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Ayo Gurkhali

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Summary: YAHF, Xander and Jonathan dress as Sten and Kilgour. Touched up a bit, easier to read. Part 9 is now up!

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Ayo Gurkhali

Title: Ayo Gurkhali

Author: tohonomike


Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners...the Joss/ME characters, and any other characters are clearly not mine. NO money is involved.

Summary: Somebody had a story idea a while back…and this is how I’m purging it from my databanks. When grumpy, I might continue it… but I have other stories I’m working on and have no idea where this one would go. I decided to make it a Sten crossover (Bunch and Cole, during the 1980s wrote this one)

Further Disclaimer: I do not guarantee spelling or proper word usage in this fic, as I’m just getting it out of my system.

Late 1998

Xander Harris had returned home to Sunnydale the night before with some reservation; he’d left in April after all the trouble with Angelus and his whacky flock of fanged flyers. It wasn’t too much of a surprise that he’d left, only that he’d come back.

He wondered how things would have turned out if he’d gone as a regular soldier, and not the one he’d dressed as for Halloween: a teenager from a mining station that had risen over the years to become the captain of the Imperial Guard to the Eternal Emperor himself, then to become a naval commander held prisoner behind enemy lines. The nightmares of Sten had made it all too real, even though Jonathan, who had loaned him the books, had gone as Alex Kilgour. The young man had made the wrestling team without too much trouble, and led the team to take third in the state championships.

Xander not for the first time let his mind analyze the events of the last year, knowing that he was still himself because his Sten counterpart would have let the matter teach its lessons before moving on. The long weight of those decades not truly his own sapped his energy; that was probably why he’d let Cordelia get away with breaking up with him on Valentine’s Day—simply reaching out and taking the necklace back from her. He then told her she was probably safer not being with him, and that they both should have realized it when he’d managed to kill the Tarakan cop and the Bug Guy without too much effort.

And he smiled again as he remembered his three encounters with Angelus.


Xander had turned around from going to the library, finding that Angelus has grabbed Willow from behind by the throat. He notices that the annoying vampire seems to be acting like a real vampire.

“Don't do that, Dead Boy!”

Angelus smirked, a deader look than usual in the eyes, “Oh, I think I will do that.”

The computer teacher stares knowingly at the walking dead man, “He's not Angel anymore. Are you?”

“Wrong. I *am* Angel,” the vampire assures her as he tightens his grip on Willow, “At last!”

“Oh, my God…” Xander began, letting the molecule-edged dirk slip from the flesh pocket in his arm that had remained after “Sten’ had departed on Halloween. He edged imperceptibly but definitely closer, putting more of the stupid kid look on his face than usual as he analyzed rescue options,

Angelus sneered then smiled evilly, “I got a message for Buffy.”

Buffy had slowly come up from behind him unnoticed. She hadn’t taken his rebuff well earlier, “Why don't you give it to me yourself?”

Angelus spins around with Willow to face her, allowing Xander a big opportunity to make three short leaps forward as Angelus addressed the slayer, “Well, it's not really the kind of message you tell. It sort of involves finding the bodies of all your friends.”

He tightens his grip on Willow even more and she lets out another pained yelp. Xander springs at Angelus as Buffy shouts.

“Xander! No!”

Angelus turns his face just enough to determine if the nonentity of Harris was trying something stupid or if the Slayer was attempting subterfuge, only to suddenly see the boy swiping at him with a shiny blade of some kind, right to left. The vampire reached out to arrogantly bat the hand away when the boy adjusted his move, stepped forward quickly, and took a swipe at the vampire’s face. Angelus had let go of the girl as he brought back his hand again only to have the quick bastard parry with the knife as the vampire lost sight in his right eye for some reason.

“Xander!” Buffy screamed as the young man was struck with the force of a flailing blood-gushing arm of a master vampire.

‘Gushing?’ the murderous demon considered and noted his fingers on the floor and a nasty not-yet-closing gash in his right arm, ‘Shit…’

Angelus reached down with his left hand and grabbed his fingers, rushing for the exit; he stopped and turned, “I’ll be back for you, Slayer, and your little dog too.”

Buffy just stares at the door as Xander deftly and quickly cleans his blade and turned from the others sheathes the blade anew.

End Flashback.

That had been interesting, and had marked the end of any but hunting colors in his clothes thereafter. Grabbing a hundred pounds of gear and ammo, they’d used the rocket launcher to blow up the Judge. Xander had spent two weeks hunting vampires, reclaiming Sten’s skills and making them his own; since Halloween he’d worked out intensively, so his physique was coming along nicely, and fighting the faster and stronger minions brought out the life and death skills necessary to continue. Angelus had put out the word how much he wanted to see the boy suffer, and so Harris wasn’t really able to really support Scooby efforts, haphazard as they were. But by taking out minions and potential threats, he at least felt he kept them from attacking the distraught Buffy. The young man was torn in his emotions for the blonde Slayer—after all, in spite of her Slayer powers she was still just a teenaged girl, this pointed out on the other hand by the memories of a man that had participated in death-dealing from almost as young an age.

Sten had at one time been Captain of the Imperial Gurkhas, and had become extremely proficient in the use of their curved knife. This had been a major help as his use of same exacted quite a toll on the younger vampires. And had caused Angelus a second moment of painful pause…


Xander could hear Jenny Calendar on the other side of the locked door, afraid, and he knew who or rather what it would take to make her so.

“Wait, Angel. That's your...”

“Oh, my cure?” he smirked as he finished tearing up the paper, “No, thanks. Been there, done that, and deja vu just isn't what it used to be. And besides, don’t you good guys pay attention? Hello, lass, demon here. Soul is the pathetic previous tenant.” The vampire shook his head at the human cluelessness, then spotted the fire started when he’d tossed the monitor and computer into a wrecked heap, “My...isn't this my lucky day. The computer... and the pages. Looks like I get to kill two birds with one stone.”

He crouches over the fire to warm himself more. Xander draws out his arm-sheathed knife, and stabs the lock with it in hopes of destroying the mechanism. Jenny starts toward the back door of the classroom, Angelus looking up at her and sporting his game face.

“And teacher makes three.”

Jenny starts to run for it, but Angelus roars and quickly jumps and grabs her, throwing her back into the locked, which because of Xander breaks open. The young man ducks back and draws out the kukhri, and with both weapons prepares himself. Jenny looks

back at the vampire, too afraid to notice Xander as she scrambles to her feet and begins to run.

“Oh, good,” the personality that was Angelus remarked, “I need to work up an appetite first.”

The vampire dashed out the door, Xander swearing as the Gurkha knife slams into the demon’s chest. Such was the vampire’s momentum, that even as his front right ribcage is sliced deeply and painfully almost to the back, the body tumbles to the ground, Xander letting go in order not to fall as well. The young man pauses for only a moment, then as Angelus rolls over with painful growling, Xander stomps hard on the butt end of the knife, driving it in close to the spine and causing more pain.

Xander let out a hefty ‘Ayo Gurkhali’ as Angelus screamed and Xander allowed a smile as he used his smaller but deadlier knife to again slash and stab at the almost feral from pain vampire, cutting deep into both hands before retrieving his weapon. He suffered a major hit as he reclaimed his property, Jenny calling out from where she’d stopped at the amazing sight.

“Xander! Hurry! He’s going berserk, we have to get out of here now!”

Looking the other direction, he saw three minions all the way at the other end of the hall, nodded and ran up to her, and smirked, “What? No kiss for the hero? Sheesh…”

She reached up, and for ten seconds or eternities bestowed upon him the most amazing kiss of which he could dream, “Never again, I’m with Rupert.”

End Flashback

The feral master vampire had destroyed her classroom and made sure that much of that section of the school had gone up in flames, destroying her work on the curse. Xander nevertheless remembered the night rather fondly, especially the respect he’d finally seen in Giles eyes as Jenny retold the tale of her rescue and his knife prowess in front of the Scooby Gang, all of whom had already had an encounter with him at Buffy’s home in which Joyce could have been killed.

Buffy when she’d tried to caution him against harm, had quieted quickly when he’d told her that so far Angelus had been humiliated twice and both Willow and Jenny were alive because of him and not her.

“I’m sorry, Buffy,” he earnestly told her, “But I’m not going to let you dump on me because for the last month *I’ve* been the Slayer on the Hellmouth and not you. I kill four or five vampires a night to your one or two; I get the crap knocked out of me but I keep going. Have I said anything about you sleeping with a dead body that now is murdering people I’ve know my entire life? No…so try to deal with the fact that we’re a family. I love you. Please get better.”

And with that he’d pretty much left and noticed her avoidance for a couple of weeks, until as she’d become sick, he accompanied her on patrol.


Willow tries to reason with Buffy, her and Xander insisting on accompanying her if she’s determined to patrol with an almost debilitating flu, “Buffy, come on, one night of rest is not gonna kill you.”

“No, but it might kill somebody else.”

Xander looks directly at her, concern apparent, “You mean Angel might. Buffy, this is not the time to challenge Angel for the ultimate fighting championship. He's at full strength and right now you're only half a Slayer.”

“Yeah, but I'm still the Slayer. And as long as I am, Angel's not gonna kill anybody else.”

Angelus comes up behind her, “Aw, c'mon. Just one more.”

