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Riding the Stars

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Summary: Xander gets dragged on the ride of his life. Het and Slash Warning

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Star Trek > Other/GeneralaewnaurFR18711,79485932,88326 Oct 054 Aug 08No


Title: Riding the Stars

Authors: AriChanda and Aewnaur

Pairings: General for now. Het and slash later.

Disclaimer: We don't own Buffy or Star Trek in fact we don't own anything in this story except the insanity that prompted it! This will be AU for both Verse's so if you are a hardcore Trekker please skip this as we really don't want the headache of translating your Klingon insults and or writing you one back in Romulan. These are not the droids you are looking for. Now move along. Err.. that's the wrong fandom huh..


Xander ran up the scaffolding with one thought on his mind. Get to Dawn. Get to Dawn. He missed a step and crushed his knee against the makeshift risers when a scream filled the air. He knew that scream it was Dawn. Looking up filled him with horror, Buffy was doing a perfect 9.0 swan dive. He felt all of his limbs go numb, he couldn't move as his eyes tracked the blond girl he had once loved. He closed his eyes when her body hit the bricks. Another scream cut through the night spurring him back into action. He shoved the grief into the back of his mind and continued his way up to Dawn.

The portal that had been opening faltered when Buffy died. The power once controlled by the spell now seeking to return to its source. Dawn screamed as a wave of magic hit her. Xander hit the top of the scaffolding in time to see Dawn fall to the floor and curl up on herself. Ribbons of magic tore through the air between them. Rips in the very fabric of the world, some too small to put a hand through, others large enough to drive the destroyed RV into with room left over. They flashed in and out of existence with every beat of his stuttering heart.

He saw another great wave of green magic head back for Dawn. He ran unheeding and uncaring of the groans of metal around him. Still clinging to the one thought, Get to Dawn! Almost there he reached out for her. His mind didn't even register the newly formed Rip until he had already stepped through.


The council meeting was over. T'san released the council members just as the sky opened up above them. A ribbon of energy rolled through the clouds and dropped a body into the middle of the courtyard. Then the sky was clear once again.

The council members approached with caution, a security team already on the way. She walked in front of the council. Her curiosity was peeked and her pace quickened when she spotted the red blood. The human male must have internal injuries. She ordered a medical team to attend to the human as they weren't going to get any answers out of him until he healed. She knew the science teams were already lost to the research this event would cause.

Curious. A human male falling from the sky in the middle of a Vulcan High Council meeting. Curious indeed.
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