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Order of Aurelius

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Summary: Angel finds out of a plot to destroy the hellmouth vampires.

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Anita Blake > Angel-CenteredkattzFR1821,325023,6726 Nov 059 Aug 06No

Rotting Vamps

Disclaimer: Unfortunately none of the characters belong to me. :sniff:

Spike had returned early in the morning hours to Sunnyhell. He had knocked down the sign on his way out and when he had returned it was back up again. ‘Bloody sign won’t stay down.’ He crossed out the ‘dale’ and wrote ‘hell’ on the welcome sign. He hadn’t planned on returning so early but his Sire had kicked him out of L.A all because of his stupid car. It wasn’t his fault that a Chaos Demon had walked in front of the car and he had ‘accidentally’ pressed the gas instead of the brakes. ‘Who am I kidding. Course it's me fault. Got a thing ‘gainst chaos demons so stake me. Not like I didn’t offer to get 'em a new one. Not that I would but still…Peaches always over reacts. Wanker…makes me miss Angelus…then again…’ This led to his current situation. Patrolling in one of the thirteen graveyards with Anya.

“I want a mind blowing orgasm. We can do it on this headstone.”


“Why? I haven’t had a good orgasm in three days.” The vengeance demon confessed.

“No Anya. We’re s’ppose to be patrolling.”


“I’m getting tired. Sunrise is coming.”

Anya frowned. “You are a vampire and we have only been out fifteen minutes, how can you be tired? Sunrise is in seven hours and imagine how many orgasms we can have.”

“Oh look. Vampires.” Spike said and pointed at the two vampire coming their way. The two women walked towards them swaying their hips.

“I think they want to join.” Anya said giving the blond vampire a pointed look.

“Well…they aren’t half bad. Still no.” When the vampires we about ten feet away from them they started to rot.

Anya nearly dropped her ax. “They’re rotting.”

“Really? I hadn’t oof...” He said as on of the vamps slammed into him causing him to drop his ax. As he tried to get the thing off him he could her Anya yelling at the other one not to come near her and her new clothes.

Spike place his foot in the rotting thing’s stomach and pushed, sending it a good ten feet away. By the time he got to his feet it was already crawling towards him smiling. He honestly didn’t see what was so funny. Before he could retrieve his ax the woman (and I use that term loosely) leaped into the air. He grabbed her in mid-air and slammed her into the ground. Before she could get up he delivered a crushing kick to her head. He expected least some brain matter but then again she was rotting. He retrieved his ax as the vampire struggled to stand. It took two swings to separate her head on account of the disgusting black rotting flesh. He turned towards Anya and her opponent who were currently rolling around in the grass.

“Stop playing around.”

“I’m not. Get her off me!” Anya snapped backed. He buried the ax in the back of the vampire’s skull. Yanking it out he proceeded to decapitated her.

“We have to burn them…get her hid.” Spike muttered as he dragged the bodies together and broke off a couple branches from the trees, setting them on fire and then throwing them on the bodies.

“That was disgusting. What self respecting vampire rots? Flying and even turning in to bats I could understand but rotting… And look at my cloths. I need a bath.”

Spike looked at his duster and scolded. He was going to have to steal Peaches credit card. “I have to go to L.A. Peaches should know about this.”

“I thought the Council Vampires stayed away from the hellmouths. Can I drive?”

He handed her the keys not really thinking about it. He will wish he had. “Can we have wild sex in the back seat?”

“ANYANKA!” She sighed and started the engine.
Angel looked up and growled when he saw who had just busted though the doors. Then he frowned as his idiot Childe, who by the way smelled of blood, stale death and fear, dropped to the ground and started to shake. He rushed to him and touched his shoulder. “What happened?”

“Forty-five minutes. It took her forty-five minutes.” Angel frowned in confusion.

“Took who to do what?” He looks up as the vengeance demon came in. His first thought was that some woman wanted vengeance on Spike.

“Why does every one always say that it takes two hours to get here?”

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The End?

You have reached the end of "Order of Aurelius" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Aug 06.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking