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Stargate Andromeda

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Summary: Xander dressing up as a different kind of soldier leads to new adventures

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Chapter 7

Stargate Andromeda

This chapter has been bouncing around my computer for awhile. I may still write more for this story, but do not hold out for any updates soon. If any one would like to adopt either of my stories, feel free. I will ever let you know the general out line I was working with when I first started. Feel free to use any, some, or none of my ideas.

Disclaimer: All characters and ideas belong to their original creator. I own nothing.

Chapter 7

As soon as Xander, Giles and Rommie left the command deck, Buffy turned to the image of the avater of the image screen. “Let’s get out of here before those idiots come back with reinforcements. Andromeda, find us a nice out of the way system to wait in while we decide what to do.”

“Yes, Commander,” Andromeda replied “I have an uninhabitable system about 20 minutes from here in hyperspace. Once Lord Yu ‘s ship has docked we will be on our way.”

“Good idea, Buffy.” Joyce said. “We should try to avoid getting into fights if possible. It will give us a bad reputation if we do nothing but destroy everyone we meet when we have other options.”

“Thanks, mom.” Buffy replied with a smile.

“Lord Yu’s ship has docked, entering hyperspace now.” Andromeda said as a purple window opened and the Andromeda jumped to hyperspace.

“So Giles, what can you tell me about this Yu fella?” Xander asked, as he along with Giles and Rommie made their way to the landing bay.

“According to the information we were given, Lord Yu is one of the oldest System Lords. He is known more as an eternal Emperor than a god, however he has been known to assume that title when dealing with other Goa’uld. He is merciless in battle and has destroyed anyone who has challenged his territory. On the other hand, he has ruled the most stable empire of all the Goa’uld.” Giles replied.

“Mr. Giles is correct. Lord Yu established his empire early and has held on to it. According to Asgard reports, he has not started any wars of conquest after the founding of his empire. However, he has expanded it through conquering the territory of those who attack him. For Apophis to attack him the way he did, means that he is very certain that his fleet is large enough to with stand Yu response. This worries me as Apophis is the goa’uld with the most motivation to conquer Earth.” Rommie said, “and Lord Yu ship has docked, and Buffy has us on our way to any out of the way system in case any more of Apophis’ fleet shows up.”

“Thanks, and that was a good idea on Buffy’s part.” Xander said, “So how should we handle this meeting?”

“I believe that Yu is like all rulers. Treat him with respect, and honor is territory and he will treat you the same way. “ Giles replied, as they reached the doors to the landing bay. Turning to Xander he said, “You ready for this?”

“Not really,” Xander answered, “but let’s see what happens.” As the three of them walk into the bay.

“Lord Yu, welcome aboard the Andromeda Ascendant.” Xander said as Yu exited his Tel’tac followed by 4 jaffa, and 2 humans.

A slight nod of his head was the only response he received before one of the jaffa stepped forward and asked, “Who are you and where are we going?”

“My name is Alexander Harris and I am the captain of the Andromeda. Beside me are Rupert Giles, our ambassador at large, and Rommie, the ships’ avatar.” Xander replied. “As for where we are going, we are currently on our way to a remote system in case any more of Apophis’ ships return. Then we will take you where ever you would like to go.”

The jaffa paused to look at Yu, and after receiving a slight nod, continued speaking, “That would be acceptable. We will give you co-ordinates of a system near a gathering point of lord Yu’s forces where you can let us go.”

“We can do that. If you will accompany us we will take you to some quarters were you rest during the trip.” Xander said as he turned to guide the group of the landing bay.

“That would be acceptable.” Lord Yu replied speaking for the first time, as he lead his men out of the bay walking next to Giles and Xander while Rommie picked up the tail end.

“Excuse me for asking, Lord Yu, but I didn’t know that Apophis had the forces to attack you?” Giles asked as they made their way down the halls of the ship.

“He didn’t, until about five months ago when he conquered Heru’urs’ territory and assimilated his forces with very little loses. As Heru’urs’ territory is close to mine he has decided to try and expand some more.” Lord Yu replied.

“Will you be able to stop him?” Xander asked curiously as he stopped in front of a set of doors.

“It will be difficult.” came the reply.

“Well here are the VIP quarters. If you would give the system co-ordinates to Rommie we will get you there as quickly as possible.” Xander said as he opened the door to the rooms in front of him to let Yu’s group enter, “Now if you will excuse me I need to return to the command deck.”

“That will be acceptable.” Yu replied with a nod of his head to one of his jaffa, who softly told Rommie a set of co-ordinates, before entering the rooms followed by his entourage. Once they all entered the room, the door closed leaving the three crew members alone in the hall.

“5 months ago, isn’t that when SG-1 went on that mission with the Tok’ra?” Giles asked.

“Yeah, I think someone screwed the pooch.” Xander replied.

“Excuse me Captain but you are needed on the Command deck immediately.” Rommie interrupted, causing Xander to take off at a run for the bridge.

“Exiting hyperspace in 5..4..3..2..1.. Now.” Andromeda’s monitor said.

“SHIT” Faith yelled from her station, her hand flying over her controls.

“What?” Buffy asked.

“We are reading 50 ships floating in space. I am not picking up any power readings, they appear to be dead.” Faith replied.

“Let’s see them on the monitors. Faith keep a close eye on them in case they are playing dead. Andromeda, I want you to do a thorough search of the system, and get Xander up here.” Buffy commanded, “Willow see what you came make of those ships.”

Willow quickly began to go over the readings that Faith was collecting at her station, as the images of the ships appeared on the monitors causing Dawn to gasp.

“What is it, Dawn?” Joyce asked her youngest daughter.

“An impossibility.” Dawn replied as she joined Willow at the science station going over the readings.

A few minutes later Xander ran into the command deck, “What’s happened?” he asked between pants, as he tried to catch his breath.

Turning towards him, Buffy explained, “When we came out of hyperspace we found 50 ships floating in space. I have Faith keeping an eye on them, while Andromeda is doing a search of the rest of the system. I think Dawn knows something about the ships, but how I don’t know.”

“I am done the search of the rest of the system and I found something you should see.” Rommie said as the image of the ships disappeared for one of the monitors and was replaced by that of a huge space station.

“WOW.” Xander said as everyone looked on in awe. “Rommie?”

Understanding what was being asked, she answered, “It is just under 8 km long and completely deserted.”

Shaking his head, as if to clear his thoughts Xander turned to Willow, “What about the ships?”

After a brief pause, Willow collected her thoughts and began to tell her readings, “Each ship is 600 m long. I am reading shield emitters, hyper drives, and weapons systems. Life support systems appear to be working, but I am not reading any life signs.”

“Dawn, what do you know?” Buffy asked.

“This is impossible.” Dawn said as she shook her head, as if she did not believe what she was seeing with her own eyes.

“Dawn?” Joyce asked.

Looking up, Dawn saw the questions in every ones’ eyes, she answered. “I recognize those ships from Jaina’s memories. Those are Old Republic Dreadnaught heavy cruisers, if I am not mistaken from the Katana Fleet.”

“What is so special about them?” Buffy asked.

“From what I can remember form Jaina’s history, they were an experiment in slave circuitry, in hopes of reducing the size of crews needed. On the fleet’s maiden voyage it disappeared. 50 years later the majority of the fleet was found by any enemy of the New Republic. It turned out that the crews had picked up a virus that wiped them all out just after they jumped to hyperspace. But that was fiction.” Dawn answered.

“Maybe, maybe not.” Giles said, “but it makes no difference to us now. What we need to decide , what are we going to do about all of this?”

“After what we just hear from Yu, I don’t think we have much choice.” Xander said. “Andromeda set course for the co-ordinates that Yu people gave us and get us moving. Once we drop him off we will head back to Earth. Also try and get hold of Thor, I need to ask him something. Dawn, I need you to write up everything you remember about that class of ship, strengths and weaknesses, and any technical information you can remember.”

“Are we really thinking of giving all these ships to Earth?” Joyce asked.

“We may not have a choice.” Xander replied, “I recognized that space station. It’s Babylon 4, which means that at least two other dimensions leaked into this one besides our own. We have no idea how many more did as well, and if they did , what came through. And as it is our responsibility we have to fix as much as we can.”

“Captain, we have reach Supreme Commander Thor.” Andromeda said, “also we are now on route to the drop off point, ETA 2 hours.”

“Good work andromeda, on screen.” Xander said as the image of the Asgard appeared on the monitors, “Thor, thanks for answering.”

“You’re welcome, Captain Harris. How can I be of assistance?” Thor asked.

“How are the ships that we asked for coming along?” Xander inquired.

“It took us a while to refit all of our ships with your AP cannons so we have only recently be gone work on the ships you requested. The first Prometheus class ship is almost half finished, the rest are waiting to be started. Why do you ask?” Thor asked.

“There has been a change in plans. If you could finish the ship you have started, but please include Goa’uld level shields, AP cannons, and a computer system that would allow a single person to run the ship I would appreciate it.” Xander replied.

“You are backing out of your promise to the people of Earth?” Thor asked.

“No, however certain information has come to light that has forced us to change our end of the bargain, and increase it in Earths favor. That is why I am calling, I need a favor.” Xander said.

“What do you request?” Thor inquired.

“I need the Asgard to tow a 8 km long space station to Earth orbit once I have their agreement.” Xander replied causing Thor’s eyes to open extremely wide.

“I believe that we can help you with that. Your AP cannons have helped us drive back the Replicators and freed up some ships. It will be extremely delicate work and take at least 4 ships to handle it but we can do it. Call us back when you have Earth’s permission and we will be ready.” Thor said.

“Thank you Thor. We will get back to you in a week or two. Andromeda out.” Xander said as Thor disappeared from the screen. “Andromeda, please hail Star gate Command.”

“Sir, we are receiving a hail on our deep space receiver.” sergeant Siler reported after knocking on General Hammonds’ door.

“Thank you , Sergeant. Please ask Dr Weir and Ms. Shen to join me in the control room.” Hammond ordered as he rose for his desk to make his way to the control room.

“Yes, sir.”

A few minutes later General Hammond was joined in the control room by the other two thirds that formed the head of the new Earth Defense Force or EDF as it had started to be called, “What have we got?” he asked.

“It’s the Andromeda sir, Captain Harris.” the sergeant at the communications panel replied.

“Well, put him on.” Hammond ordered, “Captain Harris, what can I do for you?”

“General Hammond, nice to talk to you again. How are things coming on Earth?” Xander asked.

“Things were ruff for a bit but they are settling down now. Allow me to introduce my counterparts, this is Dr. Elizabeth Weir, our head diplomat and in charge of all diplomatic affairs that the new Earth Defense Force deal with, and this is Ms Shen our head politician when dealing with the various Earth governments”

“Captain.” they both said at the same time.

“Dr. Weir, Ms. Shen it is a pleasure to meet you.” Xander said, “General, I am calling to let you know that the situation out here is getting bad. You may need to go public sooner then you would like.”

“Why, what has happened?” Dr. Weir asked.

“Some how Apophis managed to conquer Heru’ur and absorb his forces. You wouldn’t know how that happened would you?” They could hear the sarcasm in his voice. “So now he is to strong for the system lords to stop unless they total combine their forces, which they would never do, and he is looking to expand his territory. Only his belief that Earth is still a Protected Planet has keep him away from Earth for now.”

“I believe that he will be looking for a way to garner support for some of the system lords who are more apposed to the treaty before attacking Earth.” Giles said as he stepped up beside Xander.

“Plus there may be some new unknown forces a work that we have not heard of yet.” Xander continued, “Therefore we’re changing our end of the bargain.”

“What kind of changes are you making?” Weir asked.

“I have talked to the Asgard and asked them to stop construction of the ships we had promised you. They had already started one, so they will finish it but we will be keeping it at this time.” Xander said.

“Captain Harris, if things are as bad out there as you say we’re really going to need those ships. What are we supposed to do without them?” General Hammond interrupted.

