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Chaotic Existence

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Summary: Xander Goes To The Mountain after Halloween due to a family connection. W&H attack fallout has repurcussions. Chapter 34 now up!

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real FamilytohonomikeFR153556,58824222389,08531 Oct 052 Dec 07No

Get to know Grandpa's Co-Workers

Chaotic Existence

Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters, and the Stargate characters aren’t mine either and any other characters or real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine.

This is dedicated to those of you who watch the shows.

November 18th, 1997

To: Willow @
From: XLH @
Re: Settling in.

Hey Wills, it was great to see you when I came to pick up the rest of my stuff last week. As I told you then I’m taking placement exams and such. Grandpa George (wow a relative I’m not ashamed of LOL) sounds a lot like you, telling me he knows I can do better than I think.

Guess what? My middle name is worse than we thought … it’s actually Lavelsky! Apparently mom was a Russki student that defected and got pregnant with me. I was her way into the States, I guess, and that’s what caused grandpa to start having big-time falling outs with his stepson Tony. Hadn’t seen any of the others except for Rory and a couple others of Tony’s family. I have cousins! And they bathe! LOL (I hope that means laugh out loud and not something bad) One’s five and the other’s like 8. Both girls.

Went to Grandpa’s work for a little while, met a few interesting people, nothing too out of the normal…


Captain Carter, Doctor Frasier and the women personnel burst into the room Hathor had designated as her lair, to find the unconscious Colonel O’Neill and Daniel Jackson both tied by hands and feet face down on the floor. Beyond them, sitting against the therapeutic hot tub, they found General Hammond’s grandson Alexander, looking like he’d been crying a while ago, ribbon device on one forearm, and Colonel O’Neill’s service weapon in the other. Hathor’s lifeless body lay next to him, head on his lap. They could see how the holes in her chest and across the back of her neck had finished host and snake efficiently and immediately. And on the floor what seemed to be half of a Goa’uld’s remains. They also noted how her hair had been tidily moved behind her ears with care. He looked up them with a lost look, then back at her.

“one minute I’m up in the parking lot waiting for my grandfather to finish his meetings before he was going to take me out to buy clothes and such. Next minute I’m waking up next to her after the best four hours of my life. I wake up again, and she’s going to put a snake thingy in Colonel O’Neill. I staked Jess when he was taken; I couldn’t let it happen to someone else no matter how I felt.”

Carter moved next to him and he handed her the gun, and she cleared her throat, “Alexander, it wasn’t your fault; it’s amazing you could overcome the chemicals. Why do you have the ribbon device on you?”

“Wha---? Oh, she filled me with that metal stuff so I could be a better consort; said she was *very* impressed with my …”

“That’s okay…can I have it for now?”

“Uh, sure, um, are the Doc and Colonel alright? I hope I didn’t hurt ‘em; I really wasn’t myself.”

“They’ll be fine,” Carter answered, wondering how a kid could take down a black ops professional like O’Neill, especially as out of it as the young man seemed to be. She looked over and noticed a bit of singe on the back of Jack’s trousers. “Alexander? What happened to Colonel O’Neill’s pants?”

The young man’s eyes winced as his face grimaced, recovering quickly as he seemed from the pheromones of Hathor, “Oh, um, we was starting to call for the guards…and I didn’t want to hurt him … and I knew this thing hurt … so I …”

Teal’c came to the assistance of the seemingly capable if untried young man, “Shot him in the mikta.”



…so I seem to be making a good first impression, maybe even more memorable than when Buffy came to Sunnydale. Any way, give everybody but Deadboy my love.

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