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A new Day Dawning

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Summary: Months after Early's visit, things start to change. Will the crew of Serenity be able to handle a grown up River?

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Firefly > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)sevangelFR1822121,019162445,4677 Nov 056 May 06No


Title: Outed
Series: 11th part A new Day Dawning
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Not mine, still belongs to Joss (think he would sell me Jayne, I would take good care of him)


Jayne awakes with a start, pulls a gun out of his pocket and aims it at the door. “Whaz goin on? Why ya’ll in my bunk?”

“We’re not.” Mal growls.

“Huh?” Jayne mutters, glancing around the room. Looking down he sees River curled on his chest and remembers what happened.

Simon watches them, his mouth hanging open. Jayne bends over to whisper something in his sister’s ear. River just moans and then stretches, her entire body rubbing against every part of Jayne’s.

“Hmmm.” River moans, opening her eyes slowly and looking at Jayne. “Jayne.” She whispers before reaching up and pressing her mouth to his.

Jayne opens his mouth to tell her now ain’t the time but she just takes it as an invitation to slip her tongue into his mouth. With a growl, he slides his hands into her hair, tilting her head to deepen the kiss, completely forgetting about the people watching.

“I thought he didn’t kiss on the mouth.” Wash comments from behind Mal and Simon.

“Ta ma duh.” Simon yells. “Get your fucking tongue out of my sister’s mouth.”

River pulls back slowly, smiling widely at Jayne. Jayne can’t help but to smile back at her. Turning around, she looks towards the crew. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Kaylee and Wash say back, ignoring the glares Mal and Simon send them.

“Jayne, I want to know what the hell is goin on.” Mal yells. “Cause from here it ain’t lookin too shiny for you.”

Jayne gets ready to respond when River says his name again.

“Yeah.” Jayne replies looking down at her.

“I’m hungry.” River says. Jayne puts his legs over the edge of the bed and stands up. River wraps her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips. Jayne walks towards the door only to be stopped by Mal.

“Where the ruttin hell do ya think ya’re goin?” Mal questions angrily.

“Mess.” Jayne answers. “Ya done heard her, she’s hungry.”

“I believe we were in the middle of me threatening to throw you out the airlock.” Mal says.

“And that can wait till she eats.” Jayne pushes past the gathered crew to walk towards the mess, them right on his heels. He gently sets River down on a chair and then moves over to the stove to fix her something to eat. Right as he’s turning around to grab a bowl, he feels something hit his face. Looking over, he sees Simon holding his fist, grimacing in pain.

“Feel better doc?” Jayne questions, reaching around him to grab the bowl.

“You could at least pretend that it hurt.” Simon growls. Jayne just ignores him and walks over to the table to sit the protein soup and water in front of River, before sitting down in the chair next to her. River pushes the bowl and glass in front of Jayne and then moves over to sit on his lap. Leaning back against his chest, she picks the bowl up and starts eating.

“Ya’ll gonna stand over me, watchin her?” Jayne questions.

The crew moves from their gathered circle and sit down, watching the two intently. River eats her soup quickly, puts the empty bowl down before grabbing the water and drinking it all in one gulp. Placing the glass back on the table, she curls her legs under herself and leans her head to rest on Jayne’s shoulder.

“She’s ate, so’s now I want ya to explain what the hell is going on.” Mal yells.

“I believe it’s called cuddling, sir.” Wash says. “Though I have to say I never thought I’d see Jayne doing it.”

“Watch it little man.” Jayne growls.

“I wasn’t referring to that and you know that.” Mal says towards Wash. “Why is she sitting on your lap? Why was she sleepin on you? There’s something else, what is it……oh yeah, why the hell did she kiss you?” Mal yells.

Jayne just shrugs.

“Know what, I’m done questionin ya.” Mal says, standin up. “I believe we have an appointment with the airlock.”

“Sir, don’t do something you’re going to regret.” Zoe says. “I think you need to cool down, you’re overreacting.”

“What’s with you women accusing me of overreacting?” Mal mutters. “I’m kinda confused.”

“I think we all are.” Book says, giving Jayne a ‘special’ look.

