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Because Now, You're My Way

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Summary: Kennedy's tth100: BSG, Tomb Raider, Harry Potter, etc. ( webisode based BSG storyline added - Parts 1-3 of 10 now posted.)

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Multiple Crossings > Kennedy-Centered(Past Donor)zephyrRSFR1377,8830124,04920 Oct 0510 Oct 06No

Warrior Avatars Three: Portal

Title: The Warrior Avatars Three (part 3 of 10)
Timeline: BtVS-Post S7
word count: 1,017
tth100 prompt: Kennedy 094. Portal
crossover:BSG (spoilers for all of S2 and the SciFi webisodes.)
rating: all
disclaimer: Most definitely not my character creations. I would be in much less debt. Many thanks to Whedon and RDM for their genius and their efforts to create such amazing stories. Respectful nod to the original authors that two dialogue lines are lifted directly from webisode #10. They are in the first paragraph! ;-)

THANK YOU to all my wonderful reviewers. I am motivated and filled with happiness to just know someone is reading the fic and that it isn’t simply being posted into the black. SWAK!

A/N: This and the next several tth100 entries are all inspired by “The Resistance” BSG’s 10-part Webisode at This is NOT the same crossover verse as my fic Secrets of the Gods. Expect an update on that fic within the week.

The Warrior Avatars Three: Portal
Cally cradled her baby boy over the alter as only a mother could hold her future in a time of war. The priestest touched his forehand with the ashes and intoned, “With this mark we dedicate Nikolas Tyrol to the service of Ares and Apollo, may he prove worthy of their blessings and of mighty Zeus. So say we all”

“So say we all.”

The small group of colonials were about to stand and take their leave when a flash of brilliant light formed above the alter. Instinctually, the small group of former military might prepared for a new kind of cylon attack. Galen positioned himself between the light and his wife and child while Cally and the priestess fled through the back of the tent.

The former colonial fleet soldiers turned resistance fighters did not freeze nor did they run. Something held them in place, some instinctual knowledge that this light wasn’t an unforeseen toaster trap. Something was happening – but it wasn’t cylon in nature.

The light itself quickly enlarged to encompass the height of the tent. It began to swirl in technicolor glory. In all their experience, none of them had ever seen anything like the enclosed maelstrom of light. Galen’s gut told him that this was not light, but rather pure energy and he could not stop the hope from swelling in his heart. Perhaps Galactica had finally returned to save them.

As if to answer his hope in a completely unexpected manner, two women literally appeared from within the fluctuating energy field. The first was a brunette who came barreling through the field in a diving motion that she turned into a roll followed by a flip that landed her upright in one perfectly fluid maneuver. She was clearly a warrior -- pepared to attack or defend as needed. The women was clothed head to toe in garb that covered her and protected her from the chill of New Caprica yet seemed reminiscent of a Greek Goddess. Strapped across her legs, her arms and her back was a larger variety and combination of archaic and modern weaponry than he had ever seen a single individual carry at once.

As she’d flipped, a beautiful broadsword appeared in her right hand and a wickedly sharp double-sided throwing axe in her left. Before Tyrol, Tigh, Jammer and Duck could even process what this stranger might represent a second and third woman clad similarly to the first also arrived jumping through the gate with only slightly less grace than the first.

Kennedy relaxed slightly as they took in their surroundings. It wasn’t that she doubted the Powers of Olympia it was just that she’d literally dived through a portal and slayers and portals didn’t have the best history. Besides, she was terrified that Hera might have sent Willow and Dawn somewhere else. Kennedy did not want to be alone in a dimension with uber-robots. Not to mention the fact that she didn’t want Willow to land on her own either….or Dawn. Bottom line, she just didn’t trust portals no matter how much she now trusted Artemis. A small part of her brain did a double flip of weird at the realization that she was thinking about a Greek Goddess on a first name basis.

As Willow and Dawn appeared through the portal and landed in the same dimension as her, Kennedy released the breadth she hadn’t even realized she’d been holding. “Thank the Gods.” She whispered and all heads in the room that had been watching the portal close turned back to Kennedy at her words.

The Avatars locked eyes again. Each felt the current of shared power and understanding flow between them. Kennedy sheathed her weapons and turned only her face toward the back of the tent. She could sense that the priestess had fled in that direction and wanted to follow her. She had messages to deliver and a faith to restore as bid her Goddess. However, Kennedy knew that it was not the time to be leaving the protection of the tent.

She turned to the one she believed to be the father and protector of the newly blessed child and spoke, “In the name of Hera, Artemis and Aphrodite, we pledge our souls to your battle as you have pledged the life of your son to the service of Ares and Apollo. May almighty Zeus shine his wisdom on us all.”

Kennedy heard the whisperings “so say we all” reply and was not surprised when everyone in the tent bowed down at the tangible evidence of their faith. After all, it wasn’t everyday that the Gods actually answered one’s prayers. No matter how cool it felt to feel the power of their faith flow through the Avatar bond, both the slayer and the avatar within knew that she could not allow the assembled to worship her in place of the ethereal. Yes, it fed her constant need to feel important and powerful. If she listened to that Earth-bound part of her personality and allowed it to continue, the stolen energy of faith would backlash along the avatar bond and wound all three of them. The three aspects of her personality warred with one another for an eternal moment before the Avatar and Slayer won and she allowed herself to speak.

When she did she was surprised by the sound of her voice as it echoed in the tent. Apparently, the goddess had changed her even more had than she suspected. As the harmonious sound escaped her lips. “Please arise. We are chosen mortal vessels. Do not worship us in place of the Powers of Olympia.” As Kennedy spoke, Willow and Dawn moved to her side.

Kennedy reached her arm out and grasped the hand of the father to pull him to his feet. “I am Kennedy, chosen daughter of Artemis. You are the new father. Through me, the huntress protects the children burdened by birth in times of terrible pain and suffering. How may I address you who have chosen to bring the hope of new life to a people torn asunder?”

A/N: You will unfortunately have to wait until next week for more as I’m under a work deadline. However, I should get my secondary beta reading back of Secrets of the Gods by tomorrow latest if you want more btvs/bsg in the interim.

Track all my tth100 progress here.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Because Now, You're My Way" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Oct 06.

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