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Dreams of a Seer

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Summary: Ficlets and drabbles about Cordelia written for TtH100 at Live Journal

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Multiple Crossings > Cordelia-Centered(Moderator)MalanaFR1891,771073,70325 Oct 0529 Sep 07No

For Tonight

Title: For Tonight
Prompt: #1 Moon
Lost Crossover. Sometime mid-series for AtS.
Disclaimer: AtS is belongs to Whedon, et al. Lost belongs to ABC, et al.
Word Count: 203

The moon was beautiful here.

The whole sky was, really. You never saw stars like this in L.A. Too many lights to muddle things up. Not so here. The entire sky was filled with stars. But it was the moon that grabbed her attention tonight. It was amazing, full and bright. Nights like tonight, things didn’t seem all that bad.

Of course, she’d gladly trade in a nice view to get back to California. To get back to Angel. To get off this fucking island. It had been two weeks since her flight back to L.A. from Australia had crashed. Three weeks on a goddamned deserted island, and Cordelia was beginning to lose hope that she would ever get home.

And conditions here weren’t exactly great. Polar Bears, weird noises, strange radio transmissions. Cordelia was willing to bet this place might have some demons around. Not that she mentioned that fact to anyone else. She didn’t want anyone thinking she was crazy. If her suspicions turned out to be correct, she’d figure it out from there.

Tomorrow she’d worry about finding a way to keep everyone safe, finding a way to get home. But for now, for tonight, she’d just enjoy the moon.
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