“Not bout that.” Mal says, waving his hand in River and Jayne’s general direction. “Well, not only that. I’m just confused as to why you aren’t as pissed as I am Zoe, after what we saw in the war.”

“This isn’t the war, sir.” Zoe says.

“I know that.” Mal replies.

“River isn’t an innocent child being violated by some Alliance soldiers.” Zoe explains. “She is an adult and old enough to decide what she wants. Clearly she wants Jayne.”

“You knew.” Mal accuses Zoe. “After I specifically told you to tell me if you saw something.”

“I never saw anything.” Zoe defends herself. “I may have suspected something, but I never saw anything.”

“Wait a second.” Simon interrupts. “You had reason to believe he was violating my sister and you never said anything.”

“Wait a gorram second.” Jayne growls.

“Simon, Jayne never violated me.” River says. “Anything he did, I wanted him to do.”

“What do ya mean did?” Mal yells. “Never mind, I don’t want to know.” Mal grabs the gun off his hip and points it at Jayne.

“Mal, stop.” Inara calmly says.

“Let me guess, ya suspected too?” Mal asks, glancing towards Inara. When he glances back at his merc he finds him standing up and pushing River behind him. River moves from behind him to stand in front of him. They continue this way for a few minutes, Jayne pushing River behind him only to have River move back in front of him.

“Gorramit, kitten, stay behind me.” Jayne yells. River quickly moves back in front of him, wraps her foot around his ankles and trips him. He hits the ground with a grunt and starts to stand back up when River plops down onto his lap.

“Kitten?” Wash questions confused.

“It’s what he calls her.” Kaylee explains.

“Kaylee, you knew?” Simon accuses.

“No.” Kaylee quickly says. “Well, least not till we started escaping. She knew he was there. She told me stories bout em why we was crawling through the heating ducts.”

“Stories.” Simon asks. “What kind of stories?”

“One’s I’m guessin her brother don’t need to hear.” Kaylee answers.

“Hey, I believe I was threatening over here.” Mal says, waving the gun. “Ya might wanna take this a bit more seriously.”

“I won’t let you.” River says.

“I believe this is my boat.” Mal growls. “You don’t give orders on my boat.”

“Gorramit Mal, ya wanna threaten me fine, but leave her out of this.” Jayne growls, standing up to place River gently by his side.

“I believe I just mentioned somethin bout orders.” Mal says.

Jayne ignores Mal and turns River around to face him. “We both knew how this was gonna end, kitten.” Jayne quietly says. “And you ain’t gonna do a gorram thing bout it, understand.”

“No, Jayne.” River whispers.

“Gorramit, kitten.” Jayne yells. “If’n I can’t be round to protect ya, there’s only 2 other people I trust to do it, Mal and Zoe. Ya ain’t gonna do nothin that’s gonna make him kick ya off this boat, that includes attackin him, dong ma?”

“Jayne.” River whimpers.

“I want ya to promise me, kitten.” Jayne demands. “Ya won’t do nothin, right?”

“Okay.” River whispers, tears filling her eyes. Jayne bends down and gently kisses her. Then he gently pushes her over to Kaylee, who wraps her arms around the shaking girl and glares at the captain.

Jayne looks at River for a second before turning to stare at the captain. “Ya wanna throw me outa the airlock, I ain’t gonna fight ya, long as ya promise ya ain’t gonna kick her off this boat.”

Mal just stares at him, his gun hanging limply in his hand. “You love her.” Mal whispers.

Jayne just stares back at him unblinking. “I know.”

“Ya what?” Kaylee squeals. “River ya never told me he loved ya too.”

“I didn’t know.” River whispers. “He never said anything.”

“I thought ya was a reader.” Mal says. “You couldn’t just read him.”

“She don’t have to read Jayne.” River says.

“Have to.” Book says. “What do you mean by have to?”

“She tried to explain it to me, but I don’t think I understand most of it.” Kaylee says. “What I got was whatever the rest of us are feelin, kinda just pushes in on her. She can’t stop it. Expect with Jayne. He don’t hurt her brain like the rest of us. He’s the reason she’s been better. He’s like…what did she say…oh yeah….he’s steel. He keeps everyone out so’s she can be herself.”

