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Order of Aurelius

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Summary: Angel finds out of a plot to destroy the hellmouth vampires.

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Order of Aurelius

Disclaimer: Unfortunetly none of the characters belong to me. :sniff:


Connor came back from the hell dimension but there has been no Jasmine.

Faith is out of prison and helping out Angel. Still a little reckless but she has slightly calmed down a little since she was broken out of prison.

Angel is the Master of Los Angeles.

Spike is the Master of Sunnydale.

Anyanka is still a vengeance demon but she hasn’t used her powers recently, though she still holds her past years as a vengeance demon with fond remembrance.

Oz came back from Tibet and went to Angel after finding out about Willow and Tara being together. He’s living in L.A. at the moment. Has the ability to change at will because of the prayer beads from the Tibetan monks. He is the main werewolf in the Californian area and he keeps to himself.



A council is to be held in the St. Louis with Jean Claude as its host, this is to honor to him, though to him it is housing possible threats to his power base. The meeting is to decide what is to be done with the members of the Aurelius Line of vampires, those who do not die with the setting of each day. They are the vampires which take on the appearance of demons with the thought of a kill on the tips of their fangs, blood waiting to be exchanged for another moment added to their prolonged existence. Unlike their distant family members it not a common experience for them to posses a soul. It is a rarity for this clan to hold on to the so called conscious given by them by their former human existence. These uncontrolled creatures have led to a feeling of unease to be brought into the members of the Vampire Council. As long as these beings go on unchecked, they will always remain as a challenge to the so called absolute power of the council.


As the council heads to St. Louis back in the city of Angelus, an angel in the form of one of these creatures receives information of the planned meeting and makes the decision to intervene in the decision of the council. A decision that might very well lead to a Civil War based upon the hasty actions of an uninformed Vampire Council. Though with the knowledge that most of the vampires residing on the Hellmouth did not deserve the hand of mercy being offered to them the Angel decides to bring in the big guns to sway the minds of the Vampire Council even if one of them included his annoying Childe that had taken on the job of making his life “hell” as some might call even though the said Childe reminded of a bee that just wouldn’t leave him alone. Let’s not forget the same Childe that had branded him with the name…..Peaches…..made his fist clench just thinking of it. Let’s not even think about the time the Childe totaled his baby…his black convertible……it had lived a long life only to have it ended when Spike decided to take out for a joy ride to blow off some steam after leaving Sunnydale after the whole Buffy experience…..let’s not go there right now, just ---no, no more reminiscing about Buffy, that was a long time ago and let’s end it at that.
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