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Roll for Initiative

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Summary: Never let your Gamemaster write his campaign with an enchanted pen.

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Roll for Initiative

Discalimer: Neither Star Wars (in any way, shape, form or medium) nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer is mine. I bought the Star Wars RPG btw, but do not own the rights.

Spoilers: Post Chosen (BtVS), Takes place in Star By Star, in the New Jedi Order Storyline for Star Wars.

Coruscant, low planetary orbit

The Kobiyashi Maru banked and shuddered as it clawed for the open space beyond Coruscant’s orbit. Slipping and sliding though the awesome battle over the city-planet, the Kuat Drive Yards Deep Space Utility Vehicle red-lined its engines as its flight crew scrambled to prevent the transport from taking a hit from Yuuzahn Vong forces invading the capitol of the New Republic.

The capitol was falling to the enemy. Its planetary defense shields hammered by the impact of captives onboard hundreds of transports, the beleaguered defense stations and defending capital ships surrounding the heart of the New Republic were being worn away by enemy fire. Scores of ships streaked through the atmosphere, trying to escape to the relative safety of space. Evacuation was continuing, but millions, perhaps billions were the only ones who would escape from a world whose population numbered in the trillions.

The Kobiyashi Maru was one of those escaping ships. It carried a crew of six, various important materials that had to escape the invasion, and the most important cargo that could be carried. This ship had lifted off from one of the elementary schools in the vicinity of Imperial City. The cargo hold was packed with nearly two hundred children, hoping to spare them the horrors that would come on the heels of the Yuuzahn Vong.

The captain of the Kobiyashi Maru strained to hold a course along a narrow safe corridor, but also trying to keep from getting hit. As the cargo hold was on top of the transport, the captain was almost flying upside-down relative to the planet and the incoming forces. He held the controls in an iron grip, his eyes darting between the nav-displays, the forward viewport , and master damage control screen. He could not and did not spare a glance at his co-pilot behind him, as she scanned ahead, plotting the safe corridor and designated friendly and enemy target information to feed to the gunners desperately trying to keep their sky clear. She also was watching the gravitational sensors, waiting for the moment that they could jump to hyperspace.

The engineer was seated toward the other corner in the back of the command deck, desperately trying to balance the needs of the ship verses the realities of what the power systems could provide. Shields, weapons and engines required most power, but with the demands of life support, a great deal of power was unavailable. She reinforced shields where they dropped, stealing energy from one area, kicking on the emergency generators, depleting emergency and reserve power stores, but realized that if they did not use the power now, they would not need it later, as they would be dead; they and all their charges. That was completely unacceptable to her.

The gunners kept an almost steady stream of turbolaser fire from their turrets, killing everything that threatened their ship, and if they could spare a moment, they tried to help nearby ships by killing any threats within range. They worked almost in perfect synch, which was not unusual for Jedi apprentices, on the verge of Knighthood, but these worked together with a closer bond. One would fire, following the threat until it exited her range of fire, and then the other would pick up the target the instant it came into range, weapon already tracking it. They called out encouragements and complaints to each other, trying to keep themselves focused. They may not have trusted each other at the beginning of the war, but now they would fight back to back without a second thought.

Their Jedi Master watched over the children, keeping them calm, or as calm as possible given the circumstance. He tried getting them to sing and focus on something other than the shaking and swerving of their escape ship and the fact that a great many of them had left their families behind, forced to escape the horrors that were descending in droves.

The invasion fleet was thickening around them. The captain had not been much of a religious man, even before landing in the middle of the war. He was a soldier during the civil war, then a member of Karrde’s cartel, then a member of the small group supporting the activities of the Jedi Order. He reported directly to the Masters Skywalker as well as dealing with the owner and master of the Errant Venture. His co-pilot joined him shortly before he left the New Republic military, but she decided to stick with him. Her sister was one of the gunners, a Jedi in training, and with her came her Master and fellow apprentice. The captain had needed an extra hand to keep the ship running, so he had snapped up one of the best techs on the Venture. She was one of the best in business, but was a little scatterbrained at times. This was not one of those times.

He was thanking all deities he knew of at the moment that he had this crew. He knew them well, and he trusted them with his life, as they trusted him with theirs. They had worked together for years, and he hoped they made it through this war alive. Unlike the others, he knew pretty much how the war was going to go. They had faced nearly three years of this war, and had fewer than two to go. As far as he knew, that was the timeline fate was following.

He wanted them to make it home safely. Captain Alexander Harris vowed he would get Dawn, Buffy, Faith Willow and Giles all home. Once they got home, Andrew would get broken in lots of sensitive places, and he will never ever get them to play a Star Wars game again. Ever.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Roll for Initiative" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Nov 05.

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