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The Mechanic and the Mercenary

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Summary: 100 drabbles and ficlets of the pairing of Jayne Cobb and Kaylee Frye done for joss100. (eventually may contain spoilers for Serenity)

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Firefly > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesJmariaFR1871,481022,97426 Oct 058 Dec 05No


Title: Fingertips

author: jmaria

Rating: PG

pairing: Jayne, Kaylee

joss100 Set, Prompt: 1, #056. Touch

Words: 161

Disclaimer: Joss owns them, I do not

Set: pre-Firefly




It’s the first thing she’d noticed about the big man the captain and Zoe had introduced as Jayne. He’s got this way about him, always gotta be touchin’ or sniffin’ at something. Cap’n warned her to be on her guard round him.

“Aw, Cap’n, what’s he gonna do to me?” Kaylee had protested. Just cause she’d grown up on a backwater planet didn’t mean she couldn’t take care of herself if need be. Sure she was squeamish bout guns, but that don’t mean she couldn’t kick and hit at him an such if’n he’d tried sumethin.

“I don’t rightly know, little Kaylee, but best you keep an eye out.”

And now Kaylee found herself standing in the doorway of Inara’s shuttle watching him down in the cargo hold. Watching as Jayne’s fingers gripped tightly onto the exercise bar. She shivered and excused herself, turning straight to the engine room, thoughts of what Jayne’s fingertips were capable of flittering through her mind.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking