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Summary: Jason Bourne is still on the run. Xander Cage (XXX) is called in to track him down. After defeating The First, Willow and Faith go on a road trip. They all meet up, and Gibbons send them on a mission to stop an apocalypse.

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NEW CHAPTER!!!! Part 9

Part 9

"Well, well, well. Lookie what we have here." Lindsey McDonald leaned back on the couch, his arms spread as if to envelope the multitude of women sitting around him.

Faith stared, dumbfounded that the lawyer was sitting in front of her. Willow had heard all of the tales of Lindsey from the Angel Investigations crew, and none of the things she had heard had prepared her to see him sitting in a demon club in Madrid plotting the end of the world as she knew it. Faith was able to clear her head fairly quickly.

"Aw, and here I thought we supposed to meet with someone important, not some two-bit lawyer," she drawled as she placed her hand on her hip. Lindsey laughed and his gravelly voice, though it used to be the one thing she like about him, sounded like nails on a chalkboard to her.

"Now, now Faith. Is that anyway to treat an old friend?" He looked over her shoulder to direct his next comment to Xander. "Faith and I go waaaay back. Has she mentioned me?" Lindsey grinned at the instant rage that surfaced in Xander's eyes.

"Nope, she didn't," Xander replied, a smug grin sliding on to his face. "Apparently nothing about you was worth mentioning." It was Lindsey's turn to get angry. Willow decided it was time to get the conversation back on to the topic that brought the four to the club that night.

"Lindsey, may I call you Lindsey?" Willow cooed. "We actually came here to discuss business, not to rehash the good old days."

The indecision he wrestled with was scarcely evident on his handsome face. Finally he relented. With a swift motion the scantily-clad women around him rose and left the couch. Willow and Jason sat down on Lindsey’s left while Faith and Xander sat on his right side, effectively trapping him between them.

“So,” the lawyer began. “What brings a bunch of you white hats to my club?” Lindsey leaned back on the couch, again spreading his arms across the back of the couch, as if to make the point that he was not intimidated by his guests.

“White hats?” Faith questioned laughingly. “Do we look like the good guys?”

Lindsey answer was more accurate than anyone would have liked. “Looks can be deceiving.”

“So true Lindsey,” Willow replied. “But you are looking at us and seeing who we used to be, not who we are now. Don’t mistake the past for the present.”

“Well said Miss Rosenberg,” he said. “But if my information is correct, you two just stopped the First from taking over. That tells me that you’re still on the side of ‘good’.” He made quote marks with his fingers.

“That would be because the First wanted to run the show,” Faith contributed. “Red and I decided it would be in our best interest to play along with the rest of Buffy’s loyal toy soldiers and stop it. Then we could bide our time until we found a way to make sure that the ruling power would belong to us. When rumor made it to us that someone was going to raise an army for domination we decided to offer our services in exchange for some of that domination.”

Finished with her explanation she leaned back on to Xander’s muscled chest. In return the agent pulled the Slayer back until he slid her on to his lap. Faith’s eyes widened in surprise but cuddled with the big man. Just for her cover. At least that’s what she was trying to convince herself. But to her it felt a little too natural to be this comfortable with him. She had to remind herself that she had to focus on Lindsey or their mission could be over before it even really started.

Lindsey took his time before responding. He mentally sized up the four of his guests, and tried to decide if they were telling him the truth. He had known Faith, but he instantly recognized Willow from her file at Wolfram & Hart. He remembered that she’d been hooked on dark magic and that she herself had tried to end the world once.

Faith was an enigma. She was a Slayer, which made her one of the good guys; but she had gone rogue, which put her on the same team as Lindsey. She turned herself in – good guy, tortured Wesley and tried to kill Angel – bad guy. Turned herself back in – good guy, broke herself out – bad guy. Stopped the First – good guy, took off with a known dark witch after defeating the First – and here was Lindsey’s problem. He didn’t know her real motivation for being here.

And he knew nothing about their consorts. Try as he might he couldn’t get the notion out of his head that the man with Willow was an agent of some sort, he was too observant of his surroundings. But he wasn’t hanging on the conversations’ every word like an agent would be, he was too busy nuzzling Willow’s neck. A former agent, maybe? Lindsey would have to do some digging on that one.

Then there was Faith’s date. Nothing about him said anything but bad ass, except his eyes. There was too much pain and anger in them, which still didn’t clear things up for Lindsey. The anger and pain could easily explain a need for revenge or domination just as easily as it could explain the need for justice and peace.

Hmm. This was quite a quandary in which he found himself. The line between black and white had never been this difficult to distinguish, other than the whole Angel/Angelus thing. Personally, Lindsey like Angelus much better, more personality. But, he knew he was getting side tracked.

“Well,” Lindsey finally spoke. “You have intrigued me. I still don’t trust you, but I am curious.” He looked each couple over for a few seconds, noticing that the women were paying attention to him while the men seemed more interested in their respective female. That’s a decent indication that the men are here just to be with their woman, thought Lindsey.
Lindsey pulled a pen out of his inside jacket pocket and wrote on one of the cocktail napkins. He handed the napkin to Willow.

“Be at that address tomorrow night, sunset.”

The four could hear the dismissal in his voice so they stood up and headed toward the entrance of the club and out into the warm night. No one spoke as they climbed into their GTOs and drove back to the hotel.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Recruited" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Mar 11.

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