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Reluctant Comfort

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Summary: Sequel to Reluctant Allies

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Lord of the Rings > Willow-Centered > Pairing: LegolasCanadaBFR15523,734014,4181 May 0320 May 03Yes

Part 25

Part 25
The trip to LA was made after sunset so that Angel could help drive them to his hotel. In Angel's car was Willow, Legolas, Buffy, and Haldir. Wesley drove the other car that held Fred, Faramir, Cordelia, and Éomer. The four from Middle Earth were unsure what to think of cars. But they were speechless as the two cars pulled into the lit up city of Los Angeles.
"Welcome to LA," Angel said good naturedly to the two Elves. Angel himself could still remember the first time he saw a major city lit up at night, it took his proverbial breath away.
The occupants of both cars were silent all the way to the Hyperion. The ten made their way into the lobby. Finally, the four men from Middle Earth spoke.
"It's like nothing I've ever seen," Haldir said.
"It reminds me of the palace," Faramir muttered.
"It is amazing," Éomer agree.
"I feel magic in the air," Legolas stated.
"I know what you mean," Angel told the Elf. "Some major magic has happened within these walls. And unfortunately, not all of it was good magic."
"How do you live with it?" The Elf asked curious.
"Mainly because I know what caused it, why it happened, and how it was fixed. It also serves to remind me to continue to fight the good fight." The Elf nodded in understanding.
Angel showed his guests where they could stay. Cordelia took Éomer to her room, Fred took Faramir to her room, and Angel led the others to rooms next to each of the others.
"Enjoy your stay. While you're here, think of the Hyperion as your home," Angel told the four men then disappeared downstairs to talk to Wesley.
"So," Buffy asked loudly as she wandered back into the hall after making sure Haldir was acclimated to the room. "What's the plan for the night?"
The others sauntered back into the hallway after hearing the Slayer's question.
"Club anyone?" Cordy asked hopefully.
The guys had no idea what a club was, but the women seemed excited so the agreed. The girls, however, couldn't talk Angel and Wesley into joining them.
The bright, flashing lights. The loud, pounding sounds. The mass of people. The club was almost too much for the four from Middle Earth, but seeing the happiness on their women's faces they endured; although they did decide that some of the dances were quite enjoyable, if not a little too sensuous for a public forum. The girls noticed how uncomfortable the guys were and decided to take pity on them, and the eight headed back to the hotel after only being out for a few hours.
Once back at the hotel, everyone said their good-nights and retired to their rooms. The women, however, had other plans than just sleep in mind. They wanted to thank their honey for not only putting up with the club, but also for coming to Earth.
As the night faded into morning all four men shared the same thought. "I think I'm going to love it here."


The End

You have reached the end of "Reluctant Comfort". This story is complete.

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