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A new Day Dawning

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Summary: Months after Early's visit, things start to change. Will the crew of Serenity be able to handle a grown up River?

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Firefly > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)sevangelFR1822121,019162445,4677 Nov 056 May 06No


Title: Apologies
Series: 12th part A new Day Dawning
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Belongs to Joss and co, I own nothing : - (
Rating: PG-15


“Morning Inara.” Mal says as she walks into the mess.

“Good morning Mal, Simon.” Inara politely says. She walks over to the stove to get her self some of the breakfast laid out.

“Gorramit, ya ain’t still mad, are ya?” Mal questions.

“I was never mad, just disappointed.” Inara replies. “Now Kaylee, she was mad.”

“You don’t ruttin say.” Mal drawls. “That’d probably be why I’m walkin with a limp. Gorram boots.”

“I normally don’t advicate violence, but I understand why she kicked you two.” Inara replies. “Has she been in here this morning?”

“Her and River made breakfast.” Simon answers. “They both left when we came in.”

“Ya understand why she kicked us, then why don’t ya spread some light on the situation.” Mal says. “I ain’t ever seen Kaylee that mad, including when I grounded her.”

“You don’t get it?” Inara questions.

“No, that’d be why I asked you.” Mal replies.

“You don’t see the resemblance between River and Jayne compared to Kaylee and Simon?” Inara questions.

“What resemblance?” Simon questions, confused.

“You don’t see how alike Jayne and Kaylee are?” Inara prods. “They both have similar families, neither really had money, don’t have a high amount of education, and both more comfortable with manual labor than anything else.”

“So they have something in common.” Mal says. “Don’t explain her bein so mad.”

“You two really are clueless.” Inara comments.

“Hey.” Mal growls. “Just cause I don’t understand how women think, don’t make me clueless, just makes me male.”

“The little stunt you pulled just seemed to say you two don’t think Jayne’s good enough for River.” Inara explains. “So by that token, you’re saying Kaylee isn’t good enough for Simon.”

“Made, we weren’t sayin that.” Mal protests.

“That’s what it seemed like to everyone.” Inara says. “You both thought you could throw a whore in Jayne’s face and he would take her because he has no self control. You didn’t care how it would affect him and River, you just wanted them apart.”

“But we weren’t…..” Simon protests.

“Yes you were.” Inara interrupts. “What if it had worked, do you realize the amount of damage you would have done to them both, especially River? You sit here and tell them she can’t have sex with Jayne, which frankly was none of your business, and then you try to tempt him into doing it with someone else. River loves him and knows he cares about her, but she is still an inexperienced and insecure girl. And then you throw the one thing she can’t really fight, an experienced woman who can fuck Jayne as much as she wants, right into her face. It was cruel.”

Simon and Mal just stare at her, a little shocked by her language and by what she said.

“She’s my sister, it is my business.” Simon protests.

“Actually, it isn’t.” Inara opposes. “She is an adult and so is Jayne. What they decide to do together is their business, nobody else’s. You’re just lucky River is as mature as she is, because if you had told another girl her age that she couldn’t have sex until she was married, the first thing she would do is go out and have sex. But River is mature and smart enough to wait until she is ready.”

“I never thought about that.” Simon whispers.

“No, you didn’t.” Inara says. “There’s a lot you don’t know about being a parent because you aren’t one. She isn’t your daughter; she is your sister. You need to start treating her that way before you push her away.” With that said, Inara leaves the table and the mess hall.

“Well, she sure told you two.” Wash says, walking up to the table.

“You guys heard?” Mal questions.

“Yep, every word.” Zoe answers. “She’s right, you know. You keep telling River what she can and can’t do, it’s only going to make her do something she’s not ready for.”

With a deep sigh, Simon stands up from the table and leaves the room.

“Sir, I know you look at River and Kaylee and see two little girls who need to be protected, but they are both old enough to decide things for themselves.” Zoe says.

