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A Life Well-Lived

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Summary: Tara Centric - 100 Fics for TTH100

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For disclaimer see part one.

Prompt #61 - Green - Wild card - Magic

The lake was more beautiful than the area surrounding the compound. That didn’t surprise me, but the view was still breathtaking. It was still hard to believe that I was once more standing on Earth. Even though She wasn’t my Earth Her power still sang to me.

The air had grown cold as I reached the lake. I imagined most of it to be because we were closer to the water, but part was because something big about to happen.

“So Jean’s just gonna rise up outta that lake and be alive again?” Logan asked, the disbelief clearly evident in his voice.

“Something like that,” I replied.

He was about to comment but suddenly the lake grew eerily quiet. The wind increased, soundlessly whipping my hair about. We had arrived right on time. I felt the energy in the air building, gaining the strength that would be needed to return Jean to her mortal form. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as the energy built to an almost intolerable level. And then I felt something touch me, something otherworldly. The best description I could give was almost a caress of my soul. I knew I had come to this world when Jean had evolved past her mortal form and I was to leave this world now that she was to be returned. All magic had its cost.

The wind died and Logan and I watched in utter fascination as the body of Jean Grey washed ashore at our feet. He stood completely still and I could feel the fear coming off him in waves. Never before had he witnessed anything quite like this. Unfortunately for him he was about to witness another strange event.

“Logan,” I called out, breaking his attention from Jean’s form. He visibly shook himself and looked over at me. “Please tell Charles it has been a pleasure and an honor to stay with him and his students,” I stated and he raised an eyebrow. “Please tell Rogue that I will miss her dearly and I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye in person,” I added and smiled sadly.

“You plan on staying here, Witch?” he asked, as he pointedly looked around the frozen lake.

I shook my head and looked down at the body at my feet. She was still wearing her X-Men uniform and I imagined she looked exactly as she had when she ‘died’. “I’m no longer needed here. The balance has almost been restored. Jean’s return means my departure.”

“So you are just going to leave?”

“Yes,” I answered with a small smile gracing my face. “Take her home Logan. She is going to need the love and support of everyone at the School.” I moved toward the body, kneeling next to her, allowing the lake to lap at my thighs. I glanced back over my shoulder and up at Logan. I smiled as I took in his face and made eye contact. “You’re a good man, Logan. A good man,” I whispered. I turned my attention back to Jean.

I leaned down, took a deep breath, and pressed my lips against hers. I exhaled my last breath into her waiting body. And with that last breath I faded from existence.


Effective 9/6/06 I have given up my claim of Tara at TTH100.
This series will no longer be updated - thanks for the reviews!


The End

You have reached the end of "A Life Well-Lived". This story is complete.

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