself in a premonition firing line?

Phoebe: Yes you did and I promise to pay more attention from now on but listen, I did have a vision and we need your help.

Piper: Well, of course you do. That is why you’re here. Hey, did your case finish already?

[Piper looks at the clock behind her.]

Phoebe: No, the vision is related to the case. I think.

Piper: You think?

Wesley: Well, the woman who called in the case specified a fire-throwing demon. And Phoebe said the demon in her vision appeared in fire.

Phoebe: We came to get you so we could go home and check the Book of Shadows. Fred and Gunn went to tell Angel what’s going on.

Piper: Okay, let me get my purse.

INT. Underworld – room of fire.

[The demon from Phoebe’s premonition, Nyson, stands alone in the centre of the room, summoning someone. Soon, there is a glaze of smoke in front of him and within it is another, higher level demon. They are able to talk to each other.]

Nyson: I thank you for your time, my lord.

Quilone: I can only spare four minutes. Tell me of your plans.

Nyson: Well, the anniversary of the eldest Charmed One is tonight. I plan to attack the final two sisters and kill the now-eldest, Piper.

Quilone: What will that accomplish? Why not kill both?

Nyson: By killing the eldest, I can then manipulate Phoebe into joining the Faction. She will be so overcome with grief; she will do what she can to get away from feeling it.

Quilone: I thought the Faction were a neutral group of beings? Ones that see over vanquished evil before it heads into the afterlife?

Nyson: They are, but they can be swayed if they are given an offer they cannot refuse, my lord.

Quilone: How will you get close to the Charmed Ones?

Nyson: By supplying Phoebe with a vision of an innocent in danger, which I have already done by leaving my sword’s sheath at the warehouse. She is obligated to help anyone in need.

Quilone: Very well. I wish you well on your journey…and I shall give you the power of screen. With it you will be able to see what your victims are doing at any time.

Nyson: Thank you, my lord. You are much to kind.

[The screen disappears and Nyson transports himself away in a ball of fire.]

INT. Halliwell Manor, attic - afternoon.

[Phoebe and Piper are looking through the Book of Shadows while Wesley is pacing the attic floor.]

Phoebe: Wes, can you stop that? It’s extremely off-putting.

Wesley: Sorry. I’m just a little on edge.

Phoebe: Well, a fire throwing demon will do that to you?

Piper: Yeh, a fire throwing demon by the good ol’ name of Nyson.

Phoebe: What?

Piper: I found our demon.

[Camera rolls back to behind Piper and Phoebe so we see the page in the book. It’s a

two-page entry. One has information the other had a picture of Nyson in a background of fire holding a golden sword.]

Piper (reads): Nyson is a demon spawned from the element of fire.

Phoebe: Go figure.

Piper con’td: He kills witches by stabbing them in the chest with his golden sword of flame. The impact causes the witches soul and thus powers to be absorbed by Nyson, giving him extra strength. He travels in a fireball and can throw fire from his hands.

Phoebe (looking over Piper’s shoulder): There’s a vanquishing spell. I’ll write us each a copy should we get separated while attacking this guy.

Piper: Okay, what about the girl in your vision?

Phoebe: Well, I gave a description of her to Fred and Gunn, but she looked pretty average.

Wesley: Well, you said your vision happened at night so she’s safe for about (checks wristwatch) three more hours. We should get back to the hotel.

Piper: Okay, you go to the car, we’ll be right there.

[Wesley nods and leaves the attic. Phoebe finishes copying a spell for Piper and hands it to her, putting her own in her pocket.]

Piper: Ah, Pheebs?

Phoebe: Yeh?

Piper: You know what today is, don’t you?

Phoebe: Of course, Piper. I lost her too, you know.

Piper: I didn’t mean to-

Phoebe: I know, I know.

Piper: So, what do you think we should do?

Phoebe: How about whooping some major demon ass to show everyone down there (points to the floor) that we cannot be fazed.

Piper: Works for me.

[Piper and Phoebe leave the attic. The image scales backwards and you see Nyson, new power of screen in place, watching what the sisters are doing. As Piper and Phoebe leave, he smirks.]





INT. Hyperion Hotel, foyer – evening

[The team is sitting around discussing what to do with the demon.]

Phoebe: So, I suggest we call head to the graveyard tonight and just hang out for the demon.

Fred: Bad idea, he’ll be waiting for us.

Phoebe: How do you know?

Fred: Demons like that don’t just kill without being prepared. He’ll probably do a sweep of the graveyard and if he sees us, we’re gone.

Piper: Fred’s right. We need a better plan.

Angel: We need to spilt up; all go in different directions so if he does spot one of us, he won’t get to all of us.

Phoebe (to Gunn): Hey, any luck with ID-ing the woman for my vision?

Gunn: No, strangely we couldn’t narrow the search down with the description blonde hair and moderate height.

Wesley: We call need some kind of protection from this demon should he attack.

Piper: Phoebe and I have a spell, so two of you should go with one of us. Angel’s pretty safe as long as nothing goes through his heart.

[Phoebe looks at her watch and outside.]

Phoebe: It’s almost sunset; we better get going.

INT. graveyard – night

[Nyson is waiting by a gravestone. A young woman comes running into his view laughing. She sees Nyson and stops.]

Nyson: Hey.

Lacey: Hi.

Nyson: What’s your name?

Lacey: Lacey.

Nyson: Pretty name for a pretty lady. So what are you doing running around at night?

Lacey: I was playing around with my friends.

Nyson: Ahhh…the friends who seem to have lost you?

Lacey: We’re just being stupid.

[Nyson walks closer to Lacey.]

Nyson: Right. So, do these friends know that you’re a witch?