“I know, Zoe.” Mal replies heavily. “I know.”


Simon hates having to do this. He never thought he’d end up telling Jayne that he was sorry and that he was wrong, but here he was. Simon walks into the cargo bay where Jayne is lifting weights. “Jayne?” Simon says cautiously.

“What?” Jayne grunts, not stopping his workout.

“Can I talk to you?” Simon asks.

Jayne sets the bar onto its holder and sits up, grabbing his towel off the ground. Wiping the sweat off his face, he turns to look at Simon. “Well?”

“I owe you an apology.” Simon says. “What I did was……”

“Don’t worry bout it doc.” Jayne says, watching Simon squirm. “I got sisters and if’n I saw em with someone like me I’d probably just shoot em just as soon as look at em.”

“So you understand.” Simon replies.

“Not really.” Jayne says. “River ain’t like my sisters. They was raised by parents who completely doted on em in a small town where they knew everybody. Ain’t much violence where I’m from. They live simple, safe lifes. River ain’t ever had that. From what ya’ve said, the only person to ever care bout her till ya'll come on this boat is ya. Then ya’ll sent her to that academy and who the hell really knows what they’ve did to her. She’s young, innocent in ways nobody else on this boat is, but she’s done been through more hell than all of us. She’s beyond her age and I think ya need to come to grasps with that.”

Simon stares at him in shock. He’s never heard Jayne talk so much or seem so deep about something. And that something was his sister.

“I know.” Simon agrees. “It’s hard. I still see the little River who followed me around. It’s going to take time for me to see her as the adult she is. But Inara is right. If I don’t stop treating her like she’s my daughter, I’m going to push her completely away.”

“Ya’re her brother, she’s always gonna love ya.” Jayne says.

“I hope so.” Simon says, with a laugh. “This wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I figured we’d be circling each other like animals at this point.”

“That ain’t ever gonna really happen.” Jayne drawls. “Hell doc, we both know my bark is worse than ya’re bite will ever be. As mad as River is at ya, she ain’t gonna want me to roughin ya up.”

“No, I think she would roughen me up herself if it came down to it.” Simon replies. “Do you think you could talk to her for me?”

“Ain’t no way that’s gonna happen.” Jayne says with a laugh. “Learned long ago not to mess with a sister scorned. That’s a road ya’re gonna have to travel alone.”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of.” Simon says with a sigh. “I might as well get it over with. Do you know where she is?”

“Told me she was gonna go sit on the bridge for a while.” Jayne answers.

“Thanks.” Simon replies, turning to leave.

Jayne just grunts at him before lying back down to grab the bar again. Right as he goes to move it, Mal stands next to him. “Don’t think ya should be liftin that much without a spotter.” Mal comments.

“Like I done said before, ya’re probably right, but when has that ever stopped me.” Jayne replies. “Whadda ya need?”

“I was out of line.” Mal says as way of an apology.

“Yeah, ya’re were.” Jayne agrees. “Know why ya did it, just wish ya woulda waited a bit longer, till she felt a bit more secure bout us.”

“Inara said the same thing.” Mal replies. “Never thought bout that. Ya really care bout her, don’t ya?”

“Never thought I’d care bout someone the way I do her.” Jayne grunts out, completely uncomfortable with talking bout his feelings.

“Well, that’s good.” Mal replies, uncomfortable hearing Jayne talk about his feelings. “I’ll leave you to your workout.”

Jayne watches Mal walk away and then waits a few seconds to see if someone else was gonna come in. After no one comes in, he resumes his reps, wonderin when River was gonna come down here.


“I know you’re sorry, Simon.” River replies, from her place curled up on the co-pilot’s chair.

“How did you know I was behind you?” Simon questions. He had only just walked onto the bridge when she started talking.

“Know the way you drag you’re feet when you feel guilty.” River replies. “You don’t have to leave Wash.”

“You sure?” Wash questions, not wanting to be stuck in the middle of a fight.

“We’re not going to fight.” River replies. “Simon is trying to make amends. He’s already talked to Jayne and I’m next.”

“You apologized to Jayne?” Wash asks.

“Yes.” Simon answers. “It was a lot easier than I first imagined.”

“Jayne’s temper flares hot and heavy and goes out just as quick.” River says. “The exact opposite of mine and Kaylee’s. It takes a lot to get me angry and twice as much for Kaylee, yet you managed to piss us both off.”

“I know.” Simon replies. “What’s it going to take to make this better?”

“Time.” River answers. “I’ve always looked up to you. You are my big brother and I never thought you would hurt me. Yet you lied to me. It’s going to take time to accept that.”

“Okay.” Simon says sorrowfully.

“You need to let me go Simon.” River replies. “I am old enough and smart enough to make my own decisions, even the ones regarding sex. You’re my brother and I will always value your opinion, but I’m not going to always do what you want. I’m going to do what I feel is best for me. Do you understand that?”

“Yes.” Simon answers. “It may take some time to accept that but I do understand it. You’re an adult now and it’s time I started treating you that way.”

“Thank you.” River replies. “And no, I will not talk to Kaylee for you. That’s something you have do you yourself.”

“I know.” Simon replies heavily and then turns to leave the bridge.

“And Simon.” River calls out. “Try not to be a boob.”

“So, Wash.” River says after Simon’s left. “Think I can guilt the captain into letting me fly the boat?”

“I think to get you and Kaylee unmad at him, you can probably talk him into just about anything.” Wash says with a laugh. “Do you want to now?”

“No, I like watching you.” River replies. “I can fly her but only you can make her soar.”

“Thanks shorty.” Wash replies.

“Did you just call me shorty?” River questions.

“Yep.” Wash answers.


“You’re short.” Wash replies. “Plus, I’m gonna enjoy harassing the heck out of Jayne. Giving you a pet name is just one way of doing it.”

“Just make sure I’m in the room with you the first time you refer to me that way.” River says.

“Sure.” Wash says with a grin.

River sits back and watches Wash fly, waiting for the captain to come make his apologies.


“Little Kaylee, can I talk to ya?” Mal questions, coming into the engine room.

“You’re the boss.” Kaylee responds, not putting down the tools.

“That I am.” Mal replies. “Will ya at least look at me?”

“Fine.” Kaylee sets the tools down and turns to face the captain. “Well?”

“This was a hell of a lot easier with Jayne.” Mal mumbles. “About what I did….”

“Buyin a whore ya mean.” Kaylee interrupts.

“Yeah.” Mal agrees. “I’m sorry if it made ya feel like I was sayin Simon weren’t good enough for you.”

“Been talking to Inara?” Kaylee questions.

“How’d ya know?” Mal questions back.

“Ya ain’t smart enough bout feelins to figure that out on your own.” Kaylee answers. “That weren’t the only thing I was mad bout. River is bout the only friend I got out here. I wanna see her happy.”

“Kaylee, you have other friends on this boat.” Mal protests.

“Yeah, but they ain’t my age.” Kaylee says. “There’s some things I only feel comfortable talkin bout with River. She’s the only one I can just hang out with, ya know? Jayne makes River happy and she makes him happy. Sides, she looks after me, protects me, only right I do it for her when I can.”

“I know.” Mal replies. “I just….I look at you two and I see two innocent little girls that need protectin. Then I see Jayne with one of ya’s and it throws me. I don’t completely understand em, River and Jayne, and guess I just thought if it don’t make sense, it shouldn’t be.”

“Do ya completely understand Zoe and Wash?” Kaylee questions.

“Better now then I ever used to, but no, not at first.” Mal answers. “I did the same thing to Wash.”

“Ya did?” Kaylee asks. “Zoe hurt ya?”