“Mei-mei, is that true?” Simon asks. River just nods quickly.

“How?” Simon questions.

“I don’t know.” River whispers. “He just does.”

The room is completely silent until Simon walks over to stand in front of his sister. Grasping her chin, he pulls her face up to look at him. “Is this what you really want, mei-mei?” Simon whispers.

“Doc, don’t tell me you’re okay with this?” Mal asks shocked.

“No.” Simon replies. “I don’t know if I’ll ever be okay with River in any sort of relationship. But if this is what she wants….”

“He makes me happy.” River says. “He makes me feel safe.”

“He does?” Simon asks. River just nods. “That’s all I ever wanted, it’s the reason behind every thing I’ve done for the past 3 years. If he makes you feel safe, safe in a way I can’t, then I’m not going to stop that.”

“Whadda ya tryin to say, doc?” Jayne questions, confused.

“I can’t believe I’m going to say this.” Simon says. “But you have my permission to….date, or whatever.”

“What?” Jayne and Mal both question.

“Xse-xse, Simon.” River and Kaylee both say.

“I’m not finished.” Simon says.

“I knew it was too ruttin easy.” Jayne grumbles. “What else?”

“I’m not going to stop you two from being together.” Simon manages to get out. “But, she was a virgin when she got on this boat and she will remain that way until she is married.”

“She’s a what?” Jayne yells.

“How do you know that?” Inara questions, ignoring Jayne. “She is young, but there is a chance she’s already……”

“It was one of the first exams that I preformed after I got her out of the academy.” Simon interrupts. “I had no idea what was done to her, all I knew was they were hurting her, I had no idea how.”

“Simon that was supposed to be my surprise.” River scolds.

“Surprise.” Jayne says. “What the hell was ya gonna do, what until I was in ya before sayin anything.”

“Probably.” River replies. “I hadn’t decided yet. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.”

“It is.” Mal, Simon, and Jayne shout at her.

“River, you’re young. I know you don’t have experience…..” Simon begans.

“She’s had a boyfriend before.” Kaylee interrupts.

“What?” Simon and Jayne both yell.

“Well, she did.” Kaylee replies. “Back in the academy fore they started doin all the bad things. They had classes together and stuff. They kissed.”

Jayne stares at River, his stomach churning harshly.

“So what happened?” Simon questions shocked that his sister dated before. “Did they do the same thing to him?”

“No.” River answers. “He never made it past the normal part of the academy.”

“Is that why you stopped seeing him?” Inara questions.

“Naw.” Kaylee answers for River. “I think it’s cause she kicked him in the balls.”

“What?” Jayne asks. “Why?”

“He grabbed her boob.” Kaylee answers, making Jayne growl.

“This is why I’m so worried about this whole thing.” Simon says. “She doesn’t have that much experience, I don’t think she completely understands intimate relationships.”

River just glares at them before moving out of Kaylee’s arms and walking towards the door.

“Where the ruttin hell do ya think ya’re goin?” Jayne questions River.

“Get dressed.” River answers. “We’re about an hour from Grande, right Wash?”

“Uh, yeah.” Wash answers. “Why?”

“If my virginity is bothering everyone so much, it should only take me a few minutes to get rid of it.” River answers.

She gets one foot on the bottom step when she’s whipped around and pulled into the chest of a very angry mercenary. “That ain’t gonna ruttin happen.” Jayne growls before slamming his mouth onto hers. River moans loudly, wrapping her arms around his neck. Jayne wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her off her feet.

“It’s so romantic.” Kaylee gushes, watching them kiss.

“Romantic?” Wash says. “He looks like he’s gonna eat her face off and she looks like she’s gonna enjoy letting him do it.”

“I think I’m going to be sick.” Simon says, watching as Jayne slides his hands off her waist to cup her ass.

“Hey!” Mal yells. “Knock it off.”

After a few seconds, Jayne puts River back on her feet and takes his mouth off hers. River whimpers and tries to pull his mouth back down to hers. “Not now kitten.” Jayne says, his voice hoarse. He moves back over to the table, pulling River with him. Sitting down in the chair he pulls her into his lap.

“That weren’t funny.” Jayne growls. “Ya know I’d kill anybody that tried.”