Lacey (taken aback): Wh-what?

Nyson: Oh yeh, I know. Pretty Lacey’s a witch with the power to control wind.

Lacey: How do you know that?

Nyson (holds out his arms): Because…I’m a demon.

[Lacey screams and waves her hand at Nyson. A huge gust of wind blows around the graveyard, but Nyson stays still. He smirks and throws his hand out, shooting a fire ball in Lacey’s direction. It hits the trees she’s about to run into and sets them alight. Lacey screams and turns too quickly and falls. Nyson arrives at her side.]

CUT TO – middle of graveyard – night.

[Fred and Piper are walking together through the graveyard. Fred is holding a torch.]

Piper (whispers): How long have we been searching now?

Fred (whispers): Almost thirty minutes.

[A huge gust of wind whirls over them.]

Piper: Whoa…

Fred: Lousy Autumn weather.

[Phoebe and Wesley come over to them from the left.]

Phoebe: Hey…anything?

Piper: Nope…you?

Wesley: Nothing.

Fred: Maybe Angel and Gunn found something.

[Fred starts hitting her torch as it begins flickering.]

Fred: Damn, the batteries are dying.

Wesley: I have some in my car.

Phoebe: You two go do that, Piper and I will try and find Angel and Gunn.

[Wesley nods and heads back to his car with Fred. Phoebe takes Piper’s arm.]

Phoebe: Maybe my vision didn’t happen tonight.

Piper: I hope not; I don’t want to be in a graveyard every night until we kill this guy.

[They both hear a scream; a woman’s voice.]

Piper: You heard that, right?

Phoebe: Oh yeh.

Piper: Where did it come from?

Phoebe: I don’t know, I’ll go this way. Call out if you need me.

[Phoebe turns and rushes the other way.]

Piper: Phoebe, be careful.

Phoebe: Don’t worry about me. If we don’t find anyone, I’ll meet you back at that angel gravestone in five minutes.

[Phoebe rushes off to the left]

Piper: Wait-

[Phoebe runs out of Piper’s sight.]





INT. Graveyard where Nyson has attacked Lacey – night

[Nyson stands over Lacey body. She’s not dead, but she’s hurt. Nyson raises his sword above her. Phoebe runs in behind him.]

Phoebe (yells): Hey you!

[Nyson turns and sees Phoebe. He smirks.]

Nyson: Piper Halliwell. The one I’ve been waiting for.

[Phoebe looks odd as she hears the demon call her by her sisters’ name.]

Nyson: I knew that you wouldn’t leave an innocent stranded. But she’s really just the bait. I was waiting for you.

Phoebe: Why?

Nyson: To finish what Shax started on your big sister a year ago.

[Nyson shoots a fireball at Phoebe. She ducks to the ground to avert the attack. She tries to get the vanquishing spell from her pocket. Nyson walks up to Phoebe, wielding his sword.]

CUT TO – Graveyard where Piper is - night

[Piper goes after her sister. She hears another scream]

Phoebe: Agghh!

[Piper arrives to see her baby sister being stabbed in the heart with the sword of the demon before her. He is about six feet tall, tattered, molding clothes with his golden sword that sucks the life out of witches. He went by the name of Nyson. Piper begins to chant the spell on the paper in her hand]

Piper: I call upon my family line. To kill this demon in my time. Using all the power you can send. Nyson meet your bitter end.

[Nyson screams and explodes in flames. Piper runs up to her baby sister, trying to hold up her body. She is bleeding everywhere. Lacey jumps to her feet and runs off, limping.]

Piper (calling out) – Angel! Gunn! Hurry! (To Phoebe) Oh God, don’t die. Please don’t die. No, no, no. Phoebe. You’ll be okay, I promise. Just hang on…

[Phoebe slowly turns her head to Piper.]

Phoebe: I love you…

[As she trails off, her head falls and she stops breathing.]

Piper: Phoebe? Phoebe!

[Angel and Gunn arrive to see Piper cradling Phoebe in her arms.]

Angel: Piper…

[Piper looks up at Angel, tears running down her face.]

Piper: Angel, call an ambulance; do something. She’s hurt.

[Wesley and Fred arrive. Wesley sees Phoebe on the ground and rushes to her.]

Wesley: What happened?

Piper: He attacked her…Nyson…

[Wesley checks Phoebe for a pulse.]

Piper: We have to get her help.

Wesley: Piper…

[He places Phoebe’s hand back down.]

Wesley con’td: She’s dead

[Fred turns away and starts crying. Gunn just stares in disbelief. Piper won’t believe it.]

Piper: No, no she’s not.

[Piper starts to shake Phoebe, trying to rouse her.]

Piper: Come on, Phoebe. Come on. Wake up. Wake up!

[Piper places Phoebe on the ground and kneels over her. She begins to shake her shoulders.]

Piper (cries): Phoebe! Get up! Get up!

[Angel goes to Piper’s side and tries to take her hands away. Piper pushes him back.]

Piper (to Angel): No! (To Phoebe) Get up! Please! Please, Phoebe. I can’t do this again, please!

[Angel grabs Piper again and pulls her to his chest. She collapses into tears on him; screaming in pain.]





INT. Funeral home – evening.

{Song – Hush, hush, hush – Paula Cole}

[It’s Phoebe’s funeral. Piper is sitting in the front row with Fred on one side and Angel on the other. She has cried so much that she can’t anymore. Wesley has tears in his eyes and Fred is crying while gripping Gunn’s hand. The camera turns and fades back and we see the whole funeral home. The screen fades black and the song keeps playing.]



The End

You have reached the end of "DESTINY - 1.01 - Think You've Seen It All? Wait...". This story is complete.

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