“Thought she might, but no.” Mal answers. “She didn’t talk to me for a few days but eventually got over it. Wash on the other hand, punched me. Hurt his hand too.”

“So, if’n Simon ever stops being a ‘boob’ and notices me, ya gonna do the same thing to him?” Kaylee questions.

“Now that’s a completely different situation.” Mal says with a grin. “It’s been over a year since ya and the doc started this little dance thing ya got goin on and he still ain’t gotten up the nerve to tell ya how he feels. He may eventually relax enough to start something with ya, but there ain’t a chance in gorram hell he’s gonna try something with a whore. I’ll just have to come up with somethin else to test him.”

“So ya’re still gonna try to test him?” Kaylee questions.

“Course I am.” Mal responds. “Gotta make sure he’s good enough for my little Kaylee.”

“Ya don’t think maybe I’m the one who’s not good enough for him?” Kaylee asks.

“No.” Mal answers immediately. “If anything you’re too good for him. Just cause he’s a doctor and from the core don’t make him better than you, dong ma?”

“Yeah, I just wonder sometimes.” Kaylee replies. “Back when he was in that hospital, he had all them rich girls round. Why would he settle for me?”

“It wouldn’t be settling.” Simon says from the doorway.

“That’d be my cue to leave.” Mal says. He bends down, kisses Kaylee on the forehead, and then leaves the engine room.

“Kaylee, I may sometimes act like a ‘boob’ but have never thought you aren’t good enough for me. If anything, you’re too good for me. You’re like this beautiful bright light, nothing can measure up to you.”

“That’s so sweet.” Kaylee gushes. “But it still don’t make what ya done okay.”

“I know.” Simon sighs. “When I look at River, I still see my baby sister. It’s hard for me to accept her as an adult. But I’m working on it.”

“That’s good.” Kaylee says.

“So, are we okay?” Simon asks hopefully.

“Oh, no.” Kaylee replies. “That’s gonna take time. You’re gonna have to work for it.”

“Work for it?” Simon questions. “How am I supposed……” He’s cut off when Kaylee presses her lips to his. Simon sits there in shock for a few seconds before kissing her back.

“Wow.” Kaylee says after they end the kiss. “That was shiny. Ya ain’t gonna say somethin to ruin the moment, are ya?”

“No, I think I’m going to go the infirmary now.” Simon says, slightly flustered. “But you’ll have to find me when you want me to ‘work’ on my apology again.”

“Don’t worry I will.” Kaylee replies. “Need to tune up my girl a little first. But I’ll see ya later.”

“Okay.” Simon replies. He bends down and kisses Kaylee once more before moving out of the engine room.

Kaylee happily turns back to the engine, a huge grin on her face as she starts working on the engine.


“You don’t like to say you’re sorry.” River says when Mal walks up behind her on the bridge.

“No, I really don’t.” Mal replies, jumping a little when she spoke before he announced his presence.

“Have you ever heard the ‘Prayer of Serenity’?” River questions. “And no, I’m not trying to preach at you, the Shepard’s bible is full of contradictions, it doesn’t make sense.”

“I have to agree with ya there.” Mal says.

“So have you heard it?” River asks again.

“No, can’t say that I have.” Mal replies.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” River quotes. “You can’t change Jayne and me. You have to accept us. It may not make sense to you but it does to us.”

“That actually makes sense.” Wash comments from the pilot chair. “Think it would work on Zoe next time she complains about my dinos?”

“It might.” River answers. “I’ll write it down for you to memorize as your defense.”

“Thanks.” Wash grins back at her.

“No problem.” River replies. “So, captain, do you have enough wisdom?”

“Hell, little witch, I don’t know.” Mal replies honestly. “I’ll try, that’s all I can promise. It’s going to take a while to be okay with seeing someone as innocent as you with Jayne.”

“I may be a virgin but I’m not completely innocent.” River answers. “Haven’t been for a long time.”