“Then stop being a boob.” River says, turning around on his lap to face him.

“I’m not.” Jayne growls, a little mad at being called something she calls the doc. “It’s just that, ya’re virginity is somethin ya can only give away once. Ya should be wantin to give it to someone smarter and younger than me. Someone who ain’t done as many bad things as me, who’s noble and good and all that other go-se.”

River just looks up at him. “But I’d rather give it to you.”

Jayne just stares at her for a few seconds before bending down and kissing her on the forehead and then pulling her to lean against his chest. Leaning back against the chair, he looks towards the group. “So, Mal, ya still plannin on throwin me out the airlocks.”

“Cap’n ya can’t.” Kaylee pleads. “They’re just so shiny together. And River is happy and Jayne ain’t so grumpy no more.”

“He has been nicer lately.” Wash agrees.

“Hey.” Jayne protests.

“Ya have been.” Kaylee says. “Please cap’n?”

“I’m still stuck on the part of Jayne feelin for River.” Mal says, confused. “How did I miss this?”

“I really don’t know sir.” Zoe replies. “Hell, you saw him drop Vera and almost leave her not once but twice.”

“You dropped Vera?” River asks Jayne.

“Yeah.” Jayne admits.

“Is she okay?” River questions worriedly.

“Yeah, kitten she’s fine.” Jayne assures her. “She’s a little beat up but nothin I can’t fix.”

“That’s good.” River says.

“Alright, I’m still the captain here.” Mal begins. “Now, little witch, since your brother done gave ya permission, I guess I can’t really stop ya, but since this is my boat there will be rules.”

“Rules, there’s always rules.” River mutters. “No touching guns, no fighting, no visits to worlds without Jayne or Mal, no leaving the boat without panties on. One would think I caused problems.”

“I don’t remember making any rules regarding panties.” Mal says.

“That’s Jayne’s rule.” River explains. “I’m not aloud the leave Serenity without panties anymore less I’m with him.”

“When did you leave the ship without under things on?” Simon questions, ignoring the whole unless she’s with Jayne part.

“Back when she did that dancin on Grande.” Jayne says.

“How would you even know she didn’t have any on?” Simon questions. “Never mind, I don’t want to know.”

“Yes, well, getting back to my new rule.” Mal says, changing the subject. “No bunks, no guest quarters, and no shuttles. Pretty much, no rooms with a bed.”

“Mal…” Jayne starts.

“This ain’t something ya can change my mind bout Jayne.” Mal says. “I won’t stop ya long as ya follow the rules.”

“Fine.” Jayne growls.

“River?” Mal says. “I wanna hear ya agree.”

“Okay.” River says, already coming up with ways to bend this new rule.

“Shiny.” Mal says. “Now, we gotta drop that cargo off to the Brady brothers at the bar back on Grande. Jayne, you and Zoe will be with me. The rest of ya are stayin on the boat.”

“Mal, can I join you?” Simon asks. “I suddenly feel the need for a drink.”

“Alright doc.” Mal says. “You can go.”

“Hey, Nara.” Jayne says. “Will ya help River get cleaned up? She’s still too sore to do it herself.”

“Of course.” Inara says. “Come on, mei-mei. We’ll go to my shuttle, your personal things are still in there.”

River gives Jayne a light kiss before moving off his lap to take the companion’s hand. “Kaylee, ya wanna come too?”

“Sure.” Kaylee says, jumping up to join them.

Jayne watches them leave, waiting until he knows they are too far away to hear anything before turning back to the rest of the crew.

“If you break my sister’s heart,” Simon says, his voice perfectly calm. “I will castrate you and I will make sure you’re awake and feeling the entire process.”

The rest of the crew look towards Jayne, waiting for him to either hit or yell at the doctor. Instead he gives a deep chuckle and reaches up to slap Simon on the back. “Gorram doc, I’m impressed. That was all kinds of intimidatin.”

“Uh, thanks.” Simon says, wanting to rub the spot on his back where Jayne hit him. He knows the big man wasn’t trying to hurt him, just give him a slap on the back, but damn it hurt.

