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The Mummy Returns. Again!

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Summary: Reincarnation Hellmouth style. Plus, it's just never a good idea to read aloud on the Hellmouth

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The Mummy Returns. Again!

The Mummy Returns. Again!

AU Season Two. Buffy/Mummy x-over

P.s. For you poor people who are wondering. This at the moment is a one off. 'Cause we can't help it. Maybe we'll do something more later.


Xander was bored.

Pop. Pop. Pop.

Giles and the mini-watcher were conferring their little British hearts out over a scroll.

Pop. Pop. Pop.

Kendra was currently popping bubble wrap with a unholy glee. "Xander dis is fun!" It was the first time she'd ever had the opportunity to do something so purely childish. Yeah, that was his girl. Easily amused. He smirked as he fiddled with the puzzle box. He knew it opened. He just knew it. And if he had to sit here all day, he'd figure out how. Xander squelched a startled yelp, when it suddenly popped open. Like a damn, jack-in-the-box. It expanded into an eight point star and was hollow inside. He glanced at the book with it's eight pointed lock. He snagged it, and acting almost on instinct fit the box inside and twisted. The locks along it's bindings snapped open.

Kendra's head snapped up as a cold chill whipped through the room.

Xander set the puzzle box aside, and flipped open the metal book. It's pages black as night, and unnaturally cold. He trailed his fingers over the glyphs inscribed on the pages. He couldn't understand a word of it, but he knew who would. "Kendra, come here."

Kendra was already moving. She prowled over to her boyfriend, and leaned against his back peering over his shoulder. "You got it open," she said.

"Yeah. What's it say," he asked holding it up for her perusal. "You can read this right."

"O'cours. Me studies included most ancient languages," said Kendra she pulled the book into her hands as she began to read. "Amun Ra. Amun Dei."

Xander had no idea what she'd just said. "Uh in English, sweetie. For those of us intellectually impaired."

"It speaks of the night and of the day," whispered Kendra a sudden odd reverence growing inside her. "Suiwea aharum ahktu sin maset biu Imhotep. In sui pekea set suiea yatuwea yatuwea yatuwea."

At the same time both watchers seemed to realize what their respective charges were up to. "You mustn't read from the book," yelled Wesley. Far too late.

Xander shared a look with Kendra as the ground beneath their feet rumbled. "Uh-oh," muttered Xander fighting not to flinch under Giles steady glare.

Before anyone could speak the library doors flew open. Kendra shifted into a fighting stance. Giles lunged for a sword, and Wesley his cross bow.

A man dressed in dark robes was poised for half an instant in the doorway. His gaze fell on Kendra and Xander. In the silence the heavily accented voice filled the air. "I should have known! It's the O'Connells. Allah! Why must you test me so!"

The dark-eyed man muttered a curse, turning to the other occupants of the room. His breath caught. "Jonathan," he murmured. "Habib."

Wesley blinked and glanced over at Giles.

Giles snorted. "He isn't looking at me like a steak dinner."

"Uh, I'm sorry," started Wesley. "You must be mistaken."

Ardeth shook himself out of his daze. Shaking his head, he gave a low chuckle. "Not likely. It is only you O'Connells who would be here on the Hellmouth and reading from the Book of the Dead."

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