Mal and Wash just stare at her, one in pity from what she’s experienced and one in anger for what was done to her.

River quickly gets up and walks over to Wash. Grabbing the piece of paper with their new destination written on it, she quickly jots down the prayer for him. “Hope it works.” She then turns around and heads for the door.

“Where ya goin?” Mal questions.

“Play with Jayne.” River answers. “Oh, and captain?”


“It would make me feel better if you let me fly the boat once.” River says before skipping down the steps.

“You’re gonna let her fly, aren’t ya?” Wash questions after River was gone.

“If it will get her and Kaylee to stop looking at me like I just shot a puppy, then yeah, I’ll let her fly. But no landing or breaking atmo, she may have took off once okay but I’m still a bit nervous bout her flyin. When she wants to, I want you up here with her.” Mal answers.

“Can do.” Wash replies. “It’ll probably be a good thing having two able pilots on board, case anything happens.”

“Yeah, probably will.” Mal responds, looking out at the black.


Jayne looks up from the ground where he’s doin push-ups when he feels River enter the bay. She smiles at him before moving over to stand in front of him.

“Whatcha doin, kitten?” Jayne grunts, still doin his reps.

“Came to play.” River replies. Before he can ask what she means, she lays down on top of him, her breasts and belly pressing against his bare back.

“Um, kitten, that’s a bit distractin.” Jayne says, stopping his downwards movement.

“I know.” River replies, wrapping her arms around his chest and laying her head against his back. “Mmm…you smell good, all warm and sweaty.”

“Sweat don’t smell good kitten.” Jayne grunts.

“Yours does, it’s all male and Jayney.” River murmurs, before opening her mouth wide and licking his back. “Tastes good too.”

When he felt her tongue touch his back, his arms almost gave out, but that was nothing compared to what her lust filled voice did to him. He feels hisself harden instantly and drops down on his knees before turning over, grabbing her body before it hits the ground. Lying down on his back he pulls her to lie on top of him.

“Ya done ruined my workout kitten, whatcha gonna do bout it?” Jayne growls.

Instead of answering, River crawls up his body to press her lips to his. Jayne opens his mouth and sucks her tongue deeply into his. River gives a deep moan and starts rubbing her body against his.

“Like that kitten?” Jayne pants, removing his mouth from hers after a few minutes.

“You know I do.” River answers. She drops a light kiss against his mouth before dragging her tongue down his face to his throat where she sucks hungrily at it. Jayne moans harshly moving his hands up to cup her breasts. River just reaches down and smacks his hands away. “My turn to play, keep your hands to yourself.” River orders.

“Don’t think I can.” Jayne says, cupping her ass.

River moves her mouth off his throat and reaches down to bite his shoulder quite hard.

Jayne hisses at the sting, his body growing harder than before.

“You liked that.” River comments, licking the wound.

“Hell yeah, kitten.” Jayne growls.

“Then threatening to bite you the next time you touch me isn’t going to do much good, is it?” River questions.

“Nope, probably just make me touch ya more.” Jayne smirks at her. “But why don’t ya try and find out.”

“Yes, the data would be more accurate if I collected it myself.” River replies.

“Collect away.” Jayne drawls, sliding his hands up under the back of her shirt.

“Hands.” River whispers, before biting his neck. He arches into her, moaning deeply. She licks the teeth marks causing him tighten his hands around her back. Sliding down his body a little, she drags her tongue down his throat to lick at his collarbone. Next she travels down his chest to lick at one of his nipples before biting it.

“Harder kitten.” Jayne growls.

Obediently River bites down hard, hard enough to drawl blood. Jayne moves his hands up into her hair, holding her mouth against his chest. She moves over to his other nipple and gives it the same treatment. She then moves down his chest, nipping and licking on her way down. When she reaches his bellybutton, she runs her tongue around it before biting him sharply. He sucks in harshly, moaning loudly. River moves over to his hipbones, licking and biting at him.