“I was gonna threaten ya with the airlocks and have Book here tell ya bout the special hell, but I think nothing I say was gonna have quite the effect that the doc just did.” Mal says. “So, just know if you do break her heart, I’ll be the one holding ya down for the doc.”

Jayne just nods at the captain, the tiniest bit nervous.

“Okay then, we’ve got a job to prepare for.” Mal says. “Jayne, after ya weapon up, need ya to load the cargo into the mule.”

“Okay.” Jayne agrees, standing up and moving out of the mess towards his bunk.

“Doc, ya sure you’re okay with this?” Mal questions.

“She loves him.” Simon says. “I can’t ruin that for her, no matter what my feeling are towards him.”

“He has to care about her.” Wash says. “He didn’t hit Simon back. When has anybody hit Jayne and not gotten knocked out?”

“Hell, you’re right.” Mal agrees. “I ain’t never seen Jayne not hit back.”

“I just think it’s because I didn’t hurt him.” Simon says. “I don’t think he even really felt it.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Mal says. “It’s like hittin a ruttin wall.”

“Yes, and I have the sore hand to prove it.” Simon says, standing up. “I’m going to go put an ice pack on my hand and get changed. I’ll be in the bay in an hour.”

“See ya then doc.” Mal says. “We headin up to the bridge?”

“Sure.” Wash answers. “Can you hand me my cane?”

Book hands the cane to Zoe who hands it to Wash. “Shepard, you coming up with us?” Wash asks, taking the cane.

“No, I think I’m going to go to my room.” Book replies. “Think on things.”

“Hope that goes good for you.” Mal says, following his first mate and pilot up to the bridge.


Jayne loads the last crate into the mule right as River moves into the bay. Putting the seat back over the hidden compartment under the backseat, Jayne jumps out of the mule to stand in front of River.

“Feel better kitten?” Jayne asks, pulling her close.

“Yes.” River answers. “All clean.” She reaches up to place her mouth against his. Jayne immediately opens his mouth, letting her tongue slip in. He picks her up, wrapping his arms under her ass. River wraps her legs around his hips, locking her ankles against the small of his back. She slides her hands under his t-shirt to rub against his chest, while at the same time rubbing herself against his cock.

“Mmmm..Jayne..” River moans. Jayne turns them around until her back is against the mule. Moving his mouth off her, he drops kisses down her face, to her neck where he sucks hungrily at it, making her moan harshly and arch her neck to give him better access.

“Gorram, kitten, ya taste so good.” Jayne growls, sucking harder at her neck. He knows it’s gonna leave a mark but now he don’t have to worry bout hidin anything. Jayne abandons the side of the mule to set her on top of a crate so she’s at waist level. Sliding his hands under her shirt, he cups her breasts making River moan.

“Use your mouth.” River orders, arching her chest at him.

Jayne glances around the bay, making sure nobody’s around, before pulling her shirt up. He can see the marks on her front from where she’d been tortured and the mark on her stomach from whatever killed Mal. Part of him wishes he hadn’t killed Niska, just so’s he could torture the little bastard for a few days. “Ah, kitten, ya sure ya’re up to this?”

River just grabs his head and forces his mouth against her breasts. With a growl, he latches onto her right breast, sucking her nipple deep into his mouth. He reaches up with one hand, rolling her left nipple between his fingers.

“Aaaa….Jayne…..aaaaa….teeth, please….” River moans out, arching more fully into his body.

Jayne grins against her skin and then bites her nipple lightly, making River squeal.

River reaches out to grab his free hand and places it under her skirt on her upper thigh, spreading her legs widely to ease his access. Jayne rubs her thigh a few times before moving up to the apex of her thighs. Dipping a finger between her folds he removes his mouth from her breast to give her a kiss. “Kitten, ya ain’t wearin panties again.” Jayne growls against her lips.

“Not leaving the ship.” River pants, moving her hips against his finger. “Move it faster.”

“Ya’re awful demandin when ya’re horny, kitten.” Jayne says, as he starts pumping his finger faster. Moving from her mouth, he drops back down to pull her nipple back between his lips.

“Ohhh….Jaaayne….my clit….touch it…aaaahhh.” River moans, arching backwards as he pinches her clit.

