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Drabbles Unnumbered

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Summary: Dawn/Toby for the TTH 100. All set within Dangers Untold and Hardships Unnumbered.

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Movies > Labyrinth > Dawn-CenteredrenelfFR18101,139025,39628 Oct 0517 Jan 06No

By the Light

Title: By the Light

Author: renelf (sabriela)

Rated: FR13

Disclaimer: Dawn belongs to Joss. Toby and Sarah to Henson. The song of the title? Doris Day?

Notes: TTH100

Prompt: #1 Moon

By the Light…

“How did you get permission…” Dawn trailed off. The view from the roof of the theatre was incredible.

Toby smiled. Not bad for a third date, he thought to himself. He still counted meeting on the train as their first, even though Dawn insisted that it wasn’t.

“Permission?” he asked with innocence. Dawn punched him on the arm. He’d have to ask where she learned to hit like that. “Sarah has some contacts,” he replied.

“Your sister?” asked Dawn, wondering what kind of sister had those kind of contacts.

Toby nodded and they settled in to gaze at the moon.
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