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Aiming to Misbehave

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Summary: BtVS/Firefly crossovers for the FFA

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Firefly > GeneralWaterfallFR133743035,07027 Oct 052 Nov 05Yes

Big Damn Hero - Spike/Kaylee

A/N: One of several BtVS/Firefly crossovers for the FFA.
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy owns everything. Neat, huh?
Pairing: #1120 – Spike/Kaylee
Setting: Nothing specific
Rating: FR13
Word count: 465
Summary: A mysterious stranger gets Kaylee out of trouble.
Gorram = Goddamn
Guai = Hell

Big Damn Hero
by Waterfall

They’d backed her into a corner with no way out, and she was panicking.
“Come on baby,” one of them barked. “Show us what you’ve got!” He poked her with his gun, and her voice rose as she tried to avoid their hands.
“Can’t… can’t we talk about this?”
The hands were getting very personal, and one of them laughed in her ear.
Whimpering, she closed her eyes, just to open them again as another person entered the argument.
“Now, that’s no way to treat a lady. It seems like I’m going to have to teach you pups a lesson.”
“Who the gorram guai are you?”
The man laughed and stepped closer, running a hand through his blonde-bleached hair.
“I’m your worst nightmare.”

Five minutes later the three tugs were lying unconscious on the ground – she was fairly certain he hadn’t killed them. Smiling as if nothing has happened he supported her as she stumbled out of the corner, more shaken than she wanted to admit to herself.
“Thank you.”
“Don’t think about it, luv. Always a pleasure to help a damsel in distress.”
She smiled back at him, part of her mind noticing his roguish handsomeness.
“Wish there was sumthin’ I could do in return, though… you don’t have ship that needs fixin’ do you?”
“Sorry, luv.”

Still holding her arm like a gentleman from an old story he escorted her down the street, his presence enough to scare away anyone who might be lurking in the twilight.
“I’m Kaylee,” she told him, intrigued even though she did technically have a boyfriend.
“Call me William.” He paused, and looked down at her thoughtfully. “There is something you can do, though…”
Moving closer, she could feel his warm breath on her face. The closeness of it made her tremble, and she found herself with a good idea of what he wanted. It didn’t seem like much of a sacrifice.
“It’s just a little thing…” he whispered, before her lips touched hers. She melted against him, enjoying the talented and tantalizing kiss as long as it lasted.

When he pulled away he was smiling, but his eyes were sad.
“So?” she asked, determined to cheer him up. “Was I any good?”
He laughed at that, and squeezed her shoulders gently.
“Just what the doctor ordered. Thank you.”
“It can be lonely out there,” she replied. “Sure you don’t need a ride?”
Laughing again, he shook his head.
“No, I have to stay here for a while… It’ll be easier now, though.”
Instead of replying she pulled his head down for another kiss. He was startled but didn’t seem to mind, giving as good as he got.
“Just to make sure,” she told him before she left, feeling much better than she had for days.
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