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Because Now, You're My Way

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Summary: Kennedy's tth100: BSG, Tomb Raider, Harry Potter, etc. ( webisode based BSG storyline added - Parts 1-3 of 10 now posted.)

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Multiple Crossings > Kennedy-Centered(Past Donor)zephyrRSFR1377,8830124,04920 Oct 0510 Oct 06No

Slayer Dreams of Lunar Nightmares

Kennedy stories for the livejournal tth100. Collection title is thanks to the Buffyverse Dialogue Database and comes from a line in Chosen.

clickety clack for the progress to date

This drabble occurs in the same universe as Secrets of the Gods.

Title: Slayer Dreams of Lunar Nightmares
Crossover: BtVS/BSG
Timeline: BtVS-Post S7, BSG – S1.105 You Can’t Go Home Again
word count: 100
tth100 prompt: Kennedy 001.moon
rating: all
disclaimed: None of them are mine. If they were, I'd likely have a great deal less debt and certainly be less concerned about my unemployed status!

Slayer Dreams of Lunar Nightmares

It wasn’t vampires or demons. The ticking clock, brutal heat and burning radiation called to the slayer instinct. She rose forth not to clash against evil, but to wrestle with the angel of death for survival.

Death was not her greatest fear. No. Failure was what she simply couldn’t allow.

She painted her call sign on the raider, then climbed back into the biomechanical enemy turned lifeboat.

* * * * *

Kennedy awoke sweating and gasping. She breathed deep the oxygen of Earth and shivered despite herself. She’d awaken Willow and Buffy soon. They’d want to know that Kara had survived the moon.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking