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Stargate Andromeda

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Summary: Xander dressing up as a different kind of soldier leads to new adventures

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween MemoriesmysticFR15837,44034251120,70129 Oct 0522 Jul 12No

Stargate Andromeda

Stargate Andromeda

Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and company, Andromeda Ascendant belongs to Gene Roddenberry and associates and Stargate SG1 belongs to the Scifi Channel.

Summary: Xander dresses up as a different kind of soldier for Halloween which lead to an new adventure.

Chapter 1

Xander was looking around the costume shop, he had already found what ha was looking for and listening to Buffy gush over the noble woman’s dress and how it would impress Angel was making him nauseous. He was just about to make his way to the check out when an older gentleman approached him.

“Hello, my name is Ethan and I am the proprietor of this shop. Is there anything I can help you find?” the gentleman asked.

“No thank you, I have what I need.” Xander replied, lifting the plastic rifle for the man to see. “This plus the old army uniform I have at home and instant soldier.”

“Are you sure? That does not sound very original.” Ethan replied.

“It’s not, but it is all I can afford at this time.” Xander said. He did not like the way this conversation was going. He had never been comfortable with people knowing about his families less than stellar financial setting.

“I know just what you mean. I too, come from a less the prosperous beginnings. ” Ethan said, “Allow me to pass on a favor done for me when I was your age.”

“What kind of favor?” Xander asked.

“Why a boost in the right direction.” the man said, “Now I can not lend you one of the costumes on the floor, but I have something in back that I think you may like. If you would follow me?” Turning the man headed towards the door mark staff only, after a brief moment of thought Xander decided to follow him. Once they were in the store room he followed Ethan to the back corner. “Here we go.” Ethan said.

“What is it?” Xander asked, opening the box that Ethan had given him. In the box was a black jacket with grey trim and silver bottoms, a black belt with what looked like a thigh holster, a metallic looking object that look like it could be a Star Wars light saber, and a small square, metallic device that looked like one of those new walkie talkies.

“It is a soldiers costume from a new Gene Roddenberry show that they were going to make.” Ethan explained, “however, the production has been delayed indefinitely so I was able to get hold of a costume. You will need to wear black pants, a red shirt and some black boots but you should be able to find some of them anywhere.”

“Why are you doing this?” Xander asked.

“Like I said, someone gave me a boost when I needed it and now I am passing on the favor. Besides no one was interested in a costume that no one would recognized and this way I get it out of my store.” said Ethan.

“Okay, I will take it.” Xander stated, closing the box and putting it under his arm. “I will just put this gun back on your counter on the way out. Thanks again.” With that Xander left the back room with a spring in his step. Once he had left the room a treacherous smile appeared on Ethan’s face, “Sucker.” He then went back to the front of his store to see what else he could do to add to the chaos he planned to unleash tonight.

Later that evening Xander stood on Buffy’s front porch waiting for the door to be answered he looked down at his costume once again. It fit him pretty well and it was a smart costume. The dark black and the shiny silver were a good contrast. The light saber looking device fit snugly in the thigh holster and the, he guessed, communication device fit into a holder on the other hip. Suddenly he was bathed in a warm light as Joyce Summers opened the door.

“Hello Xander, you are looking good tonight. Would you like to come in? Buffy and Willow are almost ready.” she said.

“Thank you , Mrs. Summers.” Xander replied as he walked into the house. “I am a bit early so there is no rush. Do you have any plans for this evening?”

“Yes, I do.” Joyce answered, “ There is an exhibition at my gallery later tonight. I will be getting ready once Buffy and Willow allow me access to the bathroom.”

“MOM, don’t tell him things like that.” Buffy yelled from the top of the stairs.

Looking up Xander saw her and was stunned. “Wow, Bufferella, you look great. I completely renounce spandex.” he said.

“You look good to Xander. That outfit does you good.” Buffy replied, “and don’t rush to dismiss form fitting clothes until you see…Casper” she continued with disappointment filling her eyes as Willow made her entrance wearing a ghost costume.

