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Summary: Forgotten memories have caught up to the Key. Consider this the prologue of the series.

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Part One- Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy and I don't own Eragon. So sad. Oh well. I've had a while to get over it.

Part One

The world was young.
Agaeslíya was still little more then molten rock in some places. In fact, the Plains west of the Armèn Sea were nothing but molten rock. Lava simmered beneath the thin, cracked layer of dry surface soil, and it frequently bubbled up in huge spurts at unexpected moments. Everyone knew how dangerous the Plains were and none of the Vagnir liked to venture there, not even the most skilled and powerful.
The Plains were rumored to hold great magic. It was said that normal laws didn’t apply there. For that reason, none of the young Vagnir were allowed to go near the Plains. Agryon knew all of this; his mother had warned him from the youngest of years, as all the mothers warned their children.
Yet here he was, standing on the edge of a craggy, crumbling cliff, looking down on the infamous Plains as bits of fire and smoke shot into the air. Fear bubbled inside of him the same way lava bubbled in the Earth beneath his feet. Argyon’s heart began to race as he considered the task set before him.
Maybe making it this far will satisfy Pharba, he thought hopefully.
He chanced a look behind him at the cluster of young Vagniri standing a safe six feet away from him. All of them had the metallic grey eyes and silvery blonde hair their race had been named for. Vagnir. Silver Grey.
They were whispering together, but all had their eyes trained directly on him. Agryon gulped. Why had he bragged that he could walk the Plains? And why had Pharba taken him up on his boast? Why had he not listened to his parents when they had told him to control his pride? Countless other similar questions filled his head.
“Why are you just standing there?” Vrina called out. “I thought you said you would walk the Plains?”
“I am!” Agryon said defensively.
Vrina laughed derisively, a shrill sound that cut through the air. Behind her, the other Vagniri tittered quietly. Agryon felt the blood rush to his cheeks and he narrowed his eyes. He’d show them. It wasn’t like anyone else even had the courage to stand at the cliff with him.
“I am,” he repeated. “Just watch me.”
With that, Agryon turned back around and jumped off the cliff, landing lightly on his feet twenty feet below. He heard the others gasp and run to the edge of the cliff. They looked down at him, their eyes wide and transfixed on him. Agryon grinned. This wasn’t so bad. Lightning hadn’t come out of nowhere to strike him down. Fire hadn’t shot out of the earth and burned him to ash.
“Aren’t you going to come down?” Agryon taunted them with a grin.
No one did anything but stare at him until Amiena said,
“You’re so brave!”
Agryon’s grin widened at that. When the other Vagniri added their own exclamations, it felt like his face would break in two. He waved at Vrina and bowed with a flourish.
“Well, Vrina, aren’t you going to say something?” he asked.
Vrina glared at him, wrinkling her straight nose and tossing back her sheet of silvery blonde hair.
“You, Agryon Zephyllson, are absolutely insufferable,” she said each word clearly and distinctly, making them ring in the suddenly quiet expanse of the Plains.
His smile dropped and he glared back at her as she stormed off. Agryon opened his mouth to shout an angry retort after her, but was suddenly cut off by a loud rumble.
What was that? He wondered.
Up on the cliff, the remaining Vagniri were asking themselves the same question. The rumbling sound happened again, but this time the earth shook and quaked along with it. Agryon and the others shouted and fell, but while those standing on the cliff simply fell to the ground, Agryon took a far more terrifying tumble.
He shouted as he fell backward. Unbeknownst to Agryon, the ground had opened up behind him. Agryon’s eyes were squeezed shut and he braced himself for the bone-shattering impact. It never came. He felt the terrifying sensation of falling in nothingness, not knowing what was happening to him. The Vagnir was too afraid to open his eyes, and the wind whistling past him made it impossible to do anyway, but he could feel the air get hotter and hotter around him.
It felt like he’d been falling forever. Maybe it had only been a few moments; maybe it had been a year. The fear was too strong inside him for Agryon to either know or care what the difference between them was. All he could think of was being trapped like that for the rest of his life.
And then it stopped. Agryon felt like he was being held on a cloud. The air was at its hottest, but he didn’t notice. After that fall, being on solid… something was his only concern. After a few minutes of nerve-wracking thoughts, Agryon finally decided to open his eyes.
His jaw dropped in a way that made him look like a “gasping fish”, to quote his mother. He hadn’t landed on a cloud. Far from it. He was lying on the large, thin wing of a huge scaly beast.
Agryon took in every detail of the thing he was resting on with wide eyes, from the glittering green scales to the sharp talons and strangely intelligent-looking eyes. It was enormous. As his initial shocked stupor subsided, one thing filled his mind. Fear.

a/n: This will be an Eragon/Buffy crossover, so Pt. 1 is like the background info for the story. It's only going to be about 2 chapters long, and then I'll start the "real" story, yummy crossover and all.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Enchantress" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Oct 05.

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