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Summary: Forgotten memories have caught up to the Key. Consider this the prologue of the series.

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Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy and I don't own Eragon. So sad. Oh well. I've had a while to get over it.

Once I was everything.

I was the world and the world was me. I was part of the glorious multi-layered matrix that forms the universe. Everything in creation gave a small part of its energy to form me, and so their existence depended upon my own. And in return, I protected it all. I was the force that kept the dimensions together; I ensured that there would be no chance of another disaster like Ögnofeld.

I existed, therefore they lived.

Once I was nothing.

I slipped away into time, long forgotten, as scholars researched me and kings searched for me. Kingdoms went to war over the slightest whisper of my whereabouts, even while I was hiding right in front of them all. They all sought to possess me, the one thing they could never hope to understand. Many doubted I still existed, even more thought that I had never existed, yet those in power knew better. They still remembered the lessons passed down in secrecy among the noble families.

Soon the greed-driven searches came to close to the truth. For my safety, I was sent from world to world by those who still kept the Ániya, the highest and purest of all vows. But they, too, passed into darkness. Their legacy lived on, though; teachings known by only a select few. They were my protectors.

And so millennia after millennia passed. I lay hidden and dormant; a fire that was thought to have burned out long ago. But the time came that I was everything again.

This was the era that I hold closest to my heart. By far it, it was the most confusing part of my existence, to date. It will probably remain so, too. In many ways it was also the most painful part- for here I learned pain- but it was also the most joyous.

For the first time, I was both everything and nothing. I was nothing to many, and would remain nothing to them, but I was everything to a few. And to those few, I was an everything so precious I had never even dreamed about before. When this time of my life came to a close, I should have died. Long ago I had been promised my end when this time came, but the gift-givers were dead or gone, and were beyond my reach at the time.

Gradually, I became everything once more. But now I knew what I had lost and resented my role as Protector. The Powers saw this and offered me a new way to earn my rest. My name, you ask? It’s Dawn, Dawn Summers, and I am the Key.

Hmm, I can see you’re curious. You should be, for the story will satisfy your curiosity and much more. But before you can see the After, you need to what came Before.
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