“Ya’re also a lot noisier than before.” Jayne growls. “I like it.”

“Had to be quiet.” River manages to get out. “Didn’t want them to find out.”

Jayne moves his mouth from her right breast to her left at the same time that River snakes a hand between them to pop open his fly. Reaching into his pants, she pulls him out. Bringing her hand up, she licks her palms a few times before dropping it to grasp him again. Then she starts moving her hand quickly, her grasp firm.

“Kitten, how’d ya expect me to concentrate with ya doin that?” Jayne questions with a groan.

“Want to cum at the same time.” River pants. She continues to pump him while at the same time rocking her hips against his finger deep inside her. He continues to lap at her breast, flicking his tongue against one nipple while pinching the other. She moans loudly, bucking against his hand while moving her fist over him faster. Right as he feels her walls contracting against his finger, he quickly reaches up to kiss her, swallowing her scream of release. Jayne erupts with a growl right after her, squirting hotly into her hand.

“I missed ya kitten.” Jayne pants against her mouth.

“Missed you too.” River pants back.

Jayne reaches down to tuck himself back in before buttoning his pants. Giving her breasts one last look, he quickly pulls her shirt back down. Pulling her panties out of his pocket, he hands it to her wipe her hands off and then sticks it back into his pocket. Grabbing her around the waist, he pulls her against his chest, bending down to kiss her again.

“Ain’t it so shiny.” Kaylee says from the doorway. “They look so happy.”

“Yeah, but I’m thinking it’s probably a good thing we didn’t walk in here a few minutes ago.” Zoe comments.

“Not again.” Mal groans, walking up behind them. “Gorramit Jayne, ya’re supposed to be gettin ready for a job.”

They continue to kiss, River moving her legs to grasp him around his hips.

“Jayne!” Mal yells, causing the big man to jump back and look wildly around the room. He reaches down to kiss River one more time, planning to move back quickly, but she slips her tongue back into his mouth. He growls before slipping his tongue back into hers.

“Gorramit, am I gonna have to hose ya off?” Mal yells. “Jayne, we landed bout 10 minutes ago, we gotta job to do. Now!”

“Alright.” Jayne agrees, helping River down from the crate. “Kitten, ya gonna hang out with Kaylee?”

“Yes.” River says, walking over to grab Kaylee’s hand. “Be careful.” River calls out.

“We will.” Jayne answers, jumping into the back seat of the mule. Simon climbs into the back with him while Zoe and Mal move into the front.

“We’ll be back in an hour or so.” Mal yells as Zoe starts up the mule and drives it out of the bay.


“They’re over there.” Mal says, indicating to the booth the Brady brothers are sitting in. He walks over to their table, Jayne, Simon, and Zoe following him carrying the crates.

“Got your stuff.” Mal says pointing to the boxes the crew are setting down.

“Good, good.” The bigger brother says. “Though we expected you a day or two ago.”

“Ran into some trouble.” Mal says. “Had nothing to do with the cargo, it was a personal issue.”

“That’s alright.” The smaller one says. “We don’t really need it until next week, so it’s not an issue. Why don’t you sit down, have a drink.”

“Sure.” Mal says. “Jayne, why don’t you go get us a bottle of whiskey.” Mal tosses him some coin and watches as he walks away. Reaching his arm out, Mal grabs the blonde whore from before by the arm. “Darlin, I need to speak to you.” Mal stands up to whisper something in her ear. She smiles brightly at him and pockets the money he holds out, before moving towards the bar.

Jayne hands the barkeep the coin and takes the bottle, right as he feels someone grab his ass. Turning around quickly, he sees the whore from last time.

“Hello, big guy.” She huskily says. “Wanna go have some fun?”

Jayne looks at her. She’s beautiful. Big tits and hips, blonde with blue eyes. He can tell she’s experienced. She’s exactly the kinda girl he’s always gone for. Grabbing her hand, he removes it from his ass and walks back towards the booth.

Jayne drops the bottle on the table in front of Mal. “Nice try, but it ain’t gonna work.” Jayne growls.

“What?” Mal questions. He watched the whole thing, saw how Jayne just walked away.