“That is a fine ‘boo’ you have there Willow.” Xander stated.

“Willow, how could you?” Buffy asked.

“Sorry Buffy but it was just not me.” Willow explained.

“That was the point.” Buffy countered.

“Girls, we really must be going.” Xander interrupted.

“Right, well let us go then.” Buffy said as she climbed down the stairs. Giving her mom a quick kiss she said “Bye mom.” and walked passed Xander out the door.

“Bye, Mrs. Summers.” Xander and Willow said at the same time, following Buffy out of the house.

“Bye guys. Have a good time and I will see you later tonight.” Joyce called after them. They turned for a quick minute to wave and then continued on their way as Joyce closed the door and went to get ready.

A short time later they reached the school and were assigned to their respective group. Xander spent the next few minutes explaining the different methods of getting extra candy to the enthusiastic children under his supervision, and shortly later they were off.

“How is every one doing?” Xander asked. They had been trick or treating for about a hour and he thought it was time to do a quick check.

“Great” was the reply for the majority of the kids.

“Good, now on this next block you will want to skip the fourth house. The owner has be giving out toothbrushes for as long as I can remember.” Xander told them. The children all nodded and made their way down the next block of houses. About half way down a way of magic rolled across the town, causing a lot of the kid to cry out and then the streets were alive with monsters.

Looking out over the seen before him the man removed the communicator for his waist and turned it on. “Andromeda can you hear me?” he man asked into the communicator. High above him, just on the edge of the atmosphere and therefore just inside the range of the spell a huge ship appeared. The ship was badly damage, “ Andromeda come in.” he repeated.

“Andromeda here, Captain.” came the reply.

“Status?” the captain asked.

“I have multiple hull breaches, am venting gases on several decks, and my avatar has been destroyed, not to mention that the slip stream drive is offline.” the ship replied, “How are you, sir?”

“I am fine. A little disorientated and I do not remember how I got here. Do you know where we are and what has happened?” he asked

“Sorry Captain, but I do not know what happened either. However my scans indicate that we are on Earth, but that makes no sense because there are no signs of the Drago-Katsov.” the ship replied.

“Okay, send a drop pod down for me and let us get out of here.” the captain ordered.

“That would be a bad idea, Captain. At this time I am unable to support life, and I am dangerously low on fuel.” was the reply.

“How long to complete repairs?” he asked.

“Calculating the need for fuel, the need to manufacture replacement parts and the slower response time due to the destruction of my avatar and no crew, and lack of a dry dock I would say a little over two years.” the ship responded.

“Two years?” The captain was startled. Andromeda must be in worst shape then he thought. “Andromeda, I want you to begin repairs ASAP. If we are on Earth you should be able to get fuel from Jupiter and raw materials from the asteroid belt.” he ordered, “I also want you to monitor all communications and try to find out what is going on. Get back to me as soon as possible. I will leave the communicator on so you can hear what I am hearing and add it to your data.”

“Very well, captain. I will be leaving orbit now on route to Jupiter. I will get back to you as soon as I have something. Andromeda out.” the ship said.

“Hunt out.” was the mans reply. Returning the communicator to is holder, he lifted his force lance and looked around. Running toward him was a red headed woman wearing a tight leather outfit.

“Xander, are you alright? Something weird is going on and we have to find Buffy and figure out what is happening.” the red head said.

“Excuse me but I do not know who this Xander is, but I am Captain Dylan Hunt of the High Guard star ship Andromeda Ascendant.” he replied.

“No you are not.” the woman said., “you are Alexander Lavelle Harris, you go by Xander, and you have been my best friend since we were 4.”

“And who are you?” Dylan asked.

“My name is Willow, and like I said we have been friend for ever.” came the reply. “If you don’t believe me look in the mirror on those cars.”

Dylan was getting a little nervous, so walking quickly he approach one of the vehicles park near him. His movements were so quick that Willow was unable to get out of his way quick enough so he ended up walking right through her. “What are you? A hologram?” he asked, as he looked at himself in one of the mirrors.

“Not really. More of a ghost.” was her reply.

The face looking back at him was definitely not his, looking over at the red head, “How did you become a ghost?” he asked.

“Well, I dressed up as one for Halloween and all of a sudden, here I am able to walk through things. Let me tell you it freaked me out at first. Okay, I am still freaked out but we don’t have time to worry right now.” Willow explained. Suddenly her eyes got real wide, “OH MY GOD. You did not know who you are when I found you. I dressed as a ghost and know I am a ghost, you dressed as a military man and now you are a star ship captain. We have to find Buffy. She dressed as an nineteenth century noblewoman and if she became one, she will be defenseless. The slayer defenseless, this is not good. We have to find her.” With that she lead him down the street . A few blocks later they hear a sharp scream, “That’s Buffy.” Willow said , changing directions towards the scream. Suddenly they came upon a finely dressed blonde screaming at the passing cars. Running up to her, Willow yelled, “Buffy are you alright?”

“How dare you approach me you harlot. My name is Lady Elizabeth Summers and I will not have you forget it.” was the blondes reply.

Dylan could see that Willow was getting furious so he step into the conversation, “Lady Summers, I am Captain Dylan Hunt, of the star ship Andromeda. I do not believe that it is safe here.” he said. Turning to Willow, he asked, “Is there a place where we could hold up until things calm down?”

Buffy looked pleased at the introduction, “A ships captain, how fortunate. My father will see that you are richly rewarded for this.” she said.

Meanwhile Willow was deep in thought, “I know of a place where we can hold up. It should protect us as long as you don’t invite anyone in.” Willow answered, “It is a few block from here, follow me.” With that she took off leading them to the Summer residence.

“Why are we following that street harlot?” Lady Elizabeth asked.

“Because she knows the area and where there may be a safe place to fort up.” was Dylan’s reply, “and it is not a very good idea to insult the native guide when you do not know where you are.” he reprimanded.

Willow shot him a grateful look as she lead them up the steps to Buffy’s house. “You can stay here. I will go find Giles and tell him what is going. Try not to kill anyone as they are mostly just kids in costumes.” Suddenly she was interrupted be a loud scream. “That’s Cordelia. We have to save her.” she said bolting in the direction of the scream, Dylan followed right behind her. They quickly came upon a brunette girls fighting of a doglike creature. Dylan quickly raised his force lance and fired at the creature. The creature get a sharp yelp as it was struck by the energy blast, and ran away. Willow ran up to the girl to see if she is alright. “Are you alright? Good. Now listen, your name is Cordelia and you are not a cat.” Willow explained.

“No kidding” was her reply, “When did you go all crazy? And when did geek boy get an energy weapon?”

“You know who you are?” Willow asked.

“Well, yeah. Why do you ask?” Cordelia replied.

“Because Buffy and Xander were turned into their costumes. Speaking of costumes where did you get yours?” inquired Willow.

“I got mine at Party Town, and I will never get my deposit back thanks to Jo-jo the dog faced boy.” Cordelia answered.

“Well come on. Everyone is going to hold up in Buffy’s house while I go see Giles.” Willow explained, leading the two of them back to the house.

“Why are you going to see Giles and not super Buffy?” Cordelia asked.

“Like I said earlier, Buffy does not know who she is, and is pretty much useless at the moment and seeing as I am a ghost at the moment, nothing out there can hurt me.” Willow told Cordelia, and then she ran out of the house passing through one of the walls.

“Ghost” Cordelia whispered as she watched Willow leave. Everyone quickly went around and made sure all the doors and windows were locked. Buffy’s screaming at the monsters trying to get in the front door was really getting on everyone’s nerves. As they made their way to the kitchen they were meat by a tall stranger wearing black clothes.

“What is going on?” he asked, “Buffy are you alright?”

Quickly raising his force lance Dylan demanded, “Who are you? And how did you get in here?”

“Relax.” Cordelia told him, “his name is Angel and he usually helps Buffy out.”

