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Summary: A series of drabbles, that later may grow into bigger stories

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherDmitriFR711552,467082105,81429 Oct 055 Dec 14No

Obligatory Halloween drabble

Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.

Note: this AU takes place in BtVS S3.

It was Halloween, and Spike was in a bad mood. Ever since he and Dru had gone to the Californian Hellmouth, things went completely wrong, starting with the brief, but unlamented, return of Angelus – thank someone that the Slayer of all people managed to put him back into the poofter, good riddance!

Only, Dru has left, and the poofter got back from Hell, and he and the Vampire Slayer were back together – so annoying! And he was left high and dry, ‘cause he had no idea where to go and find Dru, who really was out in the world, having left Brazil by now. So annoying and so upsetting, and Spike was feeling really out of sorts.

“Aargh! This is all the Slayer’s fault,” he growled into his beer. “If only I could do something – and to the poofter too-“

“I can do that.”

There was a pause as Spike shifted around to look at the new speaker: he half-expected to see a vengeance demon of some sort, since their kind often frequented the bars, even demon ones, but this time it was clearly something else, some sort of a ghost, perhaps.

“And what are you, mate?” Spike growled, not really in a mood for mischievous poltergeists.

“I am the First Evil,” his interlocutor said grandly, then fell abruptly silently, as Spike chuckled, drunkenly, but still.

“Really? Then what are you doing here, talking to me of all people?”

“Well, your misery and darkness have really caught my evil senses,” the First Evil shrugged, not discouraged in the least, “and I daresay that I can do something about it, if you let me.”

“If I let you,” Spike repeated thoughtfully, “will there be blood and pain and railroad spikes? ‘Cause I feel that I could really use a good railroad spike upon someone lately.”

“Yes,” the First Evil nodded. “Most assuredly, if you give me a chance-“

“It’s yours,” Spike said brusquely. “Don’t waste it.”

And the First Evil struck with its claws deep into Spike’s own demon, giving the latter a burst of raw evil power that resulted in Spike shifting into a game face, one that was the much more demonic (and bat-like) than the usual.

“How do you feel?” the First Evil nonchalantly asked, and Spike roared in replied, his cries echoed by those of the bar’s other patrons – vampire, demon, and other.

“Good!” the First Evil nodded. “No go and spread my darkness tonight!”

“Can do,” Spike nodded, as he readjusted his leather duster. “By the way, where’s the nearest supply of railroad spikes?”

“That way,” the First Evil simply pointed, and Spike (and his new following) left, leaving the First Evil to smile nastily, as it usually did.

This time, Halloween was going to be simply bloody!

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