He attacks, and redheaded girl screams. Angelus runs right past Buffy straight for Willow to tackle her to the ground, but Buffy grabs him by the back of his coat and pulls him off of her. She turns him around, takes him by the coat collar and swings at him with her stake. He blocks her with his arm, grabs hers and makes her drop the stake.

“Not feeling well, lover?” Angelus sneers.

Buffy looks up at him and crescent-kicks the vampire him in the jaw in an amazing display of acrobatics. Angelus glares back at her and tries to kick her in turn, but tired as she is from the flu, she grabs his foot and shoves his leg up and out, making him fall hard onto his back.

“That helps.”

Angelus scrambles to all fours as Buffy charges him from behind and tries to kick him; unfortunately, he’s ready and kicks out with his leg into her chest, and she staggers back for a moment, and regains her balance as Xander and the others prepare to help if given the chance. The demon gets up and comes toward her, she swings but misses as he smiles and evades readily. Angelus blocks a third attempt, grabs her arm and takes her by the throat.

“You know, you being off your game's kinda takin' the fun out of all this. He punches her in the face, smiles nastily and she falls back again, “Nope, still fun!”

Angelus punches the Slayer in the gut, then grabs her by the neck and shoves her around, causing her to crash into a corner column of the small mausoleum. She is dazed and tries to regain her balance, but doesn't get a chance because Angelus immediately attacks again, jumping on her and pins her arms down.

“Uh-oh. This does *not* look good for our heroine.”

He starts to bend down to bite her, but just then Willow throws her jacket over Angelus' head. As she backs away, Xander grabs the demon’s head under the jacket, punches him and knees him twice in the face to allow time to draw out a proper weapon. He berates himself for walking around not immediately at the ready. Angelus falls over onto his back. Willow and Cordelia pull out their crosses and hold them out at him at the vampire as he gets up, and he has to back off…to where Xander Harris quietly swings his kukhri to hack through the neck of Angelus. The vampire looked genuinely shocked as his head spun away from its body and looked at Xander as it ceased to exist.

Xander pauses a moment, pondering the ashes as they settled, “Ayo Gurkhali, Overbite.”

End Flashback.

A month later…

Alexander Harris pretty much knew that his time on the Hellmouth as a Scooby was coming to an end; he wasn’t totally dissociated, but he felt the years of Commander Sten upon him. He’d spent the last several weeks finishing up his GED, emancipation and more. His parents were killed by Dru and for some reason left on the steps of City Hall, blood-written words written out for all to ponder…When’s the Party?

The man that was now a legal adult in most matters, made use of the next few weeks; luckily his paring down of minions and Drusilla’s insanity meant that only her and maybe a half-dozen eaters remained of the vampire gang. He studied the top six or so vampires in great detail from Giles’ books, and even managed to find a spell that when activated, could release a brief fire spell on a weapon. He’d also managed to find spells that effectively made him smell-free and if within a mile, would reveal the location of a Slayer or Potential Slayer to the caster.

He walked up to the warehouse with the two master vampires, Buffy only recently starting to patrol after her flu, the boogeyman, and grieving for a last chance to regain Angel . Jenny had managed the next morning to finally retrace the work only to find the vampire was dust swept into a drain by Xander to prevent resurrection. All that had remained, for some reason, was a ring matching the one given to Buffy. Xander decided to put it on a necklace with the two Tarakan rings as a reminder not to underestimate opponents.

It was just before dark, and Xander called out to the minions on the other side of the door, as he held a blanket-covered rocket launcher.

“Hey vampires! I want to talk to Spike now or I’ll blow up the building!”

A few minutes later, he could here arguing then, “What do you want Gunga Din?!”

“Leave town as soon as the sun goes down, or I have the gypsy give you your souls back and *then* I use the launcher on you.”

“You expect me to believe you’ll let us walk?”

“Hey, I have other stuff I can be doing…come back in twenty or thirty years when I’m gone. After the way you talked to Angel, I figure you owe me for getting rid of the Great Brooder.”

“Alright, mate … getting rid of the Poofster … I’ll be gone after the sun goes down.”

The next morning.

The police chief was shaking his head as he reported to the Mayor of Sunnydale, “Sir, it looks like a rocket blew the De Soto up about an hour after sunset … it took out the Welcome sign, I’m afraid.”

“Oh Gosh, at least those two troublesome vampires won’t be running loose again,” Wilkins sighed as he made a note for Alan to close out the Spike and Drusilla files, “At least we should have a little quiet before the next one moves in.”

And Xander as he crossed the state border into Nevada on his way east could only be optimistic, “At least Jonathan won’t try telling me any more of those stories about the wee spotted snakes…”
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