“I am getting to that.” Xander replied, “We have found a space station and a fleet of 50 ships which we are going to turn over to you. The ships have some advantages and disadvantages over the ones we had planned on building, and we will brief your people on them on route. It will be up to you to make any changes you want to the ships. As for the space station, we do not know that much about it, except that it is dead. Thor has agreed to tow it to Earth for us, but we would like to have a chance to look around it first and salvage anything of interest.”

The control room was stunned silent. Everyone had stopped what they were doing and were just staring at the communication station. Clearing her throat Weir spoke, “You are going to give us 50 ships and a space station?”

“No, we are going to help you salvage 50 ships and a space station in exchange for letting us have anything we like from the space station.” Xander replied. “Is it a deal?”

“I’ll say it’s a deal. How do you want to do this?” Weir asked.

“We have to drop off our passengers in a little under an hour, then we will be heading to Earth. Dawn , how many people will they need to get the ships to Earth?” Xander asked looking over his shoulder.

“Since I don’t believe that the Katana is there, I would say a skeleton crew for each ship. 700 people per ship, so about 35000.” Dawn replied.

“There is no way we can get 35000 people together in such a short time.” General Hammond said, “We might be able to get 7000 but that would be pushing it. Not to mention that I would want SG-1 to lead this mission at first, and they are busy helping the Tok’ra move their base.”

“Why would the Tok’ra need SG-1’s help to move their base?” Xander asked

“They recently managed to kill Cronus and take control of his flag ship. They are going to help the Tok’ra move a Stargate to a planet that does not have one, so that there would be know record on it address anywhere.” Hammond explained.

“SHIT.” Xander swore.

“What?” Weir asked.

“You killed Cronus, and have his flag ship and all you are doing is helping the Tok’ra move?” Xander exclaimed, “We are going to have to work fast. General, send those 7000 people for the salvage operation and all the ground forces you can spare, especially special ops, to the planet of the Tok’ra base and give me the co-ordinates. I will meet SG-1 there and pick up your people.”

“Captain, what is wrong? What don’t we know?” Ms Shen asked.

“By killing Cronus, you have created a power vacuum in his territory. There is no line of succession, the goa’uld that were serving under Cronus will fight for control, which will attract the attention of the other System Lords who will quickly more in to absorb as much of his territory as possible.” Giles explained.

“And with you in control of the flag ship, you have a list of every research lab and secret base he had. We can us the chaos to raid as many of these places as possibly. Think of the cutting edge tech we could get or at least keep out of the hands of the other goa’uld.” Willow continued as she picked up on what the big deal was.

General Hammond and Ms Shen instantly went to different phones and began make quick calls to make arrangements as they to realized what could be gained. “What about helping the Tok’ra?” Dr Weir asked.

“Screw the Tok’ra. They are not as good as you believe.” Xander said.

“What do you mean by that? The Tok’ra have fought the Goa’uld for thousands of years.” Weir asked.

“The goa’uld have all been fighting each other for thousands of years. Ask yourself this. Who do the Tok’ra believe should fill the power vacuum that would occur if they succeed in defeating the rest of
the goa’uld? The Jaffa, a race of warriors who do not know how to build ships and know only war, any number of smugglers, mercenaries that operate in the shadows and are every bit as ruthless as the goa’uld, any of the space faring civilizations that the goa’uld have not discovered yet and that the Tok’ra know nothing about, or themselves? True they may be kinder than the goa’uld but they will still want to rule.” Xander explained, causing Dr. Weir to look thoughtful for a while. “If you want, have Sam and Teal’c pull the memory crystals, than give the ship to the Tok’ra and let them move themselves. That way you keep the alliance going.”

“That is a good idea. Thank you captain, we will pass new orders along to SG-1 and have everyone waiting for you at the Tok’ra base. I will have the co-ordinates passed to you shortly.” Dr Weir said.
“No problem. You may also want to think where in orbit you want the space station put, and you may want to consider moving the SGC and all functions of the EDF to the station, as a means of protecting Earth from any Gate based invasions or diseases, but that is your choice.” Xander said, “Anyway we should let you get things organized. Oh, you should probable know that the previous crews of the ships are all dead onboard, so warn your people, it will not be a nice salvage operation.”

