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Magical Mayhem

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Summary: The witches of BtVS can get into all sorts of trouble- tth100 to the theme of 'Witches'.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings(Past Donor)KiaraFR152510,69501014,02629 Oct 057 Mar 09No

Crying Over Spilt Custard [Willow/ One Tree Hill]

Title: Crying Over Spilt Custard

tth100 theme: Witches

Crossover fandom: One Tree Hill

Characters: Willow, Brooke

Prompt: 084- Wish

Word Count: 619

Rating: G

Timeline: Post ‘Chosen’ for BtVS and S1 for OTH (right after Brooke finds out the truth about Lucas and Peyton).

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Someone else owns One Tree Hill.

--On with the story…--

“Willow- new project.” Giles said as he strode into the new Council’s library. “Halfrek’s still in business and now the star of a high school basketball team is a tub of custard.”

“Again? Well not again with the custard, cause that’s a new one. Again with the wishing badness.” Willow rolled her eyes. She’d thought being an all powerful kick ass Wicca would be more glamorous. Not that having enough power to de-wish anyone wasn’t cool and all, but you’ve seen one stab at revenge you’ve seem ‘em all.

“I’m afraid so. Will you deal with it?” Giles sort-of-asked; it wasn’t like she could say no or anything.

“Sure, I’m on it.”

Five minutes later she’d teleported to some old basketball court next to a lake. Just off to the side was a couple of picnic benches, and something told her that that was where she was needed.

It could’ve been the attractive brunette looking around anxiously and running her hands through her hair, it could’ve been the big metal bucket. But something tipped her off.

“Uh hi, you look like you could use some help with that.” She gave the girl her helpful smile and pointed at the bucket.

The girl also looked at the bucket. “Nope. I’m fine. I’ll just take this and leave you to…whatever you’re here for.”

Willow’s eyes widened as the girl picked up the bucket and the custard inside slopped dangerously against the walls. “Wait! I’m here to help you- honest! I’m Willow; I work for a company that sort out messes just like these. Trust me; the wishing of pain and suffering, it’s not that unusual.”


“Right, I’m babbling. Just tell me to stop if I start it again. I just keep talking and talking and I don’t shut up even when I know I should which is quite funny when you think about it. Or not, you know. But-“

The girl interrupted her. “You’re doing that babbling thing again.”

“Right, thanks. I’m here to turn him back.”

“Turn what back?” She tried (and failed) to look innocent.

“Turn him,” she pointed at the custard; “back into you ex.”

“What… how… why…How do you know about that?”

“I told you, my company specialises in sorting out these little ‘problems’.” Willow explained, complete with air quotes.

“What sort of company specialises in turning people back into, well, people!” She was like a mini-Cordelia in the epitome of her Queen C phase- all hair and attitude and not much else.

“A magical one. So, are you gonna tell me who I’m dealing with?”

She gaped a few times before finally forming actual words. “I’m Brooke, that’s Lucas.”

“Hi. So what did he do?”


“Lucas. Why’d you make a wish? Did he dump you? Cheat on you? Call you stupid?”

More gaping. She did a lot of that. “All of the above.”

“Ouch. So you turned him into custard. Well, it’s original, I’ll give you that. Much more inventive than boils on the penis.”

Brooke just looked at her.

“Okay then, I’ll just turn him back then. Put him on the bench.”

Brooke went to do so… and missed the bench, spilling the basketball star all over the playground.

Willow dove for the bucket, but it was too late. “Uh-oh.”

Brooke looked at the Lucas-custard on her shoes. “Ew!”

Willow tried to smile reassuringly. “Don’t worry, this is totally fixable…I think…”

“You think?” The younger girl squeaked.

“Well, normally I would try not to spill the transfigured human onto the tarmac, but it’s nothing to worry about…probably.” Willow couldn’t help the worried glance that crossed her face. “Let’s just wait and see how the spell turns out, yea? Yeah, we’ll just do that…”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Magical Mayhem" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Mar 09.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking