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Ayo Gurkhali

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Summary: YAHF, Xander and Jonathan dress as Sten and Kilgour. Touched up a bit, easier to read. Part 9 is now up!

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A New Team

Title: Ayo Gurkhali
Author: tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners...the Joss/ME characters, and any other characters are clearly not mine. NO money is involved.
Summary: Somebody had a story idea a while back…and this is how I’m purging it from my databanks. I decided to make it a Sten crossover (Bunch and Cole, during the 1980s wrote this one)

November 1998

“Giles!” Buffy called out as she entered the library. She looked worried, and her Watcher noted that as he left his office she had a newspaper in hand.


“Giles, someone blew up City Hall last night! And the Mayor’s house!”

“Good Lord, any idea what happened?”

“I, I think, it must have been …” she paused and much loer, “I think it must have been Xander and Jonathan.”

“But how? Why?”

“Remember what I said he said the other night? He learned who was in charge of things here, the things that we fight? He and Jonathan must have decided to do it themselves.”

“I, are you sure, though?”

“I wasn’t there with them!” she told him, giving him an odd look. He smiled.

“Ah, in that case, we don’t know who it was, and as the supernatural does not exist, Buffy,” he add with emphasis, “and this would be a human-only matter, it is none of our concern. The authorities, I imagine, will no doubt handle it in their usual manner.”


“Buffy, if what you said is true,” he quietly and directly told her. “Then we’ll just have to ask them when next we encounter them. But you and I do not target humans, do we?”


“No. Therefore, until we have to get involved, let’s not. We know nothing, so we can tell no one anything, can we?”

“Um no, I guess not.”

“Then for now, please go to class. I’ll talk to them more about this when next I see them, alright?”

“Okay, Giles,” she agreed, finding it odd but understandable that he wouldn’t want to get involved with Sunnydale PD. He watched her leave.

“You can come out now,” he said aloud, turning to his office. Xander and Jonathan stepped out of the cramped room.

“Thanks, Giles.”

“No,” the Watcher sighed. “I’ve looked through the books the two of you gave me after your adventure. By stopping him the Mayor and his immediate supporters, you prevented a demonic threat the likes I’m terrified to consider—manifestation of an Old One, for however short a time, could have meant the end of the world.”

“Aye, Watcher,” Jonathan considered in that Kilgour manner of his. “But there’s a ‘but’ in what you’re about to say…”

“I’m afraid so. Eventually Buffy will obsess on the matter, so I’m going to ask you to head off on your trip as soon as you can. I believe that your absence will keep her from dwelling too negatively, and I intend to have her read about Olvikan and other such Demons. I believe that by the time you return, all will be fine.”

“You really think she’s gonna wind up about this?”

“I’m uncertain, but you didn’t see her, only heard her. The idea of her school chums carrying out something of this magnitude on a HUMAN level might threaten her tenuous anchor of perceived normality.”

Xander frowned, and while he disagreed with Giles’ conclusions, he couldn’t fault the man’s caring.

“Alright, Giles. It reinforces my original plans, so I won’t fight you about it. But please try at some point soon to get it worked out. Together we’re so much stronger than apart. You’ll have our number, and hopefully you’ll call us for back up if you need it.”

“You’ll do likewise?”

“I don’t know demons like you do. You’ll probably here from us quite often.”

The men looked at each other, shook hands and went their separate ways.


Whistler was very surprised at his new mission: to join up with the ‘Sten’ kid and his party, and convince them to spend some time in their area of expertise. Apparently the Powers that Be thought they might be able to secure one more line in their favor. He caught up with the new group as they gathered at Helen’s diner in LA the next night.

Xander, Jonathan, Angel and Ethan had just finished eating and were getting down to planning when Whistler with a large heavy duffle bag over his shoulder actually walked into the restaurant instead of just appearing.



“I’ve been assigned to your group.”


“The Powers?”

“This affects our deal how?”

“You’ll be meeting with Karl himself.”

Xander didn’t have a response to that. Whistler continued.

“I have a Bust of Janus, the last real directly-blessed one in existence, so plan wisely. I’ve also brought you Engineer Rashid’s clothes, as well as sets for your companions here.”

“Whose clothes?” Xander asked as Whistler handed bags from his duffle to those at the table.

“Those of Kilgour—to reinforce and update Mr. Levinson’s memories and physique; the others are those of Mantis veterans who were in the Imperial guard at the end.”

“And yours?”

“Mine are of Ian Mahoney just before his demise. Though it’ll be odd becoming human.”

“Really? You?”

“Yeah. With Angel human and all, this is my ‘reward’ I guess.”

“What’s our incentive to go on? And how long are we gonna be gone?”

“Well, it’ll be a hundred to one ratio, there to here. So even if it’s a coupla years there, it won’t be long here. And anything you carry back you keep. No strings.”

“But why would we go?”

“To keep the good version of the Emperor from becoming the bad version of the Emperor? Stop a coup and save millions of lives? Get all the skills and such before using them here?” Whistler looked at him. “Come on? It isn’t like you guys have come up with plans yet.”

“How do we get there and back?”

“We use a closed portal a few blocks away to get there. And on a planet near the AM2 Field, there’s a device that rolled through to their side, but is connected through the rift to this one. We dial this universe, and voila! We’re back.”

Ethan scrunched his nose.

“What about magic and the supernatural there?”

“Almost non-existent. No demons, only normal evil. So? You in?”


“I want all of my memories back before we do this, but since I’m still me, I agree. If I can’t be turned into a vampire…”

“You can’t,” Whistler assured him.

“Okay, Whistler,” Xander sighed dropping money on the table as he stood up. “Let’s get going.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Ayo Gurkhali". This story is complete.

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