“We will, and thank you again for your friendship.” Dr Weir said, “and we are sending you the co-ordinates now.”

“We have received the co-ordinates, they are 6 hours at maximum speed from the drop off point.” Andromeda reported.

“Thanks, Dr Weir. We will meet your people in about 8 hours. Andromeda out.” Xander said.

“No thank you captain. Earth out.” Dr Weir replied as the communications channel was closed. Dr. Weir turn to her counterparts as they were finishing up on their respective phones before joining her as they left the control room for on of the briefing rooms. Once all three of them were settled Dr Weir began, “So how do you think we should handle this?”

“After over hearing Captain Harris statements regarding the Tok’ra, I believe that we should not tell anyone the objective of this mission until they have left the Tok’ra base. I think sealed orders that are to be given to SG-1 with instructions that they are to be opened after departure should work. Harris said he would brief our people on the ships on route and I think that I trust him to do so.” Hammond said.

“I agree.” Ms Shen said, “And as far as the Space station, I think the best place for it would be in orbit above Antarctica, as it is the only continuant that is under a multi-national treaty. His idea of moving the stargate there is a good one, for all the reasons he said, but also because quiet a few of the other nations do not like having everything based on American soil. This would solve a lot of the political infighting that is going on.”

“What about the public? It’s not going to be easy hiding a fleet of ships and a space station from the general public.” Dr Weir asked.

“That is not our problem. I have informed the relative people, it is up the them what to say.” Ms Shen replied.

“You do realize that we are going to have to change our way of thinking out there.” General Hammond said

“What do you mean?” Ms Shen asked.

“We are not use to have the resources to fight the war properly out there. If we had captured an enemy command here on Earth we would have done exactly what Harris is doing. Use the captured intel. to strike strategic targets in enemy area before they can adjust. When dealing with the Goa’uld we didn’t have the means to do that, but with the fleet we will soon possess we will be able to. This means that we will need a lot more intelligence and ground personal, not to mention crews for the ships. You heard what Dawn said, a skeleton crew, which is usually about a third of a full crew, is 700 people. That puts the manpower needed to crew all the ships at over 100,000 personal, not counting what will be needed to run the space station. We are going to need more personal fast.” Hammond stated.

“We will worry about that later, right know we should get our people ready to head to the Tok’ra, and inform SG-1 of their new orders.” Dr Weir said.

“You’re right, we have work to do.” Hammond said as he rose from his seat, “I will go inform SG-1 of the change in plans, if you will organize getting the people we need here in the next 5 hours. Also work on getting crews for the rest of the ships available, because I think we will have to transport them ourselves once we have one of the ships working.”

“Why do you say that?” Dr Weir asked as she also stood up.

“Because I think I am beginning to understand how Captain Harris works.” Hammond said as they made their way from the room. Seeing the inquiring look on Dr Weir’s face he continued, “He makes us earn everything we get. First it was getting us to create the EDF for a reward of 4 ships. Now the reward is 50 ships and a space station, I don’t think he will just hand them to us. I believe that to understand how to work these ships and the technology behind them will be completely up to us. I don’t imaging he will tell us much about them beyond what he believes we need to know. The rest will be up to us. And I have to admit, it feels good to do the work ourselves. Now if you excuse me I have to go inform SG-1.” He then turned back into the control room. “Get me SG-1.” he ordered.

As the Andromeda dropped out of hyper space, Rommie arrived at the door to Yu quarters. After sounding the door bell she waited for the door to open. Within seconds the door opened and one of the humans that accompanied Lord Yu was standing there. “Can I help you?” The human asked.

“We have arrived at the drop off point. If you and Your Lord will follow me I will guide you to your shuttle.” Rommie said.

“Lord Yu is ready and he wants me to thank you and your captain for your assistance.” he said as he turned to watch Lord Yu approach. Rommie turn to the side and waited for Yu to be even with her before she began walking leading Yu and his party to their ship.

Meanwhile on the bridge, Faith was sitting at her station when she spoke up. “Xander, I am picking up a distress call from further in the system. It appears to be coming for the only habitual planet in the system.”

