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A Logical Approach

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Summary: To help the hopeless. Using reasoning ability to fix things. Some are Buffy crossovers, some are not.

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A Logical Approach

I don't own "Angel" or the "Harry Potter" books. Thank you, Casse, for the Beta.

Everyone looked up as the doors opened.

A young – very young man entered. Gunn’s street-experienced eye estimated that he could not have been more than late teens. The boy’s eyes, however, were old. Survivors of child abuse could recognize the signs in another victim.

“I understand that this is an investigative service?” The accent was British, but Wesley could detect little regional influence.

“Yes,” Cordy answered. “Angel Investigations. We help the hopeless.”

“That is exactly what I need.”

“How may we help you? And I should warn you that our services are not cheap.”

“I’m willing to pay you. I need a spell – three spells, actually.”

“We don’t have witches here – none of us can cast spells.”

“I want to hire research into creating an answer to a curse. I need a detection, a cure, and a defense. I presume that will be three individual spells.”

Wesley looked intrigued. “Exactly what spell do you want countered? If we can’t find an existing spell, we can connect you with other groups who may be of service. We will need all the information you have, and are you on a strict timetable? It will probably be necessary to examine the victim, as well.”

“I cannot tell who has been cursed,” The boy looked tired, and sad. “Detection is probably the highest priority.

“The spell is known as the Imperious Curse.”
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