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And Death did not stop...

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Slayer's Witch". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn/Amanda (HL) ficlets and drabbles for the TtH100 (In assorted fandom arcs)

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Highlander > Dawn-Centered
Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered
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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Index/Just Red - Prompt #6 (Blood)

A series of ficlets and drabbles for the TtH100/2005-06 Edition

Note: This is set in the universe of my little ficlet Gone. Some before, some after. Includes crossovers with Harry Potter, Charmed, Stargate, Highlander, and a few others as noted in each ficlet.


The stories in this series are not being written in a specific order. When all 100 of them are finished I'll go back and re-order them. Until then, each ficlet/drabble will include timeline information when necessary.

As of the 31st prompt completed -- there are 3 different story lines going and the 4th complete.
(I've also moved the Stargate crossovers so they happen before the Harry Potter stories. It makes more sense that way. But it does require that the events in the HP books are set a bit later - by approx. a decade or two - than HP canon seems to imply. )

In chronological story order:

1. The Early Years
006. Blood Just Red
082. Gloves Touching
030. Costumes Momma's Got A Squeezebox
023. Pride Chocolate Dreams
096. UST Not A Book

2. Gate Tales
088. Ring The Gift
056. Drinking Impulse
059. Fight Is She Really Human?
041. Doctor Remembering

3. In Potter's Fields (complete)
043. Castle It's Alive!
033. Pumpkin Pie never tasted like this...
042. Time Travel Time Bandit
011. Night Steel and Dust
007. School Where the Books Are
003. Love Circles
089. Exclamation Lessons in Betrayal
029. Heartache Vera Lynn
019. Pain Regrets and Mistakes
026. Money A Little Push
091. Examine A Roadie Named Bart
081. Wet Sunshine Sally
018. Soul Soho Doorway
069. Spell FAB
060. Lake Skipping
078. Travel Dismissed

4. 20 years later (Buffy and Dawn meet again)
025. Jealousy Waiting
036. Past Last Request
039. Funeral In Memoriam
085. Watcher Regrets
024. Anger Are you, or have you ever been...
002. Death By mourning tongues

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Something quick to get things going...

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Title: Just Red
Author: -Andy-
Rated: FR15
Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon, Fox Television, etc. Highlander belongs to Panzer/Davis and a bunch of others.
Prompt: #006, Blood
Wordcount: 101 (aka almost a drabble)

--- --- ---

She stared down, shocked at the warm red liquid soaking her shirt before pouring onto the floor. It quickly created a puddle around her feet. "Amanda!" she whined, feeling her fingers and toes going numb, a faint roaring in her ears, before everything turned black.

--- --- ---

Groaning, Dawn rolled over and sat up, grimacing at the smell of the sticky blood that coated her clothes.

"You need to learn." Amanda told her, glancing up from her romance novel.

"I know what blood is." Dawn grumbled.

"You panic when you bleed." Amanda said. "It isn't the end of the world. It's only blood."

--- --- ---
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