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Summary: A series of short stories detailing Earth finding the Galactica.

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BrendanMFR18135,95002941,82623 Oct 0511 Mar 08No

Gaeta's Musings

Title: Gaeta’s Musings
Series: Mythtaken
Part: 1
Author: BrendanM

Felix Gaeta has a lot on his mind.

Season 2 of BSG. Season 9 of SG1. Season 2 of SGA.

Feedback: If you have something to say, say it. Please. I like feedback.

Archive: If you like. Please let me know.

I don't own this stuff. Joss Whedon, Gekko, Speilberg, and Ron Moore do. No cash made, just fun had. I promise I won't break 'em, and I'll put 'em back in the case when I'm done.

Notes: This has been rolling around in my brain for a while now, and like a fine Mead, it has finally aged to the point where it’s usable. This was originally inspired by a comment on my FFA ficlet “Mythtaken” which suggested I write a longer story. So, here It is. Or, at least, the first part.

Note 2: Revised on 10/27/05. I realized that I couldn't do the whole "Chief Translating" thing, 'cause the Chief is on Kobol.


Lieutenant Felix Gaeta considered the stories he’d just been told as he navigated the causeways of the ship. If they’d been the truth, then there were five people from Earth sitting in the brig right now.


It had been difficult interrogating them, as they didn’t speak Colonial Standard, but three of them did speak an ancient dialect that the priests and oracles used. Elosha had been very helpful in translating. The other two, an obscure ancient dialect used on part of Sagittaron. Dee had been able to help with that a little bit. They’d gotten the names of the prisoners, anyway. And something about Beowolf from the blonde woman.

He had no idea what the frak that meant.

The one-eyed man had been quite insistent that they be allowed to travel down to the surface of Kobol to locate something called a Stargate. Apparently, their ship had reacted badly to the EMP that Boomer and Racetrack had set off in the Basestar a couple of weeks ago and they needed parts to repair it. They’d had maneuvering thrusters and navigation, but all of the their sensors and communications devices had been fried.

Speaking of the ship... That was a thing of beauty. It was roughly cylindrical in shape, and was armed to the teeth. The prisoners had been reluctant to say anything about it, but the one-eyed man – Alexander – had said that it had been reverse-engineered from an older design.

Of the other two who had been speaking the ancient dialect, one claimed to be an Archaeologist named “In Dee” (he had to have that wrong) and the brunette woman – Sunrise – was a Watcher (whatever the frak that was). They both appeared to be very learned people. The two that they'd not been able to understood well had said that they were a “mek an ik” – Cassandra, her name was – and a chosen one named Faith.

He wondered if the word “mek an ik” was related to the ancient word “Mekanos”. If it was, then that could mean that she worked on machines.

Gaeta was on his way to ask the Priest if she’d be up for some more translating when he went for blood samples. Tigh wanted them tested in Doctor Baltar’s Cylon Detector, and he wanted some more answers.

These strangers had piqued his curiosity.
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