“Can’t take no more.” Jayne growls, reaching down and pulling her back up to kiss her deeply. Sitting up quickly, Jayne scoots over to lean back against a crate, bending his legs to slide River’s body into the hollow’s of his. Grasping her waist, he slowly moves her body against his.

“Mmmm…harder Jayne.” River moans, loving the feel of his cock rubbing against her. She wraps her arms around his neck before pressing her mouth against his. Then she starts to help him, rotating her hips against his.

“Aww..gorram kitten, I’m bout to pop.” Jayne groans against her mouth.

Instead of answering him, she just moans deeply into his mouth, her body bucking over his. Jayne brings his hand between their bodies to move under her skirt. “Glad ya ain’t wearin panties again, kitten.”

“Me too.” River agrees, bringing his mouth back down to hers. Jayne slides his finger between her folds to rub at her clit. River’s eyes widen before she moves her mouth off his to bite his shoulder hard, muffling her scream.

At the feel of her teeth, Jayne bucks against her body, moaning out her name as he cums. He rests his head against her shoulder as he waits for his breathing to return to normal.

“He was liftin weights when I seen him last.” Mal questions, walking through the cargo bay.

“I thought you said River was coming down here.” Simon says.

“Yeah, she said she was going to play with him.” Wash replies. “What do you think she meant by that?”

“I’m not sure I want to know.” Simon replies.

“They’re probably just playin around.” Kaylee comments.

They pass by the weight bench and are about to turn around when Book stops and points to one of the crates. “Isn’t that Jayne’s leg?”

“Yeah, I think it is.” Mal replies, moving over to the crate. Coming to a stop a few feet away from the crate, they all absorb the scene in front of them. River is straddling Jayne’s lap, her mouth against his throat, and his head leaning against her shoulder, both of them breathing heavily.

“Well, looks like they had a rough play time.” Wash comments with a grin. “And why am I thinking it’s probably a good thing we didn’t walk in here a minute ago?”

“Whadda ya want?” Jayne growls, his head still resting against River’s shoulder.

“Called you for lunch about 10 minutes ago, when you two didn’t show up we came lookin for you.” Mal answers.

“Didn’t hear ya.” Jayne grunts. “Come on kitten, we gotta go eat.” Jayne gently sets her aside and stand up facing the crew.

“What the hell happened to you?” Mal yells in shock. The merc’s chest is covered in bites, some of them actually bleeding. There’s also a huge hickey on the side of his neck, which after a quick glance, matches the one on River’s neck.

“Good god, River, what did you do to him?” Simon squeaks out.

“Played.” River answers. “Don’t worry, I didn’t hurt him anymore than he wanted me to.”

“I don’t need to know that.” Mal groans. “After you’ve cleaned up a bit, why don’t you join us in the mess?”

“Okay.” Jayne answers, dropping a kiss on River’s forehead before heading to his bunk to change cloths.


“Girls in bed?” Mal questions Jayne when walks into the mess that night.

“Yeah, said they was gonna hang out bout an hour ago.” Jayne replies moving over to sit at the table. “Wanna play some cards?”

“Just the two of us?” Mal questions.

“Hey doc ya wanna play cards?” Jayne hollers at Simon as he walks in.

“Sure.” Simon replies moving to sit down.

“Ooohh, we playing cards?” Wash asks, sitting down. Zoe moves in and sits down next to her husband.

“What game are we playing?” Book question, sitting down at the table.

Jayne deals out the cards and the crew starts playing a game of poker. After a few hands Inara walks in and sits down watching them play. After watching a couple of hands, Inara gets up and fixes some tea, giving a glass to each of the gathered crew.

“No wine?” Jayne questions with a grin.

“Shut up Jayne.” The crew responds back.

“Just wonderin, ain’t no need for sassiness.” Jayne grumbles. “Looks like I won that hand.” Reaching out he grabs the slips of paper piled up.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think ya was cheatin.” Mal says, sending Jayne a suspicious glance.