“Go ahead and answer it, but remember we’re on a clock.” Xander replied.

“Opening channel.” Faith said, “Attention John Crichton, this is the Andromeda Ascendant, do you read?”

“Andromeda Ascendant, this is John Crichton, we read you.” came the reply, “It is good to here English again.”

“What is your situation?” Faith asked.

“We became stranded in this system when our sub-light transport pod passed through an anomaly. We made planet fall as not to use up our life support. We have been here for almost 9 months. About 4 months ago we rescued a pilot from a shuttle that crashed on the planet. She is still in pretty ruff shape.” Crichton said.

Everyone on the bridge looked at each other as they heard what Crichton said. An aura of sadness filled the air at the thought that someone else was stranded here, unable to get home. “Is your transport pod in good order?” Faith asked.

“The pods in fine shape.” Crichton answered, “Why do you ask?”

“We are in a bit of a rush, but if you can meet up with us, we will give you a lift where ever you want to go once our present mission is done.” Faith replied, “We will also take care of you wounded party.”

“That would be great. We will be air born in 15 minutes.” Crichton said.

“Great, we should reach the planet in 30 minutes. Andromeda out.” Faith said as she closed the channel.

“That’s three. I hope there aren’t many more.” Xander said quietly.

“Captain, I want to let you know that Lord Yu’s shuttle has left and is now making the jump to hyperspace.” Andromeda reported.

“Thank you. Faith, you are in charge of getting our new arrivals settled. Tara, I think you are going to be needed as well. Buffy, you are in command. Spike, you , Dawn and I should get some sleep.” Xander said.

“Why do I need to get some sleep?“ Dawn asked.

“Because once we get to the Tok’ra base and get everyone onboard, you are going to be busy briefing them on their new ships. And when they get one up and running you might have to go on board and show that how to work to important systems. Spike, you will be going with her as a body guard.” Xander replied. “I will be busy planning the raids we will be doing with Colonel O’Neill and the rest of his officers, so I need sleep.” With that he left the command deck heading for his quarters, after a brief moment Dawn and Spike both left their stations and followed his example. Joyce followed her youngest daughter, deciding that she would be need by her the most over the next week or two.

“Faith, you and Tara should head to the docking bay, as Crichton’s ship is on approach. Andromeda, once they have docked set course for the Tok’ra base and step on it.” Buffy said as she assumed command. Faith and Tara quickly left the bridge and made their way to the landing bay, arriving just as the transport pod finished docking, and Andromeda made the jump to hyperspace.

“Andromeda out”

“John, are you sure this is a good idea?” Aeryn asked once the channel was closed.

“No, but we can’t stay here much longer. Our supplies are getting low and Athena needs medical care if she is ever going to walk again.” John replied, “So we are going to have to take a risk, and hope that they are friendly.”

Aeryn though about it for a minute before she looked at the other two people who were involved in this decision. Seeing the agreement in their eyes , she agreed, “Okay, but be careful. I don’t want to loose anyone.”

“Good. Help me get this bucket of bolt air born.” John said as he headed to the cock pit and began powering up the transport pod. Aeryn and Chiana quickly began tieing everything down and closing the hatch. Five minutes later Aeryn joined John in the cock pit with a nod of her head, letting him know that they were ready. “Here we go.” John said as the pod lifted off and began to climb through the atmosphere. Twenty minutes later they were spotted the Andromeda as it came towards them.

“Frell, that is a beautiful ship.” Chiana said as she joined them.

“You’re right. Look at those lines.” Aeryn said pointing at the weapons ports, “She is definitely a warship.”

“Attention transport pod, we are sending you landing instructions now. Ships CMO will be waiting for you after docking.” said a voice over the communications net. “We will be leaving the system as soon as you dock.”

“Well, here goes nothing.” John said as he followed the instruction he had received to land in one of the landing bays. Once the bay had pressurized he saw 2 women enter the bay and approach the pod. Getting up he followed Aeryn and Chiana into the back of the pod.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Stargate Andromeda" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Jul 12.

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