“Ya know what I’m talkin bout.” Jayne says. “If’n your done with your little test, I’m gonna head back to the ship.”

“That’s fine Jayne.” Zoe answers, sending Mal and Simon a death look.

Jayne nods at Zoe before turning around and walking out of the bar.

“I can’t believe you two did that.” Zoe says.

“We just wanted to make sure.” Simon answers.

“It wasn’t fair to Jayne or to River.” Zoe says. “I’m heading back to the ship too.” Sending them another glare, Zoe turns and leaves the bar.


Jayne storms into the ship, moving towards the mess hall. He walks past the gathered crew and moves over to one of the cabinets to grab a bottle of Kaylee’s ‘moonshine’ and takes a huge swig.

River slowly moves over to him, she can feel his anger rolling off him in waves. “Jayne.” She whispers.

Jayne slams the bottle down and turns around to pull her into his arms. Reaching down, he kisses her gently, almost soft enough to make her cry.

“What’s wrong?” River questions.

Before he can say anything, Zoe walks into the mess.

“Wife, what are you doing back so soon?” Wash questions.

“She’s mad too.” River says.

“What happened?” Inara asks.

“The captain and the doctor thought it’d be a good idea to pay a whore to seduce Jayne.” Zoe answers.

“What?” Kaylee says. “They wouldn’t do that.”

“They did.” Zoe says. “I didn’t realize what they were doing until after Mal handed her the money.”

River grabs Jayne’s hand and pulls him over to the couch. Pushing him down, she crawls onto his lap. “You okay?” River whispers.

“Yeah, just kinda pissed.” Jayne answers. River reaches up to kiss him softly and then lays her head to rest on his shoulder. Jayne wraps his arms around her waist and then kisses her on the forehead.

“I can’t believe those liou coe shuai du biao-tze huh hoe-tze duh ur-tze.” Kaylee growls.

“Kaylee.” Book says, shocked.

“What?” Kaylee questions. “They are.”

“Who is what?” Mal questions from the doorway. He moves into the cargo bay, Simon right behind him.

Jayne stands up, sets River gently on her feet, and kisses her. “Night kitten.” Jayne says, leaving the mess.

“Night Jayne.” River calls out. He turns around from the doorway for second before leaving for his bunk.

“What’s goin on?” Mal questions.

“Don’t act like ya two don’t know.” Kaylee snarls out. She moves over to stand in front of the two men. Mal opens his mouth to say something when Kaylee reaches out and kicks him in the shin, hard.

“What the gorram hell.” Mal yells, hopping on one leg.

“I can’t believe ya would do that.” Kaylee yells. She moves over and kicks Simon in the shin. “And you, she’s ya’re sister, why would ya do that to her?”

“Kaylee, I didn’t mean it……” Simon starts to say, moving to stand on one leg.

“I know what ya meant.” Kaylee yells. “Ya don’t think it’s ‘proper’.” Sending them both a glare, she turns and leaves the mess.

“I can believe you would do this Mal.” Inara says. “I just can’t believe you would Simon.” She looks them one more time before leaving the mess.

Book doesn’t say any, just shakes his head in disappointment before leaving.

“You know, Mal, when you did the same thing to me, I was mad but I kind of understood why you did it.” Wash says. “But my relationship with Zoe was more mature and stable. They are just starting what is probably the only real relationship either one of them has ever had. It wasn’t fair.”

Mal and Simon just stare at him.

“I’m heading up to the bridge, get us off the planet. You joining me wifey?” Wash says.

“Yes, I think I will.” Without saying a word, Zoe follows Wash out of the mess.

River moves over to stand in front of the two men.

“Mei-mei, I didn’t……” Simon starts.

“You lied to me.” River whispers. “You said you wanted me to be happy, that you wouldn’t do anything to ruin it for me. But you tried.”

“I didn’t mean……” Simon tries saying. River just walks away from him and leaves the mess.

Simon drops heavily into a chair and notices that Mal does the same.

Mal takes a drink out of the whiskey bottle before sliding it over to Simon. “That went well.”


Chinese translations
Ta ma duh: Motherhumper
liou coe shuai du biao-tze huh hoe-tze duh ur-tze: salivating son of a bitch and a monkey
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