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100 ways to skin a vampire

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Summary: Darla pairings. For the tth100. Enter at your own risk. I have no idea what the ratings for this will be so it's at 15 right now. I'll warn if we get into any oogy-ness K? Wish me luck.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - TtH 100KyliaSkydancerFR1532,497011,0123 Nov 0510 Nov 05No

What I want.

Prompt: Traitor

Pairing with: Draco Malfoy

Disclaimer. I don't own Darla and I don't own Draco or the rest of the HPverse. If I did, they would be a lot better treated.

Other: This takes place right after HBP. I don't know when Darla was turned but for her to not be married at the time, sixteen was the oldest I could push it.

Rating: FR15 for Darla being in Full Seduction Mode.


The woman flowed down past him on the stairs, arrogant and untouchable. She was one of the allies The Dark Lord was collecting. Blond hair just brushing her shoulders sent a curl to her cheek and her beautiful green eyes stared out at everything from her perfectly boned face and porcelin skin. She would have been the most beautiful woman in the world if it hadn't been for the fact she was so cold. Draco averted his eyes from her, having been told to never do anything to draw attention to himself in her presence. He continued up the stairs, not noticing she had halted and was delicately sniffing the air.

"You!!" the voice rang out, causing Draco and Snape to turn with trepidition and face the girl stalking up to them. "You're a Malfoy!"

"I...I am. " Draco stammered, extremely frightened.

Suddenly the girl relaxed, her face becoming warmer, almost inviting. "What's your name and lineage?"

"Draco. Draco Malfoy, Son of Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Black. Grandson of Aurelius Malfoy. Great grandson of-"

"Enough." She smiled almost gently. "Do you know who I am?"

"Darla. of the line of Azalan. Sire and Consort to Angelus, Scourge of Europe, Grandsire to William the Bloody..." he trailed off noting the impatient look in her eyes.

"I see." Darla studied him for a moment before nodding briskly. ":Carry on." She swept her way down the stairs and out the door.

"Come along," spoke a shaken Snape. "Avery and Nott are waiting to toast ther success of your mission."


"I've decided what I want for my reward Tom." Darla fluttered her lashes at the Dark Lord seated up on the dais.

"Do not use that name Vampire. This is your last warning." His eyes glowed from the gloom.

Darla shrugged. "Voldemort then. I've decided."

"And what is your decision?"

"You have a Malfoy in your care," Darla smiled a hungry smile. "A young boy. I want him."

"I still have plans for him Darla. Your request is denied."

A steely look entered her eyes. "Then my assistance is denied you. I have decided human."

A chuckle came from the corner. "Do not attempt to negotiate with me vampire," He leaned forward and the room could see his inhuman visage. "You will regret it." He made a motion with his fingers and five men stepped forward, brandishing their wands. "I could turn you into ash where you stand, easily. I could make you scream until you were begging me to kill you and then I'd make you scream some more."

Darla giggled. "Well aren't you cute! Making your little threats as if they mattered a whit." Her eyes took on a mischevious look. "Yes, yes, you could kill me, you could torture me, but you won't." She smirked. "Do you know why? It's because you need me. Without me, all your wittle plans fall into disarray. And you know it." Darla smiled at him sweetly, knowing the next bit would be important, for it would determine if she would live or die. "So you'll give me what I want and I want Draco!!"


Draco sat listlessly in the empty room. Almost everybody here thought he had killed Dumbledore. If they knew Snape had actually done the deed, they weren't letting on. He was wracked with waves of guilt. He hadn't wanted to be a part of this but he knew that if he hadn't agreed, his mother's life would be forfeit. In fact, her life might still be forfeit, the Dark Lord knew that *he* hadn't killed Dumbledore, knew that he had turned into a coward when it mattered. His mother might die because of him. He couldn't bear it.

"Draco." the whisper shattered him out of his guilt and he looked around wildly, visibly jumping at the figure almost bent up against his ear.

"Dar..Darla!." He scrambled to his feet and managed an awkward bow. "I hope this isn't rude," (he very much hoped it wasn't), "but what are you doing here?" He shivered as he tried not to show how afraid he was of this little but reputedly vicious creature, almost fainting when she reached up and placed a hand on his leg."

"Relax little dragon, I won't hurt you...well, not too much." With the other hand she patted the floor beside her. "Come, sit."

"A chair!!" he looked around wildly. I'll get you a chair, and-"

"Sit!!" Her face transformed into a visage out of nightmares before she quickly regained her equilibrium and changed back. "Sit Draco."

Gingerly he sat down on the ground, as far away as he could without seeming rude. It didn't seem to help though since the vampire slid close to him. Rather than saying anything however, Darla simply tilted her head and watched him. Growing uncomfortable under her gaze Draco resisted the urge to snap at her, considering the fact she would have no problems killing him if he even blinked wrong he thought it wise. Instead he went back to his guilty musing.

