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Little Girl Lost

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Summary: A series of BtVS/Lost drabbles featuring Dawn. Written for TtH100_2 at livejournal

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Television > Lost(Moderator)MalanaFR183313021,7985 Nov 055 Nov 05No

Off to a Bad Start

Series: Little Girl Lost

Author: Malana

Rating: Up to FR18

A BtVS/Lost Crossover series featuring Dawn

Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to Whedon et al. Lost belongs to Abrahms et al.

Spoilers: The series will follow Lost and eventually might catch up to the current episodes. Everything is up for grabs. For BtVS a few years after the series. Dawn is 22 and working with the newly reformed Council out of L.A.

Each chapter will be a drabble.

Prompt 1: Beginning

Dawn ran through the airport at full speed. She was going to miss her flight; she just knew it. And then she’d have to buy a new ticket, and Buffy would be supremely pissed.

She was in Australia to recruit a couple of newly found Slayers, but neither of them had been interested in joining up. So she was coming back to L.A. empty handed.

And now she was going to miss her flight. She gave one final burst of speed, and came to her gate, handing over her ticket to the waiting attendant. Flight 815. She had made it.
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