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Werewolf in the SGC

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Summary: Jack gets a flat and gets a lift from Oz. The series created from a random Challenge I chose to accept

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Stargate > Oz-CenteredDamiaFR15108,8411219898,0213 Nov 0510 Oct 09No

Possible Catastrophe

Disclaimer - If you recognize it, it isn't mine.

Note: Sorry it's short, I just wanted to actually put something out there so people would know I haven't forgotten this fic. - D


Xander started humming a song.

"It is not the end of the world," Jack denied to the young man. Xander shrugged and gestured to the two woman. Jack sighed. "At least not yet,"

"Dr. Frasier," General Hammonds rich voice was firm and the doctor spared him a livid glance before taking a seat and staring daggers at the blond. Anise for her part seemed to gain a smug smirk of her own.

"Watch it barbie, we aren't done with you yet," Buffy glared at the woman as her smug smile was then turned on Dawn.

"Is there a reason you came here for whatever experiments you wanted to run?" Xander asked her curiously. The woman turned toward him and nodded once.

"The technology does not work on the Tok'ra," The woman started, but she was cut off by Dawn's mocking voice.

"So you just figured, 'hey let's go poke and prod at the Tau'ri! They're simple minded folk who aren't nearly as important as we are,' or something in that general wavelength," The teen's head was tilted to the side and her lips pressed together in a firm thin line.

"I'm Dr. Janet Frasier, I don't believe we've met," The short red head offered a wide smile and her hand to the teen, who took it and introduced herself.

"I had a feeling those two would get along," Daniel commented to Oz, who simply nodded in understanding.

"Remind me to get you the security footage of those two from earlier, you'll love it." Jack told Janet, chuckling a bit at the memory before he glanced over at the General and made the wise decision to be silent.

"General Hammond I'm sure you realize that my personal preference would be to toss this ... creature," Janet's scathing look at the woman told them all just what kind of words she really wanted to use, "Out on her overly pampered rear. My professional isn't far off that mark. What she has done to our teams in the past must be taken into serious consideration before we listen to anything she says. Anise views us as nothing short of guinea pigs for her experiments,"

"Great, another mad scientist," Buffy grumbled, sending a slightly disgusted look at the other woman.

"We already knew she was mad; the dress, remember?" Willow reminded her shorter friend.

"And the shoes," Xander added dismissively before wilting noticeably in his chair. "I can't believe I just said that. I've been spending too much time with girls,"

"It's alright, just embrace it," Oz told him, nodding encouragingly as Teal'c tilted his head and studied the younger man.

"General, I know that this is difficult," Jacob tried to draw their attention back to the matter at hand.

"This seems more like a catastrophic problem that's likely to end in a bloody sort of way. The blood belonging to the ugly fashion victim," Andrew pointed out to the older man kindly. He understood that some men just couldn't see impending doom when it was only women involved. He'd learned the hard way when to simply duck and cover.

"Promises promises," Dawn muttered darkly, her eyes still locked on Anise.

"I personally am willing to vote her off the island," Jack offered.

"You're not helping sir," Carter sighed, watching the General turn red again.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Werewolf in the SGC" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Oct 09.

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