“That still does not tell me how he got in here. Willow said we should be safe if we did not invite anyone in, and I do not remember inviting him.” Dylan stated coldly.

Looking into Xanders eyes over the raised weapon, Angel saw no recognition and a certainty that if he did not get an answer soon he would fire the weapon in his hand. “I have been invited in on a previous occasion.” he explained before Xander lost his patients. “I saw that something strange was going on and came to see if I could help.”

“Good.” Dylan/Xander replied, “Escort Miss Elizabeth into the kitchen . We will follow shortly. I want to do a recon of the house to make sure it is empty.” With that he turned and walked away. Soon they heard his foot steps climbing the stairs to the second floor. Turning Angel escorted Buffy to the kitchen. Once Dylan finished his recon of the second floor, he removed the communicator from his belt, “Andromeda, do you read?”

“I read you, Captain.” came the reply.

“What do you make of what you have heard so for?” he asked.

“It does not seem possible, and I do not have enough data to form an opinion at this time.” was the ships reply.

“Okay. On a different topic, where are you now?” he asked.

“I have just passed through the asteroid belt. I am going to have to let inertia take me the rest of the way, so that I will have enough fuel to have maneuvering ability when I reach Jupiter.” Andromeda replied.

“Very good. Continue with previous orders. I will get back to you when I can.” Dylan said, “Dylan out.” With that he started to head back down stairs. Suddenly there was the crash of glass breaking, followed by a scream. Racing down the stairs he bolted into the kitchen. There he saw Angel pulling a knife out of an arm that was reaching through a broken window, Cordelia was holding a frying pan ready to hit anyone who tried to reach her, but there was no sign of Buffy. “Where is Buffy?” he asked.

Pointing to the open door, Cordelia spoke, “When that arm crashed through the window, it grabbed her and she freaked. She bolt out of her.”

“It is never easy.” Dylan said to himself, “Well we are going to have to go after her, so I suppose we should go before she get to far away.”

“I can follow her scent.” Angel said. This caused Dylan to take a close look at Angel. He did not look Nitchezean, but he knew of no other type of human that could track by smell.

“Well what we you waiting for? Go.” Dylan ordered. Angel took a deep breath, and start follow a trail only he could find. Dylan and Cordelia followed right behind him. As they tracked her, Dylan had the oddly satisfying pleasure a knock a pirate out cold when he attacked them. About ten minutes later they were rejoined by Willow who told them that Giles was aware of the problem and that he was in the process of fixing it. Rounding a corner of one of the warehouses in town they finally caught up with Buffy. Unfortunately she was not alone. Holding her was a tall, pale, blonde man in a black coat, and following him were a group of about ten individuals.

“Those guys are not kids in costumes, fell free to shoot them.” Willow told him. Raising his force lance, Dylan opened fire just as a second wave of magic washed over Sunnydale. Instantly he was once again holding a plastic prop, Willow had disappeared, but the most startling change was in Buffy. She was no longer cowering in the blonde’s grip, instead she was standing with her head held high and defiance in her eyes.

“We now return to regular broadcasting.” she said, punching her captor in the face, causing him to fall to the ground.

“Damn. It was fun while it lasted. Time to get out of here.” And with that he jumped to his feet and ran away.

“Everyone O.K.” Buffy asked.

“Yeah, now we are.” Xander replied. “We should find the kids and get them home.”

“Good idea. And keep an eye out for Willow.” Cordelia said, “she disappeared when everyone went back to normal.”

“Yes, good thinking Cordie, and thanks.” Was Xander’s reply.

With that everyone started collecting all the children they came across as they made their way back to the school. Meanwhile, in orbit around Jupiter, the Andromeda Ascendant was getting worried. She had lost contact with her captain and had no idea what had happened or what to do. Once she was fully fueled she decided to follow her last orders, effect repair and then head back to the planet to find her captain. Coming to a decision she started to make her way back to the asteroid belt, she had a lot of work to do and she wanted to get it done as quick as possible so she could reunite with her captain.

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