“Naw, just better player than you.” Jayne smirks. Mal deals out the next hand and they gather their cards. Jayne gets ready to ask for 3 more when there’s a loud scream followed Kaylee yelling for help. Jayne throws the cards down, pushes out of his seat, and runs towards the girl’s bunk. When he gets there, he kicks open the hatch and quickly climbs down it, the rest of the crew behind him.

Kaylee’s standing in the middle of the door, staring at the corner of the room where River is huddled into a ball, mumbling to herself with tears running down her face.

“She woke up screamin and jumped off the bed. I tried to get near her but she just kept dodgin me.” Kaylee explains, almost in tears herself.

“Mei-mei, come out.” Simon says quietly.

“Go away.” River yells. “Can’t see the evil.”

Jayne pushes past Simon and walks over to River, squatting down in front of her. “Kitten, what’s wrong?”

“Jayne?” River whispers hopefully and then throws herself at him, knocking him backwards. Jayne just rubs his hands up and down her back, whispering quietly to her. After a few minutes her sobs quiet down until it’s just the occasional hiccup.

“Did ya have a bad dream?” Jayne questions quietly.

“Not dream, memory.” River whispers.

“Memory?” Simon asks, watching Jayne comfort his sister. It makes him a little jealous at seeing how easily she calmed down for Jayne.

“I killed him.” River answers. “Snapped his neck like a twig. Shot five men down without looking.”

“Kitten, ya did what ya had to.” Jayne replies, pulling her closer.

“No, I’m bad.” River protests. “Should be put down like a dog, a bullet to the brain pan.”

Jayne growls loud enough to make the gathered crew jump. “That ain’t gonna never happen, kitten. Don’t ever say that again.” Wrapping his arms under her, he stands up and moves towards the ladder. “Takin her up to the mess.” Jayne says, setting River down so she can climb up the ladder, him directly behind her. Once he’s in the hallway, he picks her up again and carries her to the mess, sitting down on the couch, her gathered in his lap.

“Mei-mei, I brought something to help you sleep.” Simon says, moving over the couch with a needle in his hand.

“No.” River whimpers. “Please don’t let him Jayne, I’ll tumble down and get lost.”

“He ain’t gonna give ya nothin.” Jayne assures her, sending Simon a death glare.

“Jayne, I’m her doctor.”

“I don’t ruttin care, ya ain’t gettin near her with drugs.” Jayne growls.

“Jayne, I’m sure the doctor knows what he’s doin.” Mal cuts in.

“Not bout this he don’t.” Jayne replies. “She hates them drugs, specially the one’s that knock her out.”

“How do you know that?” Simon questions.

“Ya told us that yourself, remember.” Jayne points out. “Plus she told me. Said they reminded her of bein in the academy. She don’t like wakin up not knowin what was done to her or what she’s done.”

“I didn’t know. She never said anything to me.” Simon says quietly after a few moments. “But she needs to sleep.”

“Stay here with Jayne.” River whispers. “It’s safe here.” River pushes on his chest and Jayne instantly lies down, her curled up on top of him. She closes her eyes and after a few minutes her breathing evens out, indicating she’s asleep.

Jayne sees the doc walk away and then return a few minutes later with a blanket and a pillow. Simon hands the pillow to him and then drops the blanket over them. Walking over, he turns out the light and then leaves the mess, the rest of the crew following him.

Jayne pulls the pillow under his head and then wraps his arms around River’s waist before closing his eyes and letting her even breathing lull him to sleep.


FYI: The serenity prayer thing was the only thing I could come up with for River to use to tell the captain he couldn’t change anything. It just made sense with the situation and I don’t want anybody thinking I’m trying to be all preachy, cause that’s that exact opposite of how I am. I just remember hearing it on ‘Seinfield’ once.
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