"It hurts, doesn't it?" Darla looked up and met his startled gaze.. "I've been hearing your story. People are quite talkative until they figure out who I am." She shrugged. "You were supposed to kill someone to redeem your family's name. but you failed. And now, your mother is being tortured for it." Draco's eyes widened and he started to struggle to his feet but Darla's arm reached out and held him where he was sitting. "She's dead. A favour to you. Humans don't like to see people they love suffer." Darla smiled pleasantly, she after all had long forgotten what it was like to feel for another.

Draco sat down with a thump and closed his eyes, wondering whether to believe this vampire. After all, Darla would have no reason to lie. Unbeknowest to him, tears began tracking down his cheeks, visible signs of the grief he was feeling although he kept his face completly composed. He was startled when he felt a touch on his cheek and opened his eyes to find soft white fingers on his cheek.

"It hurts, I know."Darla whispered softly, leaning toward him so he could hear her. Her fingers stroked away the tears on his cheek gently as she bestowed upon him a heart-breaking smile. "It hurts but I can stop it." Darla crowed inside when Draco looked at her curious with the slightest bit of yearning. She knew he had just realized how close together they were, she could feel his eyes straying to the low cut of her gown, his body yearning to hers so close. Keeping her fingers still resting lightly on his cheek she leaned slightly forward and touched her lips to his, light as a butterfly.

When she drew back, Draco was looking at her with a slight wildness. With her light touch and even lighter kiss, she had awoken in him a fire of lust, something he had never encountered to this degree in any of his conquests at hogwarts. However he still had use of his wits and was determined to use them. "What do you want of me?" he whispered. "What do you want?"

"My dear boy,"She replied in a husky voice. "I want you."

"Why me?"

"Your blood calls me. Do you know who I am?" At that she sat back and chuckled bitterly. "Of course you don't, your answer made that perfectly clear. You know who I am now. Do you know who I was?"

Wary, all Draco could do was nod but she rode over anything he could have added.

"I was born many years ago, I won't tell you the exact time and don't ask, it's rude to ask a girl about her age, but I came from a prestegious magical family who thought they could handle anything. When I turned sixteen, I was hit with a malignant curse, a wasting sickness. My family tried everything to help me but failed. They had a friend whoever who said he could help." Darla's smile became celighted and a little evil. "The master promised me eternal life, freedom from the boredoms of mundane existance, great power, how could I refuse? And he delivered Draco, I became evrything I had ever dreamed of wanting to be and more. I am eternally grateful to him. I would like to offer you the same opportunity."

"Why me though?" Draco asked her half-defieant. "Why me, you still haven't answered that."

Darla laughed and ran fingers through his blond hair. "Because, my dear boy. the Malfoys are a descendant of my family. I've missed them and when I smelled you, I wanted you. Besides," her fingers trailed down to rest at his collarbone. "I've decided I need a new...consort i believed you called him?"

"You would have me replace Angelus?"

"Angelus has fallen awry of a gypsy cusre. It has turned him into a blubbering idiot." She smiled deliciously. "I want you, my beautiful dragon." She moved closer again. "And I can tell you want me." Her fingers played with the buttons on his chest and one popped, rolling on the floor. "So I offer you a choice. I can give you power that you've never dreamed of," her fingers slipped inside of his newly widened collar. "I can give you etrnal life." She leaned closer and bit his ear softly. "Life with me." She moved back to look into his eyes. "And I can make that pesky guilt go away. I can make it all stop hurting. All you have to do is say yes."

Draco looked at her hesitantly. She was right, he wanted her. He wanted her with every inch of his being. And Power! What Malfoy didn't want power, it was in their blood. The final...he could no longer imagine what it was like not to be guilty, not to be grieving. He made his decision. "Yes. What do I have to do?"

Darla smiled at him and leaned close. "Just relax," she whispered into his ear. "Close your eyes." His eyes fluttered closes and she trailed her lips down to his neck sensually and transformed into her vampire form. She slowly sunk her fangs into his vein and sucked in the pure rapture, her hands bracing his body and tightening when he moaned. Regretfully she withdrew while blood was still flowing his veins.

"Open your eyes dragon," she said gently. "Look at me." Draco woozily did as she asked and frowned uncomprehendingly at her. Dramatically she took the nail of her pinki and made a cut on her right breast, smiling when he gasped. "Drink my love." She brought his face down to a centimeter above above the pooling blood. "Drink."

Obediently he stuck his tongue out hesitantly and tasted the blood. Then he started lapping it up hungrily as the demon arose within him and took over. Darla closed her eyes, she always loved this bit, creating a new vampire, it gave her such...power. Opening them she looked down at her new childe. "That's enough dearest."

Draco stopped and his face took on a pouty look. "Still Hungry." he mumbled. "Want more."

Darla smiled wickedly and took him by the hand. "No worries, my dragon, I'm aware of the hunger. I have a surprise for you." She led him to the doorway where a bound and trussed figure which had previously been obscured by a cabinet lay.

Draco looked down at the tied-up woman expressionlessly. "I thought you said she was dead."

"She will be my love," Darla smiled wickedly. "She will be."

The two vampires pounced on Narcissa Black and drained her dry.

The End?

You have reached the end of "100 ways to skin a vampire" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Nov 05.

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