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The Relative Insanity of Human Customs

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Summary: Janet knew there were things she would forget to explain to Cassie...

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Site Founder)JinniFR151549042,80726 Oct 0526 Oct 05Yes
Title: The Relative Insanity of Human Customs

Author: Jinni (

Rated: FR15

Disclaimer: All things Stargate: SG-1 belong to MGM, Gekko, et al.

Distribution: The normal places.

Notes: For

Summary: She knew there would be things that she forgot to tell Cassie...


There were things she forgot to tell Cassie, of course. Janet knew that she could not possibly hope to clue the teen in on every single little detail of Earth, its culture, its people. So things sometimes just...came up. Like the day Cassie came home from school and wanted to know what a Homecoming Dance was and why it made the other girls get flustered. Of course, she understood all too well, as a teenager was wont to do, once Janet explained it to her.

Cassie was just quick to catch on like that. Quicker still not to let other people know that she didn't have a clue what they were talking about when situations like that came up. She could nod and act like she understood, play her part very well and fit in with this world she had been unceremoniously thrust into, just as well as any actor on a stage, all the while storing her questions away for later, when she was at home.

Yes, it stood to reason that there would just be things that came up from time to time. There were no Earth Culture for Dummies books. At least, none that Janet had been able to find. No Cliff's notes on how to fit in this world, otherwise there wouldn't be so many youths feeling left out already on their 'home planet'. Maybe that was why Cassie didn't stand out as being odd - other kids her age were just as disassociated from Earth, her people, and the things going on around them.

And yet, Janet felt a little less like a mother when she realized she had never explained Earth holidays the day Cassie came home and asked what Halloween was. She thought back quickly. No, there had been the Fourth of July barbeque at Jack's house. But...yes, that was it.

"Well... its when people dress up in costumes... there are parties... little kids go out knocking on doors and getting candy," Janet fumbled for the words, realizing for the first time that she had never really thought too much about what Halloween was. Those days of her youth seemed to far behind and, despite what everyone might have thought, the base was -not- a hotbed of Halloween party activity.

Sarcasm very much intended, she thought wryly, yet wondering what it would take to get Hammond to turn the complex into a Haunted House themed place of merriment, all the same.

There probably wasn't enough coaxing in the universe, she conceded.

"So...people dress up and little kids beg for candy?" Cassie repeated, brow wrinkling with confusion. "And what does this have to do with ghosts and pumpkins? They've hung decorations in the halls at school. Women with pointed hats. Something called Frankenstein?"

"Well..." Janet paused. When it was put like that, it did seem kind of...well, random and odd. "You see... the tradition is..." Another pause. How did it go again? She knew it was a tradition thing. Maybe a superstition thing?

There was nothing she could say that was going to make sense considering she only remembered bits and pieces of what the entire custom of Halloween was.

So Janet did what all good parents of the twenty-first century did.

"Why don't you go research it online, honey?"

~*~End Ficlet~*~

The End

You have reached the end of "The Relative Insanity of Human